Genitals Decorated With Genitals

I am a giant fan of Slave Butterfly‘s work!

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35 thoughts on “Genitals Decorated With Genitals

  1. VERY pretty, but I know that I couldn’t handle being still long enough to get a tat there! It is almost a shame it is in a spot she can’t show to more people since it is so awesome.

  2. Do you think she just woke up on her 18th birthday and went “Hm, I want a flowering vagins and penises tattooed all over my ass!” Or did she get a trial tattoo first. Like…where’s her tribal tramp stamp or her heart on her hip?

  3. its fairly obvious amanda, that she has more ink above the flower/penises etc that’s mostly covered by her dress, and considering the time and dedication to the work she has put in (not to mention her screen name), i would also see it as fairly obvious that she didnt wake up one day and go hmm.. something like this would be a good for my first tattoo, but that it’s more of a lifestyle thing

    and im with those saying kudos for being able to sit there and get it done in the first place! i can imagine that being painful and uncomfortable in so many ways! really neat idea!

  4. OMFG!

    I can’t even imagine how much pinching is going on in between her legs! Presumably she doesn’t wear those rings all the time?

    I just put in 2.4mm x 10mm rings in my inner labia piercings and oh the pinching….

  5. It is absolutely beautiful work. I would be absolutely unable to sit still during that for long periods of time.. and the healing… oh I cannot imagine the healing. Just thinking about it has me squirming around uncomfortably.

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  7. Ive followed this lady’s tatooing from day 1 on BMT.Or
    Does anyone know why its no longer available? or where it has gone or why?

    Great loss to the piercing & body mod scene.
    If any one has a link please post it asap.
    miss going there.
    Tried to mail the owner direct but mail returned a month later.

  8. ted you remember the old man who cut his dick in half like a pussy,then burned it all with a lighter on that site?i just got out of prison and am bummed that that site is not working.but he/she was really into pain and going as far as possible so who knows what happened.

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