Self Cutting in Russia

Swallow also has some unusual surface piercings on her belly…

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86 thoughts on “Self Cutting in Russia

  1. Although the surface piercing look just about ready to fall out, ouch.

    Nice place for a picture though, I like bathtub shots.

  2. like them but they look like they could be ripped out at any moment!!!!!!!!
    are those BME scars or self harm scars on her stomach ant thigh?

  3. wow. hot mess. this toes the line between self mutilation and body modification. as a recovered cutter i’m not sure how i feel about this picture being here. thoughts?

  4. Her IAM gives no clue to the motivation behind the cuts and there is certainly no attempt to make them look un-random (i.e. artistic) so it really does look like this is a self harm photo where the harmer happens to have piercings. Perhaps.

  5. Hot, naked and bloody russian girl in a tub, don’t see a problem either way. I’m more concerned where one would start licking — so much deliciousness in one picture, yum! I think some of the other shots in this series is better though.

  6. I’m with sum1cool on this. I think self-harm should be actively discouraged, and distinguished from positive self-actualisation through body modifications.

    I appreciate that my views differ slightly from the editorial view of BME, but here’s what’s in the BME Encyclopedia, which might be good advice to Swallow:
    ‘Please — be careful. Falling into a pattern of self harm can be “addictive” and it can lead to larger problems if you’re not careful… Please stay focused on using your body to enhance your life, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.’

    Sorry if I sound pious. Incidentally, Kortirion, that’s a damn callous thing to say. If I needed it, I’d think twice asking for help here when there’s people like you around.

  7. хули. в таким телом не то что так, надо блять убить себя :D кг/ам

  8. Nimue – It does kinda look like a heart there!

    I think if Shannon wants to post it, and she wants it posted then there isn’t a problem with it.
    There is, and could be for her, a difference between “depressive” self-harm, and cutting yourself for the enjoyment.
    It’s her road to walk down, and no one else’s.

  9. And rae, I can respect and even understand your unease with the photo, being yourself a “recovered cutter” but as with a great many photos that might happen by us, just keep scrolling if it’s not your cup of tea.
    That’s what I do.

  10. for some reason i’m getting triggered but seeing the the image of peaches singing fuck the pain away…i don’t know whether i should dance or run to my room.

  11. Her surface piercings look as if they are rejecting. It also appears there are scars for a sternum piercing. Are those scars of previous cutting on her other thigh similar to the ones on her stomach and thigh? I have a very dear friend who explained to me about self injury of this type. That it releases the pain she is feeling inside. Most of you understand this activity whether you agree with it or not. Her explanation allowed me to appreciate and be much more tolerant to this activity.

  12. They look much more like cuts with the intent of pain rather than beauty.. but that’s just me. But I feel worse about those piercings! They look like they’re running away =(!

  13. “I have a very dear friend who explained to me about self injury of this type. That it releases the pain she is feeling inside. Most of you understand this activity whether you agree with it or not. Her explanation allowed me to appreciate and be much more tolerant to this activity.” -Viking In LaFleche

    Very well put!

  14. Am sure most here understand self-harm.

    Many of us will have done it ourselves.

    However it isn’t really a legitimate form of modification or decoration. It is a physical release from psychological issues and not something to be glamourised, watermarked and left for the hoardes to comment on.
    It is a private situation that requires understanding rather than a public display in need of rating and approval.

  15. JustJen, you seem pretty resistant to the idea that cutting might ever be a bad thing. Why the inverted commas around the word depressive, for example? Why is something not a problem if someone wants attention drawn to it? Have you heard the dismissive line ‘just attention-seeking’ so many times that you refuse to believe anyone is ever seeking attention? Have you bought into the lie that there’s something bad about seeking attention when there’s something wrong? If there is something wrong in someone’s life, would you always say ‘It’s her road to walk down, and no one else’s’? I’m a little more compassionate than that.

    There’s a funny story in the Consensual Violence forum where a woman decribes someone coming up in a restroom and trying to rescue her from the abusive man who must obviously be beating her. She explained that she got the bruises during sex, and that she likes it. It’s pretty funny, and the do-gooder probably didn’t go about it very well, but what if she were in an abusive relationship? Women get killed, people kill themselves, people collapse and die in the street, and people who think that’s their road to walk down go off along their own roads and let it all happen.

    VikingInLaFleshe, your story is very common and if it helps you understand cutting then great. However, don’t just say, well that’s alright then, because your friend still has that pain inside. Where did that come from, and how’s it going to go away for good? Not by cutting probably, because, as Shannon says in my earlier quote, cutting can become part of a larger problem.

