29 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Neck Tattoo

  1. Great to see one of my Bro’s tattos here, he’s got some really crazy inkwork. 🙂 The pic is taken just after it was made, that’s why Luigi looks beat up.

  2. Eh, as far as bad decisions it seems like the people that do this thing have their lives pretty well under controll and are ready to deal with the backlash, of course they’re is the rare exception, but it seems less likely that the pixelated Mario neck tattoo will be on someone shortsighted, now if it was a “gangster for life” script work tattoo I’d agree with #11 more…but that’s just my personal stereotyping at work

  3. very cool – memories of the 80′s: playing my favorite video games for hours,getting drunk,looking for girls,hanging out with friends,getting up to no good……wait a minute – isn’t that what I do now? :0

  4. When I first saw this, I thought it was some obscure medical reference. If you slash across the front of the neck, you’ll bleed out pretty quickly. Then it’s ‘game over’.

    Or maybe I’m just being weird. o.O

  5. I think #23 has a good point. It looks like there’s a mega scar under luigi (and if thats what it is – they did a damn good job tattooing over it). Maybe the recipient of the tattoo had a near “game over” experience? cool tattoo, i really like it.

  6. haha!! fuck yeah, to see my own tattoo here is so great! and thanks alot for all the comments! hehe. yep, im nerd and proud ;D if you have myspace you can check out my other tattoes in my gallery there. cheers! and thanks again!

  7. JesseM (#14):

    Lots of people seem to go ahead with the “above the neckline/below the cuffs” tattoos or even just facial piercings and then complain about the backlash – however small.

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