21 thoughts on “Chris’s Starry Feet

  1. Ouch. Props to him – my feet are far to ticklish for me to even contemplate having pretty stars on them.
    Love the stars. =]

  2. I wonder how long that will actually last? I know the bottom of my toe didn’t last but maybe 2 weeks. I’d be interested in seeing this 2 weeks and a month from when it was done.

  3. I agree with xSOPHH, I couldn’t ever get the soles of my feet tattooed!

    They’re pretty awesome though 😀

  4. AWESOME! I really like that! I was thinking about tattooing my sole, but what about healing? Did you have any difficulties? What kind of footwear shall I wear for the healing time?

  5. I REALLY want to get the bottom of my feet tattooed, similar to Chris in the sense that I’d like a simple design (with one color). The only problem is the healing time. Wouldn’t you have to stay off your feet for a couple days? Has anyone written a complete, and very detailed account of sole tattoos? I’ve found a few but they don’t say too much.

  6. A friend of mine has a star on the inner arch of her foot, and even though she has very high arches, she has to get it redone every 3 weeks to a month.

    Those look so fun though in the blue ink.

  7. “This is my starry foot, and I am not afraid to use it.”

    lmfao. but ouchhhhh. that would hurt so bad. =(

  8. Holy fuck, I have a tattoo on the top of my foot that hurt enough, I couldn’t even contemplate sitting for that! I think they look cute on him though, and kudos for sitting through getting his sole tattooed 🙂

  9. Since hand-poking a hand tattoo is better, would hand-poking a foot tattoo be better too? I like the blue.

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