    I tried to stay out of this. I can’t stop myself though. That’s because online or in life I’m happier to be told to mind my own business than not say, ‘that thing you do, what’s that about? You OK with that?’.

  16. Hm, I used to be a “depressive self-cutter”, but I did it for enjoyment. It was the only thing I enjoyed at that period in my life, so that line is very, very blurry. I got interested in tattoos at that time as a way to at least have a nice result from the pain, but didn’t actually get any until I recovered – tattooing was too planned, and my urges for pain were spontaneous. Not that I think planned vs. unplanned is a good distinction either.

    I don’t see much point in drawing these lines. And I don’t find the photo “triggering”, but I don’t have “triggers” anyway and don’t understand that concept. It does remind me of me as a cutter, but the fresh scarification photos on here remind me of cutting too, so… again, these lines are blurry.

  17. I find it funny how cutting your dick in half is okay, but when someone does self inflicted cuttings it’s horrible.
    I like the piercings. I hope they don’t reject too bad.

  18. “I have a very dear friend who explained to me about self injury of this type. That it releases the pain she is feeling inside. Most of you understand this activity whether you agree with it or not. Her explanation allowed me to appreciate and be much more tolerant to this activity.”

    I have a really hard time understanding how you think its ok for someone to self harm because it supposedly releases inner anguish. Would you say its ok for someone to take the final step in self harm, suicide, to make pain go away? Do you appreciate that type of behavior? Are you tolerant of that?

    One of my closest friends in high school had a very large problem with self harm. You know, I didn’t tolerate that or appreciate it. It didn’t help her, it put her even further into depression. When she went away to school she almost killed herself, not on purpose I don’t believe. Luckily she finally got the help she needed, or accepted it anyway, and is recovering. I haven’t spoken to her in a long time, but the last time I did she was doing very well. Happy for the first time in probably 5 years or longer. How can someone say they “appreciate and tolerate” self harm? I mean self harm in respect to depression issues. I agree with strongly with Giles and Digger.

    And on a side note, I believe that heart on her stomach to be a crude “Alkaline Trio” heart. At least that is what it looks like to me.

  19. blood….piercings….and nekkidness….im SO glad i checked modblog today! ^.^…..oh and has the idea of intentional scarification to LOOK like “Harm Cutting” crossed anyones mind?…..such as with the slit throat scarification post, somewhere above this?…..i mean…sure….the slit throat was done intentionally by a professional,…..whos to say that swallow didnt do this intentionaly to LOOK like harm cutting?…..i mean….if she would have done it on the INSIDE of her thigh….MAYBE i woulda had a diffrent opinion, maybe not….theirs not that much blod anyways…..being a cutter myself, and the ones i know, id say some cutters need to get as much blood as possible, and some just like the pain?…..aight….im done…start nit picking


  20. Lol @ 28. Don’t think I’ve ever really agreed with Giles before, but I do on this. I know I’m not going to like every picture posted, so don’t attack me and tell me not to look, but this one just seems…wrong. Far too many friends and loved ones have had problems with this sort of thing…
    (And on a side note: Ouch to those surface piercings!)

  21. I’m really annoyed that this shot is here, actually. I agree with Giles and such… not even the piercings are anything to talk about. =/

  22. has anyone given thought that maybe she enjoys bloodplay, and is not doing this for self destruction/mutilation or depression.

  23. yeah, i’m with kelli. and its not just that i dont want to see that here. i know i can scroll past it, thats not the issue. the issue is the seperation between self-harm and body modification. and yes, i think that those two do need to be separated. i’m curious as to why shannon even posted this. there’s really nothing in the the way of body mods that is remarkable about it except for some rejecting peircings.

  24. So because there’s no attempt to make them look un-random it can’t be artistic? Does art have to be ordered and symmetrical and neat? Can art not be random? If she offers no expanation, people are free to assume that it’s self-harm, because that’s what it looks like to them. I think the placement and direction and possible texture if it scars looks nice.

  25. Self-harm is not a step towards suicide; it is a form of self-preservation. I agree that no-one who finds these images triggering HAS to look at them, but even just scrolling past can have impact on a self-harmer. Perhaps a case of blurring the pictures entirely on the main page so you’d have to click through?

  26. kinda shitty that people like this and that of the self burned heart, now have a free account to IAM that will never run out..

