190 thoughts on “Skull Facial Tattoo Update

  1. I’m really glad there’s some picutres of him up again.
    It isn’t as shocking to see as I thought it would be, compared to the other pictures anyways.

    I really like the lower half of his sleeve too.

  2. Yayy. I was waiting for more pictures! 😀
    I love the skull/brain transition. It’s so well done.

  3. I really like how the tattoo faded — it still loks fucking amazing, and is a lot elss threatening (which may or may not be good, in his opinion.)

  4. oh wow. when i’d first seen the photos of him a while back i was just thinking how brave he was for doing it, and wondered how it was going to look in the long run.

    with the rest of the skull tattooed, it works out very nicely and looks fucking awesome! kudos!

  5. So everyone freaked out when the first pictures of him were posted but now you see most of his upper body, you see that he’s really heavily tattooed anyway so the chances of him regretting it aren’t as massive as people thought.

    It really changes his whole face though, I wonder what he looked like before.

  6. i agree with stacey! i want to see a before pic too! 😀
    this is amazing by the way. i’m not just speaking as a body mods aficionado, but as a neuroscience major 🙂

  7. i love all of his tattoos, but i too am curious as to what he looked like before the skull facial tattoo.

    fucking awesome tattoos. fucking awesome.

  8. looks amazing. i agree the tattoo is much less intimidating and it really blends in well with the other pieces on his body.

  9. ha, every time I see that kid on the bus I want to say hi, but I think it’d be a little odd ‘oh hey, I saw you on modblog’….

  10. I’m kind glad the tattoo has faded cause before he looked super fucking creepy. I’m not a huge fan of his skull face, but I’m totally diggin his neck tattoo and the top of his head.

  11. man, we got some way better photos of him from the convention. his name is rick and he’s actually a fairly gentle, soft-spoken guy. surprisingly, you stop noticing his facial tattoos almost as soon as you start talking to him.

  12. At first I tought he had to be a complete retard.
    Now I think he is a COOL retard, especially given the first picture.

  13. I like his neck and arm/hand tatoos but the face tatoo still basically obliterates his face, at least in photos, like pretty much any full face tatoo does but worse. It’s like wearing a mask 24/7, I can’t really imagine doing this to yourself.

  14. i agree with 26, in that his particular facial tat seems to just cover his face rather than for instance, a maori tat or shannon’s white ink that works WITH the face.

  15. I think this round of photos put his whole vibe into context more. I dont know, but when I saw these it was just “ahh, i get it now”. Pretty rad.

  16. Ah, now see how much better things are when one can see the bigger picture. The whole skeletal-zombie head and neck motif looks very good and works with the other work visible in the pictures.

    I don’t think you can call him Skullboy anymore, but memes like this are of an intractable sort.

  17. I find him very attractive and hopefully by being so heavily/visibly modified.. he is either doing what he loves or on the road to it.

  18. I have to agree he is very attractive, and that he has the balls to pull this off is appealing too. An amazing tattoo, art, really. But I have to wonder if something this extreme, will be what he wants to look like in 20 years… it’s not something you can cover up or change is it? He must be very sure of himself.

  19. These pics are from the Montréal Tattoo convention that was held this weekend. It’s great to see him out; since i moved to Paris, i haven’t had the opportunity to bump into him in the neighbourhood anymore!

  20. Oh. Wow. I LOVE the cranium tattoos. As others have said, it puts the facial tats into perspective. They blend really well, and it’s just an incredible look, taken together. He just looks so vulnerable in the first shot, sort of a Frankenstein’s monster sort of vulnerable. That’s just what it calls up for me. I also really like the second pic. He has a gorgeous mouth.

  21. Shannon, any chance of an interview with him? I’m so curious as to how his facial tattoos have affected his life, what made him decide to do it (since we now know it wasn’t in homage to the Misfits) ;), etc.

    And it’s interesting how positive the comments are tonight compared with when the pics were first posted.

  22. Id be huge curious to see what he looks like when he’s 80!
    Some people get some major sag & wrinkle to their face, if that happens for him – I wonder how that will affect the overall appearance of the tattoo.
    All the same – it’d put a big freakin smile on my face to see an old dude with teeth on his jowles.

