11 thoughts on “Hand Poked Tattoos From Thailand


    *does a little jig*

    It kind of looks like he’s tattooing the same thing he has on his back in the same place. Maybe that was the deal?

  2. Ooooh, have comments been turned back on at last?
    I saw people doing this at LTC last weekend, looked very laborious and painful! I think it’s definitely one more for the experience than the result.
    Incredibly skilled artists though.

  3. getting a handpoked tattoo from Thailand is one of the things of my list of “Things To Do Before I Die”. I love them

  4. Is this one of the tattoos done on men for protection? Does anyone know if women can get them?

  5. Im very paranoid about sterilisation its not the needle so much because you cant catch aids from that virus dies the ink pots they use are havens for disease to multiply

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