  27. Last time this came up (last week maybe?) in regards to whats harm, and whats art, and what is modification, and whats good and whats bad and whats acceptable I suggested that modification isn’t a principal action with a finite rigid set of tenants defined as the same for everyone. It is a binary- “this is ok/this is not ok” “this is good, we like this/this isn’t” “modification/harm” “unique/crazy”

    Call them mods, marks, changes, alteration, explorations, cuts, scars, scrapes, accidents, help, harm, whatever.

    The suggestion particular behaviors might be signs of deeper issues with an individual may well be the case. However, concerned and compassionate people should help with the “deeper issues” rather than attack the action as the issue.

    This debate over whats mod and whats not is ridiculous in so far as the diversity and breadth of possible modification stretches to and encompasses so many tastes, styles, forms and contexts. In my opinion (and that’s all it it is) is that the only unifying thematic element of modification is the belief in the individuals autonomy in, on, and of their body; and that it is their right to actualize that autonomy through any means of their acceptance, alteration or modification that they desire. It is the prerogative of the individual to make those decisions.

  28. There seem to be A LOT of assumptions flying around this post. Of course this belongs on BME, she wanted it here and Shannon felt like posting it, that in and of itself is enough. And if this “triggers” any latent feelings you have, that is an issue for you to work out, don’t project your own problems on others. Discuss how it makes you feel but don’t tell us we shouldn’t see it.

  29. #39 I wasn’t saying that everyone who self harms will commit suicide, or they are on that track, but it can lead to that and it has a similar mentality. If someone thinks is ok to self harm to “rid oneself of pain” do they also think its ok to commit suicide for the same reason, that was my point.

  30. I have some scars from some self-inflicted cuts. Some are just straight cuts/scars of cuts, and have gotten me accused of being a self-harmer. Some are in deliberate shapes, a few stars and such, and have gotten me admiration as “really nice scarification bits”. I wasn’t and am not a self-harmer. I just like the results of the cuts, be they straight scars, shaped scars, etc. Maybe she is the same? Why is it instantly a self-harm situation instead of a self-done scarification?

    sometimes I like the way this community works, more often than not I’m confused and concerned by it…

  31. i can’t say for sure if those are self harm cuts or mods, cause for her they could be purely aesthetic, but speaking from years of personal experience it seems to me they were made with the intention of emotional alleviation rahter than looking pretty.

  32. Hmmm. I used to cut myself but out grew it in my late twenties. I don’t find this triggering. I don’t find it impressive either. They won’t scar too much. It’s a young girls game. In the pictures on her IAM page she doesn’t look especially depressed. This looks more like “ecstatic” cutting. Something I engaged in as often or more than “depressive” cutting. She’s into it, it seems. The experience of it. Suspensions don’t change your appearace really but are done for the experience. And it’s a respected practice around here I’ve noticed. As far as modificatin goes cuttings like this don’t change your skin much in a visually artistic sense but you do change your very texture. I agree with Digger though. What does it hurt to reach out and ask her if she needs help? So, Swallow, can we help you?

  33. If this alleged self-harm is indeed true (someone’s been using their Jump To Conclusions mat instead of filling out TPS reports…), then I’m sure she’ll be so much happier once she gets to read these wonderfully supportive and positive comments.

  34. Instead of repeating what has already been said better than I can state it myself, I’m going to point out the artistic aspects of this picure. It’s clearly sexual in nature, with the focus being on the blood and her nudity. From that artistic decision–either from the photographer, Swallow herself, or both–*someone* was getting off on this, and / or *someone* is intended to get off on this. If you compare it to the “Jesus loves me” DIY cutting we saw a while back, the former looks like a spontaneous expression, with differing pressures throughout the cuts, while this looks like a methodical, meticulous, and sexual expression. Though I personally don’t get my rocks off on blood play, some people do. And I think this is directed to please Swallow, who is most likely into it, and others who share similar tastes. That’s my artistic analysis of the real intentions behind this photo.

  35. digger – I used “depressive” in quotes because someone else said it. I was using proper grammar, nothing more. Your reaction to me while intense, is misdirected none the less.

  36. And and and… I don’t have any problem with reaching out to help her. I just don’t think she needs to be raked over the coals just because YOU have a preconceived notion as to why she cut herself. Yes, I’d be more then happy to give her a hand outta depression if she needs one but I’m not going to ASSume that this is a cry for help. I looked at her other photos. She doesn’t like depressed, she lots turned on! There’s nothing wrong with that.
    But again, digger, thanks for kicking me a good one from way up there on your pedestal. The weather must be great. Enjoy it.