  23. I agree with everyone.

    The tendon neck and brain cap really bring everything together… and they are very well done.

    I’m REALLY glad these were posted… it just puts everything in such a greater context.

    this dude is sweet.

    I’d love an interview as well.

  24. I find your skull modifications of the face wonderful. There are so many tattooed faces that failed to have a focus and they they come across unsuccessful. You look great and do enjoy and be positive when others may come across negative. We need to educate not create more fuel for negativity.

  25. I agree with the others, seeing the face with the rest now in normal lighting (or maybe it did fade too, dunno) it’s looking more… together.

    Still no way I would ever do it, but it’s seeming more of a piece now, not as shocking as the first set (probably a lot due to lighting).

    I wonder, was the crosses and hooded skull guy from the right arm done prior to the rest? Or, always it’s intended to have the landscape there blending into the “on my body at life size” skeletal thing?

    Lots of monochrome art like that is interesting in itself even aside from content. I think they’re blended well, too.

    And the webby ear. Wow.

  26. I thought the first pics of his face tattoo were good enough…very novel, but not something I thought looked spectacular. But with this other work he’s had, I think it’s pretty awesome. It’s just bloomed. I think he looks attractive.
    I agree with people that an interview is in order.

  27. Heh,am I the only one who thinks the guy on the right in the first picture looks alot like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters?

  28. I gotta wonder what the guy does for a living. I mean, besides carry around some of the largest cojones known to man.

    Also, if the zombies start attacking, he’d better find some way to stand out!

  29. when i first saw his face i wasnt really sure, but now seeing the whole thing tied together just makes me want to photograph him and/or jump in bed with him. hot.

  30. “It’s like wearing a mask 24/7, I can’t really imagine doing this to yourself.”
    For you that might be true, but for him this might be like taking off his mask instead.

    I love it. It kicks ass. I would totally do him. If I were a girl that was into that kinda stuff (and by that kinda stuff I mean penises).

  31. Wow. Just wow. I admired the work in the original photos…But now I can see just how much it has matured and tied in to the rest of his work, it has to be one of my favourite ‘concept’ tattoos.


  32. just beautiful…

    its also kind of strange how everyones feelings seemed to have changed since he was last posted haha

  33. I agree that from these pictures you can actually see it all work together. And how well and beautifully it all works. There’s something very (like, REALLY very ha) attractive about how naturally he pulls this off. The neck, just…wow. I want to touch.

    Shannon, can we have an interview please?

    …and yes, dude looks like Dave Grohl.

  34. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I love love love his work, and really want to go to his artist, whoever he/she/it is!
    I love “scientific” stuff like this, where it looks like it’s out of an anatomy book. I love the neck and the bugs and the detail. This is amazing.
    Oh god are those zombies? *love*
    I desperately want to see more pictures.

  35. to # 90 Dizzy Chair Time-’And he should finish filling in the black around the eyes. How old is this kid? I’m sure his parents are proud.’

    dude your influences include beerpong and serial killers so im sure your parents absoultly fucking adore you. Also… your front man sounds like a garbage disposal(im praying its not you).
    Anyway, I think hes pretty hot. Since the blackened part of the nose is supposed to be giving the illusion that nothing is supposed to be there the septum throws me off a bit. Like its kind of floating in front of his face if that makes any sense.

  36. Mein Respekt, sowohl an den Träger als auch den Künstler der das ganze “verbrochen” hat. Absolut geil!

  37. Seeing these pictures, I like the facial tattooing a lot more than I did when I saw the original post ages ago. To be honest, I actually think he looks pretty hot!

  38. I would love to see an interview. I like that you can guess at what sort of person he might be from these photos, unlike the ones posted earlier.

  39. #91, #105 – I too think he should fill the area around the eyes in, though. Just aesthetically, YMMV.

    Completely apart from the anatomical bits, the casual Toronto photo shows him having a horned head on his chest, I like the angle of that one, it fits there.

