Senses Sewed Shut

Casshan in Anchorage, Alaska sends in these forced “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” performance photos of an eye, ear, and lip sewing.

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55 thoughts on “Senses Sewed Shut

  1. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s the idea of touching my eyes or anything going near them, makes me go weak thinking about it. Braver man than me having them sewed shut!

  2. I’ve seen eyes sewn shut, and mouths, but never ears!
    I’d really like to see a close up of the ears.

  3. I have to chime in on wanting closeups, or better yet, a process video. Failing that, maybe the artist(s) can post some process information.

  4. wow, I’ve never seen ear sewing before. Like almost everyone here I wished it would be a click-through for more detailed images. The pictures are really very moving.

  5. I do think that it looks really cool….however at the same time it just creeps me out (especially the eyes being sewn shut)

  6. AHHHHHH!!!!!! FINALLY some love for Alaska… gotta love my hometown boys! I saw these on one of their myspace pages and loved it, so great they made it here.

  7. The close ups of the eyes and ears sewing are intense!

    The ears look like some sort of wacky face lift, and the eyes are just…wow.

    Ps-I found the close ups in the Ritual Photos/Stories for anyone who’s looking.

  8. I was just talking to a tattoo artist the other day about wanting 3 monkeys doing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” as a tattoo for on my leg….. sooooo great!

  9. OMG the guy on the right looks like the silent guy from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Ya know, Drell’s assistant…

    No? Just me then…

  10. There’s some higher rez and more shots on my IAM page and I’ll post up some of the procedural pics once IAM comes back up. The photo shoot was part of a multimedia project for an art gallery showing. We did posed shots (like these), posed video, documentary style video of the procedures and the waiting around and various pics from the models’ cameras. We’ll be doing a performance at the gallery showing too.
    I’m glad you guys enjoy them

  11. the eyes are brilliant, didn’t some of the ancient greek oracles do that? something about to see the future you couldn’t see the world. like blind tiresias…

  12. Seriously, this looks like an album cover that the crappy band Limp Bizkit would have.

  13. I wouldn’t be to scared about the mouth.
    But I’d be terrified of doing the ears and eyes.

    This makes a great photo.

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