  37. for some reason i don’t think rejecting surface piercings are particularly interesting. gross perhaps, but not interesting.

    the cutting is also mighty triggering for someone recovering like me (but i guess i shouldn’t be looking at mogblog, not that i expect to see self injury photos on modblog.) i think self injury should be given a click-through and a warning, because quite honestly people come here looking for mods, not self injury. other mods are given the ‘click-through’ treatment, so why not self injury? its an incredibly serious problem regarding mental health, and BME shouldnt be throwing triggering material out there for all to see without so much as a warning.

  38. “kinda shitty that people like this and that of the self burned heart, now have a free account to IAM that will never run out..”
    totally agree!

  39. this is making me insanely uncomfortable and almost triggering me. i wish it was a blurred image. :\

  40. Why are people so down on self-cutting? We all have to express ourselves somehow. And if you’re in the right mindset, it can be a lot of fun.

    I’m surprised that a blog about body modification attracts so many people with a conformist attitude towards these things. And I say that as an unrepentant cutter.

  41. #7–I agree
    it’s hard to look at this picture and know if it is self-injury or self-decoration/modification/ect

    and #56–I myself may not have been a cutter, but I have been close to people that had very serious self-injury problems. Self-mutilation is NOT a positive thing and should never be encoraged.

  42. Those piercings make me shiver, the top bar is just soo wrong. I dont really give a poop about her cuts though, its her body so whatever but seeing that this photo is almost triggering self cutters out there is a bit disturbing.

  43. No offence to Swallow, but those surfaces look awful. Either she hasn’t been cleaning them or they’re starting to reject. =/

  44. ok is it just me or did every one just start assuming that thesse were just cuttings to inflict damage cause ones depressed i myself like to see my blood flow and its a turn on anyone think or that i love to have my partner lay me open just sayin you know maybe im wrong maye your wrong but arent we all just concluding whats going on here

  45. #55 – Jenna: Ive emailed Shannon regarding self injury and possibly in the future getting them censored and having a warning so people dont click through without realising what it is. Self injury triggers are very serious and I was triggered as well. Hopefully Shannon will take my point seriously and consider adding self injury censors for Modblog, because this just is seriously not cool for so many reasons.

    I see a lot of people here that are putting self injurers down and acting like ‘pfft as if seeing photos could trigger someone’. Triggers are very powerful things. Not only does it strike a mental nerve in a self injurer’s mind but it also allows for that competing that so many self injurers are compelled to do. Feeling like ‘well that persons cuts are deeper/more numerous/etc than mine so obviously shes more deserving of any help, i should cut deeper/more/etc to show that i’m serious and need help’… this is so scary to a self injurer. to feel that because someone else hurts themselves -worse- means that their own problems are insignificant.

    to be honest i am so sick of the bullshit by not only the response ive seen in this community, a community that is supposed to be one of friends, but of people the world over. self injury is NOT about listening to MSI or MCR or writing poetry in their own blood, just like having large gauge ears and snakebites doesnt mean that the person is emo. Hearing such generalisations from -this- community makes it all the more shocking and hurtful.

    Self injury is a very real problem, so are mental illnesses. You wouldnt laugh at someone who is in a wheelchair because of a medical condition, so you shouldnt laugh at, mock, make fun of, alienate or ridicule someone who has a medical condition. mental illnesses are medical conditions. Just like a sore throat is a symptom of a cold, self injury is a symptom of mental illness.

    treat each other with respect, and for gods sake, add censoring to self injury photos on the Modblog because they could be triggering mentally unwell people out there to hurt themselves.

  46. ok so id didnt post earlier i messed up on the adress line ut before my last comment i wrote:

    So why are we all assuming this is self injury do to depression not because she likes it i mean havig my girl lay me open(or doing it myself) is a complete and total turn on to me im sorry but i like pain mayb she does to if it realy is self injury then yur right but we should know the details before making asses of ourselfs.

    well ok i edited this one more but there you go my opinon its out there

  47. There can be a variety of different reasons and motivations behind this, I hate how people automatically assume the worst.

    When I used to cut, I did it for the rush and seeing blood.
    I do understand however that it is easy to fall into self-harm, but what is any other body mod but self-harm? In no way are these specific cuts(which from experience, are actually very superficial in depth) more dangerous than piercings, brandings, tattoos, etc. We all have our motivations, who is to say what it more proper, more socially accepted? We are all a part of a community that is about acceptance. If her motivation was negative, we must accept and respect her decision.

