Giving the finger no more…

Photo by Allen Falkner.

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114 thoughts on “Giving the finger no more…

  1. like what ligo? drop it in a cup of wendy’s chili?

    i wonder what it feels like. are amputated fingers brittle and fragile? or are they stiff and strong?

  2. I also want to know what it the finger feels like. And where does he put it when he doesn’t have it out? What was the reasoning behind keeping the finger?

    So many questions! LOL!

  3. That’s just fucking awesome :) how cool wouldn’t it be if he had cut his whole arm off and kept it? not that i like amputations at all on anything other than fingers but it sure would be creepy in a good way

  4. Whoaaaa. Man, I want to amputate something and put it on a necklace!

    I’d love to know how it was preserved as well.

  5. #13, and the rest of you who have no short term memory:

    This was no self-amputation. This was not done to fill some “need” to cut something off. Furthermore, assuming such does no more than make yourself look silly, as there was nothing in the title of this entry that would denote this as self-amputation.

    The finger was injured in an occupational accident, and after several surgeries and years of poor healing, the finger was amputated.

    Also, it is mummified. There! You bastards.

  6. Actually, the nail itself doesn’t grow; the tissue underneath shrinks so the nail appears longer.

  7. i wonder if the missing letter on the knuckle tattoos bothers him. that would bother the shit out of me. sucks about losing it. :(

  8. i don’ know… i really don’t get the thrill ’bout amputations… but I also didn’t got it about scarifications or implants a few time ago… so.. who knows..

  9. I got a little grossed out at this, but don’t really care now because of the phrase “amputated zombie finger”

  10. I think it’s fantatsic that he’s kept it, and it does look cool. On a side note I never get how people say things like “I was eating at the time when looking at ModBlog and nearly threw up.” That was me in this case as it was such a shock lol It’s a great shot though – and now I can’t stop looking at it!

  11. Im wondering if it was self done or an accident? All the same, its still badass. Wear it around your neck.

  12. #24

    How presumptuous of us to think that it was a self amputation.. I apologize. It’s not like we’re reading a blog where every other amputation picture is a self amputation or anythi.. o wait. Nvm, I take it back :-)

  13. “The finger was injured in an occupational accident, and after several surgeries and years of poor healing, the finger was amputated.”

    Um, okay. HOWEVER my experience has been that they won’t cut off a finger unless its dying on its own(necrosis)not just numb or no motor control. So YEARS of poor healing? AFTER an industrial accident? AND several surgeries? And you are only 24?


  14. #38 – How old do you have to be to start working as an apprentice? In Australia you can start after year 10, so that’s 15-16. Sounds fine to me

  15. I have a recurring dream where I am holding my left arm in my right hand, just looking at it in disbelief.

    Just thought I would share that.

  16. Jeff is a rad dude, and the mummy finger just makes him awesomer, because he had the accident and just kept rolling. if you want to be nosey about his accident ask him, he has no problem telling people about it.

  17. Still, it makes me wonder if it won’t one day come back to life in an epic good against evil, solo digit vs the rest of him…(and the finger has the mummy make up DOWN.) I’d pay to see that short film.(and no that wasn’t to say I haven’t seen anything thus far in BME Extreme or Vid that isn’t already approaching that,. minus the old flesh coming back to haunt the previous owner part at least. unless I missed that posting. :)

  18. I had a friend who lost his right index finger in an industrial accident, he had it stripped of the flesh and the bones glued together and had the three bones on a necklacethe he wore everywhere…. it was quite freaky

  19. starspring I would compose a lengthy, intelligent response to your now and then all caps internet-yelling, but you smell bad.Additionally, YOUR experience isn’t HIS experience. Doctor.

  20. This is really neat. I always wondered if doctors would let a person keep the bones of an amputated limb, i thought there might be laws against that. Im a bone collector so i would definatly want to be able keep my own bones… Dunno if i’d keep the skin on it though. It looks like a true zombie finger!

  21. Meat Jerky!! :P

    Tragic thing to have a finger amputated in my oppinion… well, any part really!
    But if it NEEDS to be done… why not make the most of it!! :P

    1:”Excuse me Sir, how did you loose your finger?”
    2:”Why, I didn’t loose it, I got it right here!”

  22. My old (Catholic) parish priest had a hand that looked exactly like that. You’d notice it every time he raised his hands during the ritual of the mass, but he’d never tell anyone the story of how he lost his finger.

  23. Kinda gross…
    But anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of keeping it, it would probably freak me out a bit but I guess one gets used to it after a while. I know that in Judaism he’d probably have to bury it in a grave with other people’s bits and pieces and that idea is even more creepy. Having a part of you burried [in a sort of mass grave of organs] when you’re still alive and well?

  24. I don’t see how it’s presumptuous to feel that it was self-amputated. It’s a blog on a body modification website which prides itself on pointing out that everything on here was done consensually.

    Heck, as an experience reviewer, I’ve been told that stories about amputations through accidents are to be automatically denied.

    So I also assume that any amputations that I see on this site were elective.