  40. Being stuck with a bunch of ink beneath the surface of my skin is not what I’d consider brilliant. I wonder what the Creator thinks of that. And if you believe your ancestors crawled up out of some soup, they probably did.

  41. #90…I’m sure his parents are proud…..haha oh how many times have I heard that one myself? Thank you….I’m gonna laugh for seconds.

    Amazing work on this young man.

  42. KA-RA-IO!
    Uma das tattoos mais fodas que eu já vi na vida, mas também a mais horripilante e com direito a mudança de identidade, pois a “pessoa” por trás da caveira já não se consegue mais ver.


    the top of his head lokks fucking amazing!!! it was kinda awkward in the first post of just his lower face, but i am super impressed by the way they tied his entire head together!

  44. well apparently I am the only one who thinks the guy on the right in the first picture looks alot like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters…

  45. While working a convention in Durango , Durango , Mexico a few months ago, Durante and myself met the high preist of a local cult of the “Santa Muerte” who also had his face tattooed, very well i might add , in the likeness of a skull on his face.

    We didnt get a pic with him.. but should have.. This guy just made me think of him and that trip..

  46. Y’know what makes me laugh, how he has a piercing through a part of his nose that wouldn’t even be there if his face WAS a skull.

  47. Fuck yeah! I was hoping to eventually get updates on this character. His tattoos are so striking, kudos for going all the way 🙂

  48. wow good to see some updates on this guy, that work looks fuckin amazing. as for the guy on the right, pfft so not dave grohl, reminds me more of angus sampson

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  50. Would have better had he been sucking his thumb… “man with too many metal studs jacket that is bared from all flights world-wide” contemplates “I too might suck my thumb”

  51. #117

    Being stuck with a bunch of ink beneath the surface of my skin is not what I’d consider brilliant. I wonder what the Creator thinks of that. And if you believe your ancestors crawled up out of some soup, they probably did.
    John Freeman on September 22nd, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    What a moron

  52. @Shannon:
    Seems, that he is also a german expat, (speaks good english, ‘Es lebe Deutschland’ on his stomach)
    so you have some additional common for you interview.

  53. I find it interesting that his arms, hands, neck, and head are completely covered in tattoos, while his torso isnt…I wonder if he is planing to completly cover himself
    I agree with the others, i would love to read an interview

  54. I would love to see that guy riding a bike with full-face helmet.
    If police stopped him they would shit their pants as soon as he takes off the helmet 😉

  55. awsomeness, greatest tat ever, and the neck is just awsome

  56. i personally could not imagine living my whole life like that. but as art, all of his tattoos are gorgeous.

  57. Nice. I love how the rest of his head was tattooed.
    Can we please interview skullboy and get some more pics?


  59. Wow…and I thought his tattooing was intense before.
    This guy is seriously my hero.
    And for anyone that’s all “I can’t imagine walking around like that”, it’s b/c you haven’t yet figured out that it’s not what you have tattooed on you [or where], it’s how you wear them. That’s a bit of advice I got from Enigma. You wouldn’t believe the way people reacted to him in the grocery store…’cos, y’know, the blue puzzle-piece guy with horns doesn’t eat spaghetti and meatballs like everyone else, he eats babies.

  60. wow simply amazing! i loved this first time i saw it but i agree its looks far better now with the rest done and being slightly faded… if my face turns out half as good when i get to that stage with my ink i would be well chuffed! top work 🙂

  61. I think that this boy doesn’t have great balls but only a small brain or a lot of problems to live in this reality..I want to know what he fuck do in a pair of years or what kind of fucking girls he can find..But the world is so beautiful with poor freak like him! Sparatevi un po meno trip e un pò piu di fica ragà che forse è meglio…sennò resta sempre la mescalina!!!

  62. Wow. What an amazingly pretty, erm, zombie!

    When I first saw the original (freshly inked) photos of this fella I thought it was a pile o poo; I felt sorry for the poor guy in a ‘what the hell have you done to yourself, you silly fucker?!’ kind of a way. But now that he’s put it into context with the neck & scalp & now that it’s faded down a bit he just looks incredible.