    I do agree though that these should have a kind of warning because they can be triggering and are of sensitive subject matter to some individuals.

  48. In self-injury circles theres been a lot of talk about whether body modification is self harm. Let me share with you now an excerpt from the FAQ of popular self-injury site, SI: A Struggle (

    Are behaviors that alter the body’s appearance such as tatooing, drug use, body piercing, ritual mutilation, etc. SI?

    No, although these behaviors can be harmful to the body they do not have the purpose SI has.

    Behaviors that alter the appearance of the body are generally used to make the person look better. While in SI this is rarely, if ever, the case. Also, SI and body alteration are done by different methods. While SI is done by yourself, body alteration is typically done by another- someone usually licensed and/or trained to do so. Another difference is between the initial reasons for SI and body alteration. SI is often done because of feelings of loneliness and alienation, while body alteration is done because of discontentment with your body.

    Ritual mutilation is the alteration of your body for society, religion, or a peer group. Several examples include genital mutilation, some types of tatooing, scarring of the face and body, and branding. Most people don’t undergo ritual mutilation by choice and they often perform the act in front of other people. Also, the scars, tattoos, brands, etc. that are the result of ritual mutilation are usually exhibited in in public. Wounds and scars from SI are usually hidden.

    I certainly dont mean to assume what Swallow’s reasons are, and nor have I done in any of my other responses in this thread. I merely have great concern for others that are coming here to see the Modblog and finding themselves confronted with material that could trigger them to harm themselves. Swallow’s reasons are her own and are unique to her, just like no self-injurer is exactly the same in method or the reasons behind it.

    Perhaps Swallow herself will come and shed some light for us on the matter on what she feels in regards to this subject, though with the reception shes got so far, I wouldnt blame her if she didnt.

  49. ^^^^^^^
    I agree with you completely.
    It is the definition I am having trouble with, ha ha.

    But some of the definition is generalized in areas that have only studied this area of “self harm.” And also a fair portion of body modding is done by oneself, whether for a specific effect, need or want…or maybe just for experimentation, curiosity, learning, sensation, etc.

  50. I think what sets them apart is that self harm is done to release emotions or to deal with some kind of trauma. depression isn’t the only mental illness out there, folks. self harm is done to release emotions, gain control or to feel something other than whatever mood is getting you down.

    Body modification, while is sometimes done for the sensation of being pierced, or whatever it is you’re doing, it is generally not done to release emotions or come to terms with whatever struggles mental illness puts you through.

    If you look at something like amputation, which CAN be a form of self harm, it comes down to ‘i feel that i can be more of a person without this digit/limb/etc’ or ‘i need to feel hurt. right now.’

    I’m hoping someone gets what I’m trying to say here =|

  51. disgusting….
    sorry if i’m intollerant- but this ist neither well done (the piercings) nor bodyart (the “cuttings”)

  52. this one is hard to look at because the cuttings are so similar to those of a friend of mine who over the course of a year covered her entire stomach, chest, legs and arms in those scars. She was later treated for her crushing depression and even though while doing the cutting she was able to justify it once she was treated she said that her mind had been in a terrible place and she needed to justify her actions otherwise she would have just ended her life. the scars have faded over time and she has expressed nothing but regret towards their presence

  53. Self injury appears like a very lonely thing to me. Secretly you hurt yourself to actually feel something, release your pain. But when you picture your wounds and agree to show them to the world, you break the isolation. Seems like a good thing to me. And damn brave.

  54. I kind of agree with MissJanet. I happen to have some heavy scarring on my arms that I’ve always been really self conscious about. They were all done as self injury but you know what…I can’t wait to post pictures of then here. Why? It’s not because I want the world to think I’m cool and show off…I just know there’s tons of people out there with a fetish for such a thing. I feel like getting that positive response would help with the healing. It would just be nice to get that confidence booster so I don’t have to wear gloves and long sleeves everywhere I go. I agree that self injury is a serious matter, but we all have our own way of moving on with our lives. A large step for me is gaining my confidence back…And what better way than having blood play enthusiasts tell you how great you look…

  55. Re the “I find it funny how cutting your dick in half is okay, but when someone does self inflicted cuttings it’s horrible” meme, that totally misses the point… Genital splitting is about making sex feel better.

    (1) it’s clearly a positive act

    (2) it’s utterly unrelated to this — apples and oranges

  56. Shannon: have you recieved my email regarding censorship of self injury images on the Modblog. I would appreciate an response as soon as possible, as quite a few people (including myself) are upset about such triggering material not being censored.

