Water “Torture”

Noah suspending beside some gushing water.

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Ten bonus scene points if you spot the Brian.

15 thoughts on “Water “Torture”

  1. hey, now there’s at least one cool noah in the world. that was honestly a very beautiful suspension. i was suprised. i’m going for my first time to do one once laughing buddha in upland does it. and i didn’t notice the guy in the top right corner until he started bouncing. and i award this video an A+ for using the suicide is painless song that became popular off of the movie M.A.S.H. and that makes me want to suspend even more.

  2. Great choice of song, haven’t listened to it in ages, occasionally you hear the marilyn manson cover which is basically sacrilidge… anyway, rant over, good video.

  3. and of course im the first to make the deick comment but….
    He looked like a struggling fish…lol
    toss him back

  4. Yay. I was there! What a great suspension. I’m in this video for about 5 seconds…just sitting on a rock. Is it sad that I’m really happy about that?

    I think I’d win the scene points award 🙁

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