    Wonder if he had an ‘Ohmegawd, what have I done?’ moment at any point while it was still fresh? Wonder if the tattooist had any moments of doubt? Maybe he keeps the facial piercings to eccentuate the whole skull/flesh thing going on? When & how did the idea come to him? How long did he think about it before he commited himself to being unable to ever blend into a crowd again? There are so many questions that come to mind just from looking at this man; he must make people ask themselves questions every day of his life.

    Questions are good. Zombie rocks!

  63. I love this.
    Fuck society.
    Society is sick, not him.
    Loving the bone hand as well =]

    This man is awesome; he’s more comfortable with himself than 100% of all the penpushers out there.

  64. Well, i think everyone should learn the valuable lesson that is evident here…

    When he first posted the picture of just his skull face, people were saying he is going to kill himself and he was a loser and so forth.

    Now we see him actually taking this idea further and getting the full body work, and suddenly everyone’s opinion has changed drastically, saying it looks amazing etc etc

    In life people are going to try and sway your ideas and beliefs, but if you are a real man, you will keep doing what you believe in, and through that persistence eventually people will have to come around and take their hats off to you, and not the other way round…

  65. this is fuckin amazing. i would never tattoo my face but thats unbelievble. this is tattooing. i think an old lady will faint before asking him something. id love to read an interview w/ this guy.

  66. wow, it looks better now. The other pictures I have seen were always front and center and it looked kinda flat, but from these angles it looks really good

  67. ha found you on the net,the weed was great and arch enemy was awesome. The tat’s look sweet, later

  68. wow, that tattoo artist must have been amazin,,,
    thats so impressive
    personally wudnt get it down…must have hurt so much wen he had it done around the eyes 🙁
    omg cant believe how detailed it is…looks good

  69. He has some serious issues. I’m betting that he’s going to regret this for the rest of his life. I doubt even lasers can remove them. The only job he can get now is as a circus freak.

  70. I have been obssessed with this guy ever since I saw the first picture. I can’t stop thinking about how my life would change if I did something like that. And I have a small tattoo on the side of my neck along with plenty others elsewhere so I know some of it, but cannot begin to imagine the extent of what it would be like to live with a tattooed mask every day. Now that I see these photos, I really really like all of his work… The neck, the brain, the sleave… I would go out on a limb and say that I would get about all of that done. But I don’t know if I would ever have the balls to do the face part. It’s strange how that changes the game for him, and for everyone he encounters. Because as anyone with a tattoo can tell you, after it heals, you don’t feel all that different. After a while you might forget a tattoo is there aside from the obvious visible reminder. So I can’t stop wondering what it would be like to have healed, and feel normal again, but have most the world look at you like youre nuts. I wish I could live a day in his shoes and look in the mirror. I want to meet this guy and I wish I could wrap my head around it and it’s making me want to get some kind of crazy leatherface face tattoo or something just to know what it’s like. If only you could do such a thing and go back. I will stick to tattooing everything that’s not my face. Right on to this guy.

  71. Is it me or does the guy wearing the G.B.H tshirt look a tad like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters?

  72. im covered in tattoos from chest and both arms right down to my foot. but personally i think this is a bit much, clearly its gonna look stupid as he gets older, surely im not alone in thinking this

  73. Fuck this dudes awesome – I’m covered with tats and getting my face covered this summer

  74. I like the artistic merit. Wait until he gets old and wrinkly, much hilarity will ensue. Ever seen a melting zombie? You will.

  75. right on zombie! your inkworks anything but fugly; dude its fuckin awesome! I’m 32 & I got my face heavily covered with some awesome inkwork 10 years ago; I planned it out realising it will be a complete change in how I live my life, and it has been just that. I made the right decision for myself and the experience has given me satisfaction that I never would have had if I never had it done because I was worried about getting a job or what people will think; fuck ‘em all!

  76. its rily pretty.. does it rily matter about all d extra stuff, just see d art for what it is, ART.. i do like in in colored pictures, but d black and white pics r nice too..

  77. 99% of the posts are:
    “fucking beautiful” , “that’s amazing” , “impressive”, ” awesome”,….

    but really honestly is it?

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