18 thoughts on “One week old heart implant

  1. Yeah I guess it’s the flash and angle, but it looks like an out of control zit. I had to look close to see heart and even then it took a little bit.

  2. I like it, the hairline seems to make the top of it fade some do it isnt as noticable but other than that I think it is good with me

  3. Nice to see some out of the ordinary mods being done in Scotland! It’s quite a small country, so we don’t often get heavily modded people around here. Fantastic to hear about other modded Scots. 🙂

  4. “It doesn’t look much like a heart to me tbh.

    Frances on August 28th, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Its only a week old, Swelling lasts a few weeks at least.

  5. Don’t know what it is about the pix but I find this girl gorgeous.
    Can’t wait to see after the swelling goes down, so far it already looks lovely.

  6. im a little disapointed.
    when i read the title, i thought they had had a weak heart and got a donor’s replacement.
    i was really happy for them and pleased with how clever that was to send a picture of the stitches to a body modification blog, but i guess i was wrong.

  7. i like it! it’s cute but… what if she got hit in the temple, even lightly? is that dangerous?

  8. I like the look, only because implants are pretty rare mods, and the only other visible mod in the picture is an (8g? guessing) ear piercing. It’s gonna be gorgeous when the swelling goes down.

  9. It’s more ‘heart-shaped’ now check out my page for pics when I get the chance to put them up. This was taken 2 days before the stitches came out (and before that throat microbdermal got taken out) and there was still a decent amount of swelling on it. It’s about a month or so old now and the skins getting more sucked down as time goes on, so Im heavy impressed with it.

  10. I love it, its very original.. i love the look of implants.. it looks exactly like bone, as if its a natural occurence.

    That being said… Personally i can’t handle even mild pressure on my temples, so I can’t even imagine having an implant there all the time. I suppose some are more sensitive than the other.

    Also, I wonder if a blow to the temple would cause trauma or problems, as someone else asked. it is afterall, a soft spot.

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