Jimmy James pulls a car with his taint

File this in either the “Fakir is rolling over in his grave” or the “Some people will do anything for attention” or the “Physical comedy is much funnier in the 21st century” categories. And don’t ask me what the wet spot on the pavement is — I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Allen writes,

We are here at the Southwest Suscon hosted by Ascension. Emrys (iam:TylerDurden) and Jason (iam:jason) from ROP did the piercings — two six gauge hooks. Jimmy James (watch for his IAM page in a couple days) only pulled the car a few feet because he was tearing pretty bad. The hooks were migrating into each other… but he’s fine… he was seen riding a bike about twenty minutes later.

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90 thoughts on “Jimmy James pulls a car with his taint

  1. The wet stop on the pavement is a product to clean the blood up. You can see in one of the pictures a person spraying down the blood.

  2. Hot damn! Thats some impressive shit.

    I love the large procedural photo, thats the best angle ever.

    Mad props even moving the car even an inch, I’m impressed that he even took the hooks.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  3. so aside from the pain, i’m not sure i could be naked in front of all those clothed people…

    balls to the wall man

  4. I honestly don’t know which part is more odd, the fact that he did this and looks happy throughout the whole experience or the fact that I didn’t freak out about this. Seemed almost normal to me, thanks alot bme haha :P

  5. ha, im soooo glad we left before seeing that…ouch…i think my boys would have ran as soon as they heard anyway. lol. again, ouch.

  6. reason # 851 I will never suspend at a public event. Not because the blood or the hooks or even the public attendance but jeez, why does everyone and their mother bring a fucking camera? Is no one happy anymore without a souvenir?

    Still, I like the socks. Taint what you do its the way that you do it!

  7. Should have gone with an aveo or something instead of the hhr.. probably would have gotten farther, lol.

  8. Those socks,and boots look as though he’s ready for a game of Soccer – did he have to rush off to a game afterwards? :0

  9. #31, hell yes we want a souvenir of the event. lovin the expressions of the faces of the crowd, particularly the men. go the ‘rang balls!!!!!

  10. “…he was seen riding a bike twenty minutes later…”

    He’s nuts!! :P After that pull!!??? x-P

  11. wow, that’s amazing.

    Aside from the factor of being able to stand the pain without passing out, etc, i find it amazing that his flesh was strong enough to pull it even if only a few feet.

    the human body is an amazing thing

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  13. Don’t mess with gingers…

    Seriously though. Holy crap. That makes me wish I had balls just to try something like that.

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  15. My room mate and I just completely lost it while laughing so hard at these pictures. great stuff, haha

  16. erm, fakir’s not dead, i don’t think. so therefore, there’s no grave for him to spin in.

    i rather think he would find this hilarious.

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