30 thoughts on “Flying Sushi

  1. ..

    where is it located? its hard to tell… i’m guessing by what looks like the top edge of pants that it is on the hip, facing forward… but i’m not sure? Just curious!

  2. Oh, and it comes complete with corrugated green plastic fake grass wings! Best sushi tattoo idea yet.

    and yes that does look like a large belt loop, I’m guessing more towards the back though.

  3. it’s so funny when at first you can’t see it and then when you do you wonder how you didn’t. at first look it looked like a weird maggo ring to me. haha.

  4. Mmm…one can live on sushi alone. Looks like it’s placed somewhere on the abdomen, near the digestive track perhaps? It’s convenient to have your favorite food tattooed on you, bring me one of these!

  5. yay!….what’s up Russ?!….my pleasure!….

    Britt will be super happy about this, and the tattoo is on her waist line, but totally on her side (not on her front or back)…

    And I guess they went with California Roll cause it’s pretty recognizable….

    YAY!….thanks everyone!

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