45 thoughts on ““Bored and stoned”

  1. This…does not make me want to be stoned.

    Or pierce my septum.

    Or smoke anything from Indonesia.

    However, I *do* want to set something on fire.

  2. TIM????? aka Big Naughty? aka Kodiak? Is that you? Where did this picture come from? The guy with the cigarette really looks familiar.

  3. I’m *definately* the only one who was thinking “damn, that guy on the right looks delicious! It’s a shame he’s a smoker” 😛
    (I quess I’m just horny. But I still prefer hot modded guys *without* the smoke 😛 )

  4. hey how did my picture get on here?
    and its not cloves or djarum black, its a black devil from when i was in amsterdam, my ear is not infected, theres a scorpian in the plug and looks dodgy at the angle lol

    was not burned at all in this incident haha, very closed to though didnt realise the lighter was jacked. cheers for the response though

  5. How cool would it be if the eyes were really that color?
    Used to like cloves, got sick of them after a few months because they were all I smoked. Now Camels are my thing.

  6. Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re On My Fave Site…. Bout Bloody Time, get all ur other stuff on here right now! *Cracks Whip*

  7. charku, who are you lol or am i being very silly by asking, just done loads of self piercings so might wack them up on bme, dunno if i put my scarification already lol

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