Bright Coloured Coverup

Sean’s coverup tattoo was done by Jeff Gogue in Grants Pass, Oregon; two koi in a yin-yang pattern with a “Love” kanji in the center.

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46 thoughts on “Bright Coloured Coverup

  1. Woah that is amazing work. I love the bright colours. It really looks like you could stroke those fishies.

  2. i love coverups…i love ‘em more when there’s a before picture, though. i wonder what his old tattoo looked like?

  3. one of the best I’ve seen for sure. I definitely love this water effect over the traditional oriental style I see so much of.

  4. i too would like to see what it was before! it’s amazing as it is, but sometimes when you see what was fixed, it’s that much more!

  5. yeees, i live in GP! :D it’s exciting to see Gogue featured here, his stuff is amazing. Trevor who works with him is neat too.

  6. I agree with Dani….After seeing the before, I am even more blown away with the after. The fish, the pebbles, the water, it’s amazing.

  7. I would cry if I received such a beautiful coverup. Coverups make you feel good regardless…but this thing is fucking incredible, and not even just as a coverup.

  8. wow. seeing the before picture and now is just not even comparable. Really gorgeous work and more importantly-you KNOW you could live with that forever(much as like whinnie the pooh). Beautiful!

  9. That is absolutely goregous…I loved it before, but even moreso now after seeing the before. :) (Thanks to Rob for finding them!)

  10. WOW what a cover up!
    It’s amazing.

    I should show this stuff to my Mum,
    she’s got an old tattoo (we’re talking OLD!) that she wants to get covered…

  11. It’s awesome. I love the ripples on the water and the rocks at the bottom of the pond. It’s even more awesome when you see the before pics. I’m amazed.

  12. That is absolutly beautiful. It isn’t the traditional oriental style that I usually prefer, but I like the how it emphasizes the 3-dimensional aspect. It’s a true work of art!


    haha reason why I’m so excited is because I’ve since moved away :{

    but still….I know where he got that tat, at the only shop in town!!! haha.

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