The Lizardman Q&A: Part 11

The Lizardman (currently doing a Canadian tour with The Great Orbax — see updates on the Lizardman Flickr page and of course on recently updated us with another in his Q&A series (my apologies for the slight delay in posting it). Click on through to read it now.


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20 thoughts on “The Lizardman Q&A: Part 11

  1. out of all the heavily modified people i’ve seen on here, i think this dude is one of my favorites also. maybe it’s the color. teal/green is a nice color. heh.

  2. Polonius, muffin, I think you’ve misunderstood. Its a Q+A, not an interview. See all the little pictures of people along the edge of the page? Those are the people who sent him the questions.

  3. Oh Lizardman, I love you so much. I’m so sorry Barnum is gone and the do-gooders did away with sideshows. :(

  4. Gd, his mouth is amazing. I’d love to know if there’s any pain or sensitivity there.. because that looks like it would be painful/sensitive.

    I love how this show delves into the mouth. numnumnum.
    and ok, wow, so I’m assuming that line thingie is going from sinuses to throat.. most yummy. I like how it knocks up against the er.. thingie, up in there.

    Corkscrew, indeed.

  5. 10,

    Nobody did away with sideshows. There are still a LOT of them all over the world.

    Amusement parks have ‘em, so do concerts, fetish balls, festivals, conventions, and carnivals. They’re all over.

  6. He’s a machine. A question-answering machine.

    Between the time I asked him that question in a forum, and this published answer… I saw him answer dozens of questions at a live show in DC.


  7. Allen Falkner takes some damn nice images!
    …and thanx to The Lizardman for pushing me to make My “Original act” even better.

    iam: andrew+S /

  8. I love the shade of green the tattoos were done in. =]
    I only just saw where that wire is going in the photo as well – all I can say is ‘interesting’. What else can you say, really? ;)

  9. David Icke lived down my street on the Isle of Wight (thats a little island at the bottom of England by the way, saves you googling it) The whole road glowed turquoise but thats another story.

  10. It’s funny…I was just watching a program on the History Channel and they showed the Lizardman when he was still with Jim Rose. Even tho by now there’s no surprise in the direction his tattooing will go, I *am* pleased to see the amount of progress he has made over the years.

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