101 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Nipple Tattoos

  1. wow… if any nipples ever cried out for jewellery…. a nice pair of rings in those cherrie blossoms would be super hot!!

  2. They sort of make her actual nipples disappear – like the nipple-less breasts on a Barbie doll.

  3. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME: how the hell do you tattoo the areola?! It would shrivel up (the “nipple getting hard”) and poke up… and what would the tattoo look like when your “nipple” is hard?

  4. So I’ve always wondered…most nonmodded people probably don’t realise that you can tattoo nipples like this. Do you think this girl could get away with walking around topless (in circumstances where near-nudity is acceptable, but full nudity is not)? I bet most people would assume she was wearing pasties…

  5. I think it’s fucking awsome!!! I think Joanne is right…one or even both pierced would be cool as ice.

  6. Those are very beautiful. And may I add that she has as-near-to-perfect-as-humanly-possible breasts? Lovely. =)

  7. Wow. I can’t think of anything better to say.

    Except that I think piercings would detract from the effect.

  8. Snap Dragon: I was referring to what people call their nipples getting hard. You know, when the “nipple gets hard” it’s really your areola shrinking (it doesn’t just get smaller, the skin scrunches up and looks like the skin on cold balls- shriveled)

  9. #14, it’s just the way she’s lying, I took forever lining up that navel properly and making sure it was centered. It’s actually a bad-ass straight navel, go to her page. I’m awesome.

  10. Ahh, it’s nae! 😀

    Yeah, the tattoos turned out awesome. I think she’s going to get her nipple piercings redone eventually.

  11. Wow… perfect balance of looking natural yet being an obvious mod, drawing attention to her nipples and yet obscuring them, and being, well, totally hot!

  12. For what it’s worth, they don’t look weird when my nipples are hard. Also, everyone I’m around topless says that it feels as if I’m not really naked… I didn’t find it painful, but they were also my first tattoo, and I also didn’t find having my navel scapeled to be bad, or catching hooks for my suspension… I have a messed up sense of pain, ask anyone.

  13. yay nae!!!! i witnessed the event and she took it like a fucking pro. she’s the best!

  14. Wow. Elegant, simple, tasteful; they look like they belong.

    Nice idea, beautifully executed on a dropdead gorgeous person.

  15. Those are really cute.
    Wouldn’t work on me,
    but on her they’re adorable.

  16. #7

    I was thinking they look like pasties too. But you know they’re too cute, people would look closely at them and then the jig would be up!!

  17. Weird. I’m normally anti-doing-anything-to-nipples, just kind of on principle (nipples are already perfect, just by virtue of being nipples) but the actual technical execution of the tattoos is still really impressive. Kudos to the artist.

  18. Oh man. This is going to make me sound like a pervert (which I am, I suppose) but she has absolutely PERFECT breasts, and I’m not usually a fan of nipple tattoos but hers totally compliment and enhance her utter sexiness. Wow.

  19. Ten bux says Nae has started a Nipple Tattoo Trend (anything’s better than the finger – moustache trend) (especially if nipples are involved)

  20. *clutches her own nipples in mental protest!*

    Ow ow ow! I have my nipples pierced, and I can’t imagine that kind of pain (then again, I am needle phobic, strange I know). That being said, they look gorgeous. Superb color, great lines and the tattoo’s looks great as well haha. I love it.

  21. Fuck me that looks totally amazing.

    I think she would be really pretty with or without the tattoos, but its awesome how natural they look.

  22. makes me smile 🙂
    i also love the location of those moles/freckles/dots (whatever they are) on her breasts. very nice indeed.

  23. I totally have to show this photo to my fiance, they’re just too cool looking.

  24. eryn- the dots are scars from two very irritated microdermals that came out about a month ago… i miss them a lot.

  25. Oh, wow! Those look fucking amazing! I can’t imagine how painful I’d find nipple tattoos, I was in agony getting my foot tattooed!

  26. hey belly button pericing does look weird to me she also look siliverish but those are nice

  27. Nae is a bit pale, it’s part of her charm…not robot like or silvery. An that scalpeled navel was done by my co-worker and it is spot on….she is just laying at an angle that distorts it.

  28. Now, every single girl on earth, go get something like this or die.

    This R O C K S .

    Can’t think of anything as sexy AND cute.

    And sexy.

    And cute.

    And – oh – sexy.

  29. Everything about her is beautiful – and the tattoos really enhance it. I love how vivid and neat and perfect they are.

  30. Nae that really is that hottest thing ever. Why don’t you send these updates of body tatoos (especially this one) directly to me?

  31. Wow nae, I thought tattoos hurt. How on earth did you take the pain? And I thought nipples are the most sensitive part.. How painful was it for you actually?

  32. I copied! I can help it! They’re gorgeous and I’ve been obsessed ever since I saw this post. In my own defense my tats are a bit different in terms of shape and color. This JUST happened. I literally left the shop 30 minutes ago, I am freaking ecstatic. Thanks for the idea, please don’t hate me!

  33. hey their good and i want something like that but i have a question does it matter about the size of your breast can it be more difficult if the woman has larger breasts?

  34. at a glance it looks as if you have a nipple which looks like a flower. nice breasts you got there.. O.o

  35. Did the color hold well?? I am going to get mine done and just wanna know cuz I’ve heard a few people that had heart tattoos had to do frequent touch ups.

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