    Perhaps the tattoo was a clue, though. If he knew he was going to lose it, you’d think he would have tattooéd a different part…

  25. Really, really creepy and yet I still come back to look at it with a kind of repulsed fascination.

  26. Solanum – I really don’t think it’s unfair that anyone assumed this was an amputation by choice. As others have mentioned, this is ModBlog and 99% of amputations featured are voluntary. As you correctly said, there was nothing to say that it WAS by choice, but there was also nothing to say that it wasn’t. Either way, great photo, I’m glad he’s doing well.

  27. wow now that’s fuckin’ awesome!

    if I’d ever lose a finger, though, I think I’d make myself plugs out of the bones instead of keeping it intact.

  28. #23- when it was removed from the body it stopped growing. it only looks that way because the skin shrunk.

  29. Solanum: “starspring I would compose a lengthy, intelligent response to your now and then all caps internet-yelling, but you smell bad.Additionally, YOUR experience isn’t HIS experience. Doctor.”

    Well, thanks for clearing that up! I was so confused before I couldn’t tell if it was my hand or his hand or….

    Seriously, there is no story with this picture, and I have never said anything about Jef(I don’t know him). He’s a great guy, no doubt. However, the story of how this finger came to be amputated vs just injured is important-especially since it seems it was NOT by choice. When we are missing the details(in a blog FILLED with voluntary amputations) it leads many to believe it was by choice, not accident. What I was seeking was clarification on what actually happened. Since I have several spots of nerve and tendon damage in my hands and fingers from “years and years” of working in a shop I wanted to know more. Your defensiveness makes it sounds like something that shouldn’t be talked about-like its no one’s business. If that is the case, perhaps posting a picture like this to such a public place was not the best idea. however, it is also a chance to explain the situation openly so that other people can benefit from hearing his story(instead of dismissing the comments)and possibly avoid a situation like Jef’s in the first place. questions are allowed last time I checked. Answers are also allowed if people feel comfortable sharing them. Maybe it would be better if people just said “OOoo, zombie finger!” and left it at that?

    Internet caps yelling? God! how in the hell else are you supposed to emphasize words in this place. I’m not a html geek like the cool kids apparently….

  30. this is probably going to make me sound like an idiot, but I don’t have a great deal of knowledge along the “missing body parts” lines.

    if you petrify dead flesh….does it still smell?

  31. I got to learn how to mumify! In case of loosing any body piece… I don´t plan any amputation, but if come to happens, I´d really want to keep the lost piece.
    Could anyone here explain how is it done?

    Great picture, and great idea!

  32. That pic bothers me more than any one I’ve ever seen here. I do not want to know what death looks like.

  33. oh man i crushed my finger on sunday and when i was redressing it today my roomate told me it looked like a zombie finger. but not quite like this.

  34. i must admit i’m a little curious as to the reason for the amputation myself. the finger looks well preserved and there are no visible signs of any necrosis or scaring (except what’s visible on his hand still). i feel a person who carries around their finger, if indeed that information was correct, wouldn’t mind explaining the story a bit more. not that it really is any of our business, but it seems unusual to share something with the world if you prefer not to talk about it. honestly, i think it’s pretty cool. if i was forced to part with a digit, i sure as hell would keep it….and show people!

  35. As a musician, I can hardly stand the thought of losing fingers!

    But okay… if I were this person, I’d definitely freeze dry my amputated finger, too, and maybe even have a teflon mold made to have implanted in my arm or hand. Better yet, I’d just have the actual finger encapsulated in teflon, and implant that in my arm or hand. That would really rule.

  36. “That pic bothers me more than any one I’ve ever seen here. I do not want to know what death looks like.

    death is everywhere. open your eyes.

  37. how cool would it be if it was like ripped insted of just cut off then hung on a neckless lol. i know a girl that got her finger riped off by jumping up and hitting the top of the door and her class ring a finger were left behind. guess what the best part was on the way to the hospital they lost the f#*king finger. she’s getting paid big.

  38. Horatio #95: That’s why I made the Grateful Dead comment earlier. It’s exactly the same as the late, great (grate?) guitarist Jerry Garcia’s missing finger. Maybe he’ll get the patented “flesh mute” sound.

  39. they were doing construction at the school and the frame of the door wasn’t put in completely and when she jumped up to tap the frame the ring got caught in the top frame of the door.

  40. Damn, that wouldn’t have been the best experience.

    #102, I’m sure he can find some more creative ways to say ‘fuck off’. Or there’s always the other middle finger =D
    [unless that's been amputated too]

  41. although i am not into modification and i have kind of a feeling that SOME people find it cool and be ignorant that it is part of their life. But i find this to be a true modification. Usually modified people would show off their modifications. if you are rrally serious in modifications than you wouldnt show it to anyone and do it quietly. than ill belive you really are born into modifications. well my opinion.

  42. lol should just sew it back on the way it is. you could give the finger once again! .. it would be dead but hey..

  43. #102: I was thinking the same thing as soon as i saw this pic. I’d be gutted to lose my wonderful middle finger.

  44. WHY??

    Tahat is the question. There is not an iota of appreciation to express other than WHY??

    Its only the ‘in’ that divides the sanity from the insanity!!

  45. Definitely not my cup of tea.
    But each to their own.
    I’d rather keep my limbs/fingers and toes. I find them kind of useful.

    Either way extreme to the core lol.

  46. ohh my god hah you could give it to sumone and say “i just gave that guy the finger” lol soo hilarious

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