52 thoughts on “Great Wall of China Facial Tattoo

  1. don’t get me wrong…its beautiful work…but i don’t think i’ve ever been that proud of my country to get it tattooed on my forehead

  2. if Tromso, Norway is elected to host the 2018 winter olympics im getting “Tromso 2018″ tattooed on my forhead haha. nah not really, but it sure is a funny idea.

  3. I laughed at hullworks post very hard!
    This is such an awesome tattoo, very different. But I could never have anything of England/and or Devon tattooed on me.
    And yeah, the tattoo artist is hot.

  4. #13 – It says Beijing 2008.

    While I think the tattoo is good, I always get a little iffy about people with such nationalistic tattoos. I wonder what prompted him to get them?

    Yeah, some tattoo artists are totally hot. But do they do good work? 😉

  5. #17 – the other side is more of the great wall, there are more pictures in the facial and neck tattoo gallery.
    The only thing I don’t like is the olympic symbol smack on the forehead

  6. @12: joking aside, it’s actually more or less impossible to see the Great Wall of China from “space”. If you target a satellite directly at it, sure, but using human eyes from a shuttle – no chance.

  7. Come on people, whats wrong with a patriotic/nationalistic tattoos? I love my country; Norway. My country needs a new government (2009 is the year), but I still love it.

  8. This tattoo is gorgeous! I think it really suits his face, even the mountain on his forehead. Like #18, I just don’t care for the olympic symbol and “Beijing 2008.” I see it as more of a cultural tattoo rather than a nationalistic tattoo, but that’s just my interpretation. I’d love to hear from this guy and maybe his artist too!

  9. As a certain somebody once said:
    “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

    That roughly says what I think about nationalism and this tattoo. But hey, if it makes him happy that’s really all that matters.

  10. uuuhhh??? ok
    cool, must have hurt. what ever floats your boat i guess. kudos.

    i wonder though, what happenes if the olympics dont happen next year, isnt he going to feel like an ass for the rest of his life??

  11. I think they’re both rather handsome. I would love to see a picture of him smiling.

    And to me the green swirl type things on his nose and above his lip remind me of the whiskers on Chinese dragons.

  12. #15 – #13 is referring to Shannon’s description “Pejing, China” which I have never heard of either. I’m sure that everyone is clear about the “Beijing 2008″ forehead tattoo!

  13. And if he’s so proud of his country, why is the tat in English?

    I guess he’s over there laughing about all of the Chinese character tats posted here….

  14. >>Wonder if the national censors will get him?

    Is ModBlog censored in China ? Many other sites (less subversive) are.

    China is not exactly my favourite country at the moment.

  15. I returned from Beijing last week. The olympics there are really viewed as an entry into the world. China opening up towards the new future! It is advertised along with the olympic symbols and Chinese cultural values such as the great wall. I think this is the true spirit of the tattoo.

    Because it was very warm there, I had the opportunity to check out the popularity of tattoos in China, and I’ve seen only very few. Only one tattoo on a chinese looking person, who might actually be from abroad, of thousands of people I saw. Tattoos are clearly something very new there, and probably looked apon as alien.

  16. Despite all the doubts about the Olympics being held in China regarding the human rights, the way they clean up old parts of the city for freeways and skyscrapers and the high pollution, I think we should not forget that is also the symbol for a quarter of the world’s population representing hope for a better life and future. China’s opening up and entry into the world’s economy and culture will have a broad and dramatic impact on world as well as it will also invoke introspection in the Chinese social and cultural system. It is an important issue to do this in a controlled way. But don’t forget it is about a quarter of the world’s population: we should not ignore but support them!

  17. #35 – the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were very much the same for Japan, I can understand their enthusiasm. The “shinkansen” train was finished, and the superhighways around Tokyo were finished, etc.

    (Actually if anyone ever read the comic “Akira” they are preparing for the 2037 Olympics in the beginning of the story, after another war, that was a callback to the same themes of 1964 too.)

    I just now see he has the mascots on his neck, too! I sort of like the blue bits on his nose and side face, though, maybe best.

  18. 33. I couldn’t get on IAM from China. I don’t know about modblog.

    35. Tattoos are considered only for crimials by the people in China.

    I’ll keep the rest of my comments to myself.

  19. I actually quite like it apart from the Olympic symbol on his forehead, although I’ll admit it doesn’t look like the greatest work the whole way through the piece. But kudos to the guy for being that heavily modded in China – my friend just came back from a gap year there and said it’s a pretty straight-laced country when it comes to that kind of thing.

  20. Wouldn’t he have felt bad if New York won out on the 08 Olympics rather than Beijing?

  21. #9 & #41: Hahaha 🙂
    The work itself is really interesting, but I’d much rather have the artist ^_^

  22. I need a dress in Beijing where to get a tattoo now..
    It needs to be a good artist..
    thank,s in advance

  23. Well… The theme of the tattoo is stupid to my eyes, but to each his own. From a technical point of view it’s just another crappy facial tattoo.

    Not many reputable tattoo artists agree to work on a face… which is a shame, because you can achieve really decent results.

  24. Hi I am going to Beijing and would like to know the address of a good tatto artist. One that is good and uses clean needles.

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