White Ink Geek Tattoo

JuanKi got this “Ctrl+Z” geek tattoo in white ink on his wrist by Fabian Fonseca at Body Art in Bogota, Columbia [CTRL+Z] Colombia (fresh in this photo of course). I’ve got white ink lettering my wrists as well and it holds up very nicely by the way.

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22 thoughts on “White Ink Geek Tattoo

  1. I definately agree. White ink on the wrists holds up really well and it’s very subtle which in such a place can be kind of neat.

  2. id love to see some healed photos of white ink wrist tats. or palm tats. thinking of white ink on the palms.

    but yeah awesome. wonder why ctrl+z though. id get ctrl+alt+del

  3. My first thought was that it’s someone who suspends, ctrl-z in Unix is called “Suspend” and stops the current project but keeps it alive in the background (sort of like minimizing it in GUIs). But I guess it’s also the classic shortcut for undo. I hope it means the former, because that’s *really* cool.

  4. I have white ink on my left wrist and honestly, it’s very difficult to photograph due to the lack of pigment contrast of white ink against white wrists. maybe someone with more skillz could get a few shots but in all the times I’ve tried it’s just never happened.

  5. Its COLOMBIA!!!!!! not Columbia! damn it guys come on!!! (this is with all the best intentions)
    I dont get why people up in the north side of American and other continents write it in such a way…

    Either way I like the tat

  6. Hehe I’d never thought this tattoo was going to be the one to get me modblogged hehe

    And yes, it is Colombia… you beat me to it Masticate XD


  7. I always wanted to get ctrl+c on my wrist in white ink too =)

    It’s the linux command for breaking an operation.

  8. #3 i agree i would love to see it healed too!

    i dont know if its the angle or whatever but the z doesnt look in line with the rest of it

  9. Dammit, it wasn’t “suspend” :-(. Oh well, cool none the less. It just struck me that DOS/win files also use it as end of file. The multiplicity of mankind – 0x1a means different things to different people.

  10. I’ve got a white wrist tattoo, and I’m not really happy with the way it’s healed. The colour’s uneven and it sometimes looks quite grey.

    If I could get it touched up again, guaranteed that it would fix it, I would – I love the white, and how subtle it is, but most tattooists I spoke to say it’s a lost cause :( So thinking of getting it redone brown/black…

    A couple of pics:


  11. I have three white stars on my left hip. And they aren’t grey. They look nice and are ivory.

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