21 thoughts on “No, it’s not a genital tattoo

  1. Did some 6th grader do that with a Sharpie?

    Looks more like Spongebob than a brick of tofu.

  2. Um.. I hope that was done with a make shift tattoo thing- like a needle or sharped object and ink.
    If that’s professional then someone needs to be fired

  3. i ma thinking it was the artists first tattoo judging by the link to the IAM page given, i think its adorable and if it is in fact the artists first tattoo ever given then i ma proud of ya !!

  4. Holy shit – I never thought I’d made it onto modblog.

    Yeah, I’m fully aware that this tattoo looks like crap. It was done with what is essentially a prison gun by a friend of a friend a LONG time ago. At least the needles and tubes were new. Ech. And some people have leg hair – it’s not that big of a deal.

    Anyway, it was a matching friendship tattoo, and I’m not so stupid anymore regarding the whole process. I have several tattoos done by great, professional artists now and I love them. I haven’t actually tattooed myself or anyone else – I’m working on a portfolio and hope to get a legitimate apprenticeship someday.

  5. Usually you’re suppose to get the apprenticeship FIRST before working on obtaining a portfolio.

    Most shops I know of would turn down people who came in looking for an apprenticeship, and showed up with a working portfolio.

    Unless by portfolio you mean you’re drawing many pages of Flash to show shops your artistic capabilities?

  6. Woah, my first thought was “What prison serves tofu…?”

    Obviously bad, but fun, and that’s kinda the point.

  7. Sunny, I like it. I like that you have leg hair and I like that you like tofu and I like that you never thought you’d make it onto ModBlog. Because I totally felt that way myself until I did too!

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