54 thoughts on “Someone’s Prolly Gonna Get Hurt

  1. Why can’t this blog go one post without someone judging the body of whoever is being featured?
    Shouldn’t modblog of all places accept all different kinds of bodies? And even if it’s only an opinion, externalizing hurtful opinions can…well, hurt.

  2. and also, I’d like to add that I understand it isn’t modblog, it’s separate individuals who visit it.

  3. Everyday life is judging people, so is the internet. That’s kind of what posting pictures is for, to be judged.

    She’s sucking in her stomach and it’s a weird angle. Judging by the fact that she does have some boob left, she can’t be too awful skinny anyway.

  4. how Tim Buron of her….
    I’ve seen the same type of thing done a few times now, but all the other ones I’ve seen have been really small.
    I like it when people (especially females) aren’t afraid to get a big black piece done.
    Very well worn too!
    Gorgeous picture, tattoo aside.

  5. if she doesnt want it under tribal, then she really shouldnt have gotten a tribal tattoo.

    and yeah. she looks really skinny.

  6. Not to question the argument that seems have been made: that the term “tribal” is over-and-improperly used, because I would tend to agree with that. I had assumed that “blackwork” had been appended onto “tribal/blackwork” partly because of this. But at the same time I dont see what else you would call this without getting particularly specific, or what other sections it would be in.

  7. Awe thanks everyone!
    Yeah I really should eat a sandwich but there’s no room right now after the bag of chocolate chips I just devoured. I’m very short and average weight for my size, it’s the magic of light and angles that hides my bones and stretchmarks at the same time. Either way I’m comfortable in my skin and am not trying to make myself look skinny or “sexy” so it’s interesting to see many reactions from one image.
    It’s also interesting that I always get the Tim Burton comments since I’m actually not a big fan, they were originally from a Roman Dirge comic and ended up the way my artist interpreted it. More blackwork would be amazing. Hell more work in general would be.
    And Allison, love, you linked your page incorrectly

  8. Lovely Burton S’s not tribal at all think Nightmare befor xmas and corps bride there all over the place in that

  9. AWWWWW I love you darlin and glad to see you modblogged! hurry up and get here I want cuddles!

  10. “if she doesnt want it under tribal, then she really shouldnt have gotten a tribal tattoo.”

    best. comment. ever.

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