13-Piercing Necklace

Richard’s necklace, made using thirteen surface bars, was done by Charlie Wilson at Sunderland Body Art in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK (see also this implanted necklace).

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80 thoughts on “13-Piercing Necklace

  1. Please show us how it’s healing in 3 weeks or so – It Looks amazing – I hope it heals well.

  2. Imagine how, if they do reject, how it might look a little like his head has been restitched to his body? That would be uh-mazing.

  3. I so would have had one side done at a time…you know, so I could actually sleep and whatnot.

    just a thought.

  4. Looks awesome… But wouldn’t IS flat discs like what we’re seeing on a lot of surface piercings and microdermals be a much more sound option ?

    In either case, it’s something cool and new, so who cares if it lasts for life or not?

  5. He must of been SO careful the first time he took his shirt off after this! I hated getting changed just after I got my nape pierced.

  6. I don’t really like the look (never have, nothing against anybody!) But well done on the spacing of these! Although some of it’s a bit wonky, they’ve done a pretty good job of getting it so evenly spaced.

    Not sure about the longevity, but as has been said, it will make a really neat pattern of scars.

  7. They do look amazing. But it just makes me think if they start rejecting it’s going to be horrible!

  8. aesthetically it does look, interesting. But to the trained/knowledgeable eye you can spot flaws in the symmetrical nature…ie: some exit lower in the line and others higher in the line,etc. Also some look more flush to the skin while others look to have a good mm or 2mm out from the skin surface.

    But the piercer/business owner in me is thinking: “What a shame, these could have gone into some very nice long lasting surface work

  9. also microdermals/surface anchors would not work all that well probably either…I mean some would probably work but I could totally see a good portion of them needing to come out from impact, movement in neck tissue,etc.

  10. forget undressing – i would cut that shirt off of my body and then wear collarless button downs. showering is going to be a bitch. there is no way to keep shampoo out of all of them…unless he just doesn’t wash his hair. in that case, i wish him all the best.

    also, the ocd part of me would want them to reject in a predictable and symmetric manner. i think if one rejected, i would have to remove the corresponding one to feel a sense of balance – otherwise, i would stress evertime i looked in the mirror.

  11. 1) find way to have all bars connected except for 1
    2) proceed
    3) upon next migrane/head cold/sinus infection…..pull hard

    This piercing is like stem cells. It is the cure to so many things.

  12. There’s a guy here in town, named Joe, who used to own one of my favorite bars of all time (the Cypress Lounge), who had three rows of surface piercings around his neck like that.

    I’m trying to find a picture of him now….

  13. Once you get in a car accident these facial piercings are just like zippers. Dont get in a car dude, itll be your end

  14. this was posted on ebaumsworld today… watch out for the flood of negative comments!

    anyways, this rocks! I hope they won’t reject!

  15. His sister must really like his ‘dermal, cause when she sat on his face, she left some snatch on his chin.

  16. That the cats pajamas. It would be swanky to some that match my cufflinks in a tux. That is realy HIP.

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  18. I used to wonder what it’d be like to have a pierced necklace, tho I always wanted to do the piercings vertically.

  19. Im the guy in this picture so i thought i would reply to a couple of the comments.

    Cheers for everyone that said they liked it.

    RE: Sleeping, i really havent had any trouble, slept like a log every night without issue.

    I havent managed to catch it on anything yet, though no doubt i will at some point.

    its still a bit red and angry looking on some of them, particularly the ones at the front which tend to move most, but give it another couple of weeks till its healed fully and ill send in some more pics.


  20. This is so UGLY ~! what are you going to do when your older hang things on them like a Christmas Tree? Grow Up ! ! !

  21. Looks great I’ll put my on in a couple weeks with the same idea but more of of different idea. We must be crazy. LOL

  22. Hi, everytime I try to browse posts I only wind up seeing a small part of the post. I do not know if it is my web browser(Google Chrome) or not, anybody else dealing with this?

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