37 thoughts on “Tetris Tattoo!

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about doing this for a while now, but on a larger scale. I like seeing what it looks like done on someone.

    I guess, though, given the general attitude of people on this site when similar tattoos/scars pop up, doing so would dub me as a bitchy copycat.

  2. i love this! its only three pieces but their spacing makes this tattoo seem like such a large and complete piece

  3. #6-i don’t care 🙂 i just felt like pointing out the judgmental nature of some people. i just read the comments on the cherry blossom scar post and it made me grumpy.

  4. Cool, I’ve been thinking about doing that as well!

    And yes indeed, fuck what other people think. I get tattoos for myself, so I’ll be just as happy with my Tetris blocks as I’ve been (and still am) with my Sick Of It All dragon 😉

  5. I’ve had a full tetris sleeve for 4 years now and I never got such compliments on it 🙂 Probably because I never actually took any decent pictures of it. Tetris is totally rockin’ though!

  6. #4 – I had exactly the same idea a little while ago and it was going to be down my side too, like this piece. Guess I don’t want to end up on modblog being bitched at by people who don’t deserve to do the said bitching.

    Nevertheless, this tattoo is really well done, they look really 3D.

  7. I totally want to get like a tetris playing field on my back. That would be super awesome 🙂 I think i saw one somewhere before but I

  8. Am I the only one screaming in my head that she’s got to hit the space bar for the one at the top or it won’t fit? hehe, I’m way too much of a dork. =)

  9. Tetris is my first video game and will be my last. Ever since I was 9 I wanted to tattoo every piece on my body. If you see this and you either tattoo or do flash, I am willing to pay decently for a beautiful Tetris chestpiece design. [email protected]

  10. Im the biggest Tetris Fan of all time, I’ve never found anyone to beat me, Ive been trying to get good tetris tattoo ideas. That one is real nice.. I love it, Not gonna copy you but, very sexy….

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