    I hope that you can see our point of view and implement censoring in the near future, as I feel that you may be upsetting many Modblog readers. I, for one, will be incredibly upset if this triggering material is not censored!

    I do, however, agree with your point about genital bisection vs self injury. They aren’t the same thing and nor should they ever be considered the same thing. Please read my posts 66 and 68 to hear my thoughts on body modification vs self injury.

    Rae #71, thank you very much! :) As someone who has self injured I know exactly how triggering this material is, and I am incredibly triggered by it myself. I do not want things on the Modblog which can easily be censored, triggering other people to hurt themselves. I hope Shannon hears our voices, because this is incredibly serious! Keep safe, Rae :)

    I should also note that I am NOT against people submitting self injury photos of either fresh or healed scars to either BME or the Modblog. I have a photo in Ritual Scarring after all. I am however against not giving self injurers that may be triggered the choice to either look or scroll past it. I know many people who have submitted photos to or have gone looking for photos to affirm they arent alone. I love Scar13′s work and I am a nude pinup model myself and unashamedly show off my scars to the camera. However on the Modblog, give self injurers a chance to not be triggered. You censor genital bisection and other such mods, please censor self injury, because a lot more harm can come of a self injurer stumbling across a photo of self injury than of someone with a healed bisection.

    *gets off her soapbox and prays Shannon listens*

  57. I have a good friend who has a number of tattoos and piercings, but who has had a lifelong issue with severe cutting problems. She has sliced deep enough to see fat, and generally would refuse to get it treated unless forced.

    I can’t help but think of her when I see this photo.

  58. These could be negative, self-harming cuts, or, equally, they could be cuts she made just to experience the pain/see the blood – does anyone condemn playpiercing out of hand as self-harm?

    If these are from self-harm then I hope she can work through it, because it can end up as a very unpleasant situation. If, on the other hand, she’s simply enjoying all the things that her body can feel, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s more to do with the motivation than the aesthetic of the cuts.

  59. Being someone who used to cut, this really bothers me. I remember doing things just like that. Usually fast, frenzied, to get as much pain as possible.
    es, it releases pressure, but that does NOT mean that its okay.

    As an avid reader of BMEzine I was very disappointed to see this on here.

    I seriously doubt the validity in calling this ‘modification’.

    I remember doing that to make my outside look like i felt inside. That’s something that is quite private, and not for public eyes.

    It breaks my heart to see this.

  60. As an observer who was directed to this specific page from elsewhere and read through the entire comments thread, I’ll reiterate what I consider to be the most pressing issue: Regardless of the intention or actual motivations for the taking and posting of the image, the image itself unfortunately appears to serve as a strong trigger to those who have a history of self-harm via cutting.

    Given the strong representational overlap between this group and those who take an interest in body modification, I think it likely that this is a significant concern, so I too hope that it can be addressed.

  61. I think we all need to stop assuming so much about those in the pictures that are posted.

    If this were simply bloodplay (and it certainly might be!) and you’d seen it, would you still be triggered? If so, then you should know better than to be on modblog.

  62. Those images are of a form of self inury. the patterned and even strokes with the blade is characteristic of that kind of behaviour. it is triggering because it is -exactly the same- as something a self harmer would do to themselves.

    i knew the ‘well you shouldnt be on modblog’ thing would come eventually. well i come on modblog to see mods, not someone cut up like a ‘goddamn Virginia ham’. i -am- triggered by this photo and so are many others who do NOT want to see these images blatantly displayed without a censor.

    im NOT asking shannon to stop posting self injury images, i just want them censored so people have a choice in the matter, much the same as some genital mods are censored.

  63. Boringly.
    Why all of you such malicious? I did not ask to spread a photo in modblog, its not my problems. and i like blood, and if I wish to be cut this my business.
    yes surface piercings has taken out. Excuse me for my bad english.

  64. I don’t think the ‘photos being sensored because that can be a trigger’ is a very good argument because if someone has a problem with self-injury, is aware of it, and still comes to BME it’s pretty much a given that they can expect to see cuttings and things that MAY trigger them.

    When I was younger I tried cutting – I liked it, for many reasons some of which were sexual. Eventually my parents found out and it(me) was treated as the most horrible thing on the planet and a sign that I was crazy when I was just experimenting… I don’t know about people who self injure for reasons of depression because those weren’t my reasons, but I sure felt the brunt of the hysteria that has been built around depressive self injury…

    This picture certainly does border on some line – but to me it borders more on the intentional/ravaged by a wild animal line than the fun/needs help line.

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