Pregnant Pinup

Nine months later they’re getting a baby tattooed on the other foot I think… Tattooed by Derek Lewis at Yonge Street Tattoos in Toronto, Canada.

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22 thoughts on “Pregnant Pinup

  1. Is it just me, or does it look uncannily like the one of the pregnant Native American maiden floating around here somewhere?

  2. interesenting idea but why does he look sad and i know pregenent women are supposed to have large nipples but the one on the left is like half the size of her foot ….

  3. i think it’s great! I love when people challenge the idea that women are only beautiful when they look like 12 year old boys with breast implants.

    those shoes do look quite dangerous, though…

  4. different pin up design, kinda neat…although kinda worried about how her head will hold up,etc as it looks like its in the bending portion of her foot/ankle.

    wonder if the baby is gonna be dressed a la pin-up style as well…umbilical cord spanning from one foot to the other? lol

  5. #6: I’m sure you can ask many fathers,etc but if I remember correctly many men will say their partners looked absolutely radiating while pregnant.

  6. The arm looks a bit off. The neck on the right side where her hair is covering looks weird. And the legs appear as though they are placed too far back to be anatomically correct.

  7. #9:yaaah, but at the same time, too many men want their women to go back to their teenage figure immediately as well.

    My feminist was enraged in class earlier today ^________^;;;

  8. woot, yonge street tattoos! I’m more interested in how long the person’s foot is. Or maybe I just have little feet in comparison and think all other feet look freakishly long.

  9. #10-Pretty much my point. I have 2 kids. Their mom was quite beautiful when she had my babies in her belly…I even did some nude sketches of her but I like being a dad so that was where my perspective was coming from.

  10. It makes me so happy that there are lots of sweet, upstanding men here.


    I’m glad you guys could prove me wrong, at least in some cases


    there’s hope for us, yet!

  11. I don’t know if I was bueatiful when was pregnant but I was a raging hormanal sex fiend. My god, I’m surprised my ex didn’t have to bring in replacements

  12. I was going to say it was really poorly done and it looks like it has scoliosis then I saw who did it and now I get it. Too bad because it was a neat idea.

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