16 thoughts on “Shot in the Throat!

  1. Liking this.

    However, there is a lot of movement there, would be interesting to see how long it lasts. I know the microdermals are often ok with movement, but there really is a lot in that spot..

    Also, do you know how old this is? Thats quite a large piece of jewellery. Personally I stay below 4mm diamtere on the discs as to not wear anything heavy enough to promote rejection, and that one looks about 6mm.

    Nice though, hope it heals up nicely 🙂

  2. Dude that is so cool, I want to get a couple surface piercings (back of the neck being one), but I would think that it would be really painful, like when u move your neck around. Seriously kudos on that.

  3. #1 Ow.
    #2 I’ve just placed my finger on the same spot on my neck. I don’t see how there’s much movement there….

  4. at #10 put your finger on that point, move and turn your head side to side, then look up then down, then swallow. You should feel a fair amount.

    Having said that, my remaining microdermal is quite a high movement area on the side of my neck…the one on the otherside copped it though…

  5. So, I just got pretty much the exact same thing done today, and then I came on here and saw this…I think it looks good.

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