46 thoughts on “Coming On Strong!

  1. Can sort of see why you don’t like to grow it, its all over the place, and only after 15 days. Mine tends to grow more regular, so much so that if I don’t shave I tend to start looking like Guy Fawkes, with the hair and all….

  2. Kat – I feel different, both in texture and when I’m walking about!

    Fredex – Honestly, I had no idea how it would grow as I’ve never gone more then two or three days (at the most) without shaving.

  3. I think this looks great. I tend to shave my beard and hair once a month or so, so I usually have a stub like this too. :)

  4. i’m liking it. it suits you very well, for having never let it grow before! i’m trying to imagine you as one of those little magnetic faces–maybe with a fu manchu or goatee. interesting….

    in any case, you’re looking hansome as ever and for a good cause. high five!

  5. I have to agree.. the rugged Roo is very hot indeed. I usually prefer the clean shaven look.. but this is effin’ hot. I would -so- tap that.

  6. ya for saving the animals!!!!
    my donation is from Hashbrown my puppy… he aerned the money by being so damn cute.. just like roo

  7. PEOPLE – Thank you so much <3

    Jimmy – Nope, it’s just me. I take copious amounts of pencillin which interferes with my otherwise healed piercings.

    They settle down eventually.

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