Penguin of Doom

Tandy had this little self-drawn monster with “I AM” in her handwriting (her first tattoo) done by Jamie at Forbidden Tattoo in Norwalk, Ohio.

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35 thoughts on “Penguin of Doom

  1. I’m going to have to go ahead and agree with ‘mia more’. I’d love to say “As long as they are happy”, but I can’t force myself to on this one.

  2. Is the monster actually tattooed on? To me it looks like it was colored in with magic marker.

    Interesting idea for a tattoo though.

  3. cool as french connection! looks like it says Dan though. which just reminds me of Alan Partridge for some reason…

  4. If i was a tattooartist i would NEVER tattoo this on a costumer. Everyone who would see it would think you’re a bad tattooartist.
    And i really do not like it at all.

  5. It does look like it was drawn on in marker but that adds to the overall childish affect, which personally I like.

  6. The only thing that seems off about it to me is that the face and the tusks aren’t colored in, which makes it look unbalanced. Otherwise – cute and fun! Tattoos don’t always have to be serious business.

  7. If any one can tell me what is the Mark of the beast, I will believe Totally. I Love Tatoo, I am from AFRICA were it ORIGINATED. I know the source. Try and know what you do to your self especially in this LAST DAYS.


  8. that’s a terrible tattoo.

    besides – is it really tattooed on? I honestly looks like someone’s drawn it on!

  9. duh you can see the red around it which means its fresh,you dont get that from using markers, unless you have UBER sensitive skin

  10. It’s better than going into a tattoo shop and pointing to the flash art on the wall and saying, “I want that one”. It’s a custom one-of-a-kind piece. I think it’s cute.

  11. i agree with #31, much better to have something hand drawn and custom than a piece of flash that just looked good on the wall at the time. I don’t think it’s a bad tattoo, that’s just the style of it – it’s supposed to look childish and hand drawn.. I copied out a picture my friend wanted as a tattoo, and the artist kinda copied my style of colouring in.

  12. I think it is cute.. if it makes the wearer happy, then that’s the way it should be, but in my opinion, it should have been fixed up a bit.. the colouring made more even, so it doesn’t look like it was coloured in with marker, the lines less shaky.. so it actually looks like a decent tattoo.. If I were the artist I definitely wouldn’t want to tell people I did that. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone. It is cute. It just isn’t great.

  13. why in the world are people talking about this tattoo looking bad? it’s based off a hand-drawing that this person did themselves. it’s supposed to look like it’s hand-drawn. quite honestly i think it’s great work. think about how much skill it would take to make it look *just* so, so that it does look like marker instead of “normal tattooing”

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