Don’t Panic Foot Script

Neek (who does admit to loving Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy) got this nice script done by Fermin at Tatufrenia in Valencia, Spain. He says, “I have a tendency to get myself worked up; this is a little reminder” (that makes me think of the motivation my stay calm note-to-self tattoo, so I completely relate).

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30 thoughts on “Don’t Panic Foot Script

  1. That’s really awesome! I like the picture, too. The feeling of running water between the toesies can’t be beat.

    I’m thinking of getting “stay positive” somewhere..

  2. Now I’m thinking “Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring!!”

    Love this tattoo though, it must be calming. I suppose it’s positive reinforcement, too, since it’s always going to be there.

  3. I love it.

    Seriously, that’s the scariest ingrown toenail I’ve seen in a while though.

  4. i dont know if this is references the coldplay song by the same title, but i love this tattoo and that song. i listened to that song for two hours the night before i got surgery.

  5. Ok…this is just creepy. Before looking at this blog, I started listening to the audiobook of Hitchhiker’s guide…

    Don’t Panic.

  6. I think what’s creepy is this guys feet! I thought it was a chick(the nail polish!?),and was about to write(because I have a thing for womens beautiful feet)how much I like her feet,and it’s a guy! Boy,do I feel stupid.

  7. This really makes me look forward to (and dread) summer.

    I thought they were chick feet too! Hahh and that ingrown nail is pritty scary, I assumed it was just the water distoring the toe but no.

  8. ooo on here again:). its a reference to hitchhikers, not coldplay (just to clear that up). the toe was ingrown, but i had a piece from each side cut out, and then the nailbed was injected with some kind of toxin to stop it from regrowing, hence why the nail looks so odd compared to a normal nail.

    cheers for all the nice comments:)

  9. When I think of Don’t Panic
    I think of this saying my friend had written on her notebook in 9th grade

    Don’t Panic
    We’re only Hispanic

    haha love it

  10. Just looking at this picture and imagining cold mountain water calms me down. The tattoo is beautiful.

  11. Am i the only one to notice the weird looking fingernail on the foot of the “dont”? i almost cant look at the tat, my eyes just go to the nail :/

  12. #21, if you read the comments, you’ll see that other people also noticed, but Neek explained why his nail looks like that.

    I like this.
    Beautiful lettering :)

  13. what I’d really like to see is another pair of feet (or hands or whatever) next to it, with a tattoo that says ” Mr Mainwaring”

  14. g33kcore. :) I’ve wanted to get “Don’t panic” tattooed on me somewhere for a while. I think it would help me tremendously.
    The lettering is quite friendly and reassuring.
    It is a great tattoo, have fun exploring the galaxy! Don’t forget your towel!

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