32 thoughts on “Some serial killer burying a child!

  1. if anyone is evil, it’s that little red-headed kid. you can tell by the look in his eyes. he’s coming for you.

  2. #14 – “That dude is very attractive.”

    What’s the matter with you, he’s like 6?!?!!!!

    Oh, you mean, the one on the left, my bad.

  3. haha, im so stoked i got modblogged.

    he’s three and his name is Jimmy. he was actually born on my 15th birthday. he’s my half-brother.

    rock autism awareness for him!

    and i picked on my mom that day for putting him in a tall-t.

  4. geez. this picture just makes me incredibly happy. I just keep coming back to it. the little red-headed kid is so cute (especially because he has that diabolical look in his eyes). It’s good that his eyebrows are visible. I’m stuck with bright red/orange hair and white eyebrows (ridiculous!).

  5. I think they should stencil the Modblog logo on the sandpit lid like it is in the pic!

    Gorgeous guy, this is much hotter than the 50 billion MySpace style pics of guys with mods.

  6. I bet the kids really enjoy seeing his ears.

    It’s so nice to see children growing in an environment that promotes freedom and acceptance of mods.

  7. Wow. Awesome gauges of course, but I was more surprised at the subtle placement of the “modblog.bmezine.com.” That’s impressive.

  8. I was scrolling down and my mum spotted this. “Are those his ears?” were her first words.

    None the less, I like it.

  9. Some serial killer burying a child!
    Thursday September 27th, 2007 @ 12:15 PM
    Filed under: Kids and Animals, Body Piercing, BMEBoys, Body Modification
    Posted by Shannon Larratt
    Yeah dumb fuck… im a Troll that i know 4sure ..but……. Im that that STUPID ….Somethings arnt meant to be joked about …

  10. And LULZ at #29. If everyone took everyone’s opinion into consideration, nothing would *ever* be joked about.

    Chillax, and joke fairly.

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