Double Tunnel Transversal

Hells_Monkey has a pretty cool self-done (with help from Toast making the tunnels) transverse lobe piercing that passes through a pair of 10mm tunnels.

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72 thoughts on “Double Tunnel Transversal

  1. I love the look of double tunnels.However what I love are 3 tunnels that get smaller twords the bottom of the lobe.I know there was a pic of someone who had it and they were huge great look.This one is awsome because of the transversal.+10 in my book.

  2. This photo was taken the morning after I did it :) Its doing really well for itself. I was sea salt soaking it for the first couple of weeks, then have just been rinsing it under the shower.

    Thanks by the way Shannon :)

  3. its very nice..
    i know that the photo was taken the same day as the piercing was done.. but still.. i kind of wish the time was taken to clean it all up a little. i dont like the look of the stuff sticking to the jewelry.. but thats just me.. otherwise, it looks awesome

  4. haha you’re fussy :P Nah, it was really difficult to get it off the bar for the first 3-4 days, especially because the tunnels are only 10mm.

    I dont get it sticking to the bar any more though, so it looks a lot better. I’m excited about downsizing the bar eventually so that it is more snug to my lobe (obviously this one is longer for swelling ) :)

  5. I so need to find someone who could machine a couple of pairs of my 1/2 inch steel tunnels so I can wear my transverse lobe piercings with something other than silicone plugs =(

  6. I wanted to get a transverse through my stretched lobe, but I’m too much of a jewellery addict to have it done. Instead I just got a vertical bar infront of my plugs!
    The metal bar can be really awkward in soft lobe so I wonder how awkward it is with two???

    It looks fantastic anyway!

  7. The first thing I thought about when I saw this was “Well it looks like he’ll NEVER lose his tunnels…”

  8. I wonder if that’s going to heal, since the tunnels only have small holes in them so that the crusties will be more difficult to treat.

    Then again, i’m always a bit of a pessimist, even though this is one of the coolest piercings i’ve seen :D

  9. Dragon and james, I personally don’t plan on going any bigger, and I am not sure what effect this would have if I did. I suppose it would be possible to stretch the transverse piercing holes out of alignment. Also, i tried taking either one up to 12 before I pierced the transverse lobe, and got a blow out each time, due to the pressure the two pieces of jewellery put on the skin in between :)

    I am undecided on whether in the future i will stretch the transverse lobe though with new tunnels, i’ll see how it goes :)

    Thanks for nice comments :)

  10. Why do people bother taking photos and showing off stuff when it’s so new they can’t even clean it up?

  11. i really like this…ive had similar ideas but then very quickly think naw prolly not…goes to show you shold give it a shot cuz it might end up bein something really nice.

  12. #36 i can see what you mean, but I was all excited about this. I had planned how i would do it and had been researching for about 8 months prior to actually doing it. I was too excited to wait, otherwise I would have waited until I am able to downsize the barbell.

    My excitement about doing this (i had actually first thought of the idea about 18 months ago or something) had grown and grown. I will still be able to show it off at a later date, with nicer fitting jewellery and less crusties, swelling etc…

  13. Amazing piercing. Where was this done? I ask because there’s a piercer that goes by Toast in my home town of Colorado Springs, and I was wondering if this is the same one.

  14. #36, WHO CARES! there’s way bloodier, crustier, nastier things on modblog.

    piercings aren’t super-clean and sugar and spice all the time. if someone is wandering around with a brand new lip piercing that has a bit of lymph around it, you don’t go up to them and say OMG! WHY DON’T YOU STAY IN THE HOUSE UNTIL IT LOOKS NICE ENOUGH TO SHOW OFF! now do you?

    by the way, RAD RAD RAD! i love it to no end.

  15. Definitely have to agree with what Alan wrote in his entry, #17:

    “Looks neat, but that’s a crazy long barbell!”

    I think it’d definitely look a lot nicer with a shorter length bar.

  16. at least that’s one way to stop them falling out ^_^

    i hope i’m not the only person with that problem…

    awesome piercing! ^_^

  17. We loves Tom.
    Well done for making modblog! And whoever said we’ll never hear the end of this, I think they’re right :P
    Looks great though!

  18. Alan + Warren, i also happen to agree :P Basically I REALLY didnt want to underestimate the swelling, and measuring my lobe acurately was quite difficult as i dont have decent tools etc. I was kind of over-compensating really. I cant wait to donsize the barbell, it will look much better then :)

  19. I’m curious as to how one would keep this clean. I find if I don’t take out my tunnels every couple days or so they get really stinky. I sort of can’t imagine keeping the jewellery in there permanently?

  20. haha thanks araba :P

    daryl, i can pretty much pop the plugs out either side while i am in the shower which does the job for now. When this is properly healed, i will leterally just remove the bar every day once in the shower, clean my lobes, then put it all back together again :)

    Though luckily i dont get ear cheese that badly :)

  21. Nice one, Mr. Monkey!

    So far as the crust complaints, I imagine the majority of photos on ModBlog aren’t taken with ModBlog in mind. You get something new, want a photo, and may as well submit it to BME for some coupons while you’re at it… and then a couple weeks later you’re accidentally famous on the internets ;)

  22. w00t w00t!
    I loves it!
    I would assume stretching to be done then??
    Either way I love unique piercings! FTW!

  23. That post’s a bit old, but it’s worth the try : could someone give me a link where I can find this gem ? Wanna get it but I can’t find tunnels with a hole inside, or maybe I have to make my own ?
    Anyway, this look great I love it !
    Hope that someone will see this, and sorry if there are mistakes in my sentences, I’m not an Englishman..

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