51 thoughts on “How much do YOU love Slipknot?

  1. #3 – constructive.

    I was about to make #1′s comment.

    Was expecting it to be a girl, for some reason.

  2. I have a couple of piercings like that myself and they rock, but.. Slipknot scar on the crotch?..No one will suck his cock again. Ever.

  3. regardless of the band, the quality of the scar is quite nice, the script is identical to the band’s logo.

    Please send in and post a healed version. I hope in integrity of the script stays with the scarring

  4. Now I think about it more, I can think of one or two, maybe.

    I don’t see why people are knocking it so much, I mean, it’s not much different from a tattoo of a movie, and movie tattoos don’t really get bad comments.

    Or maybe people just don’t like Slipknot.

  5. Either his piercings were done at a very small gauge, or he has a HUGE penis. In fact, it’s just so much funnier to me to imagine that they’re all 10g.

    They don’t look very happy though.

  6. Isn’t that gonna be insane to heal with the pubes growing through the scabs? ITCHY.

  7. I think the sacrification his beautiful, and i like slipknot corey taylor is amazing… Awesome, keep listen slipknot 😉

    Maggots 4 life, if you don’t like slipknot just shut up don’t speack about…

  8. slipknot is the worst metal band. and thats just gross looking. nice cutting, but not good looking.

  9. I can understand getting a cutting for a band you really like, but I don’t understand the positioning of it. It just doesn’t seem to enhance him erotically in an aesthetic viewpoint, but that’s just my own opinion. If he’s happy with it…*shrug*

  10. i think people see getting band tattoos/scars as being regrettable because sometimes bands change what are they and what the sound like completely, and this change could be to something you don’t like. whereas movies won’t ever change, they stay that way forever, unless some dickhead makes a shitty remake of it. but anyway, i like it ^_^

  11. couldn’t give a toss about the band but boy, is it just me or are those piercings way too close together, especially for being on the shaft? The slipnot logo will last forever. I give the piercings another week though, or until whenever he next has some screaming monkey sex.

  12. there won’t be any hair growing from that scar! Hair can’t really grow through thick scar tissue, and even though, on something this deep, many of the follicules are cut clean out, so there is no growth.

  13. At first I thought, certainly not enough to get my flesh removed for them (In fact, I don’t love slipknot at all). Then I clicked through and saw the placement and thought, Jesus, I definitely don’t love them enough for that. It’s well done so kudos to the artist, just not my cup o tea I suppose.

  14. #9 I totally would suck his cock and completely enjoy running my fingers over the scar.

  15. #21. “Isn’t that gonna be insane to heal with the pubes growing through the scabs?” Thats the first time something on Modblog has made me feel ill

  16. I really hope this guy doesn’t grow out of Slipknot like the other 98% of their fans do within a couple of years…

    Nicely cut though. Interesting comments above regarding the hairs not growing back too. Never thought about that before.

  17. cool!!!!!!!!!
    im gonna do it.

    (and big YES i love SlipknoT that much)

    ….we are neutral, pain is just an ilussion……..

  18. Well I did something similar myself for the band Slayer, when I was 15. Not that huge and not that detailed anyway. Regrets? Umh… Maybe a bit sometimes… But I can’t blame myself, I was in one of the darkest periods of my life, so yeah I forgive myself

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