You Don’t Have A Potato?

Once in a while, ModBlog will scour the internets for the best and
brightest amateur piercers and sit down for a candid one-on-one with them.
Here’s one of these shining lights.

(Interview after the jump.)

BME: Before we begin, you’ll have to clarify: maybe my
vision is going, but I can’t tell from the video if you’re Steve-O or
Matthew McConaughey.

Video Fella: My name is Thomas.

BME: Steve-O, this video really had it all, from light
blood loss to creative sponge usage. How much time did you and the Jackass
crew spend on this masterpiece?

Thomas: We’re not Jackass. It only took about half an hour,

BME: Now, looking at the video, I can count about four
different sets of grody frat-boy hands touching your face right around the
fresh, open piercing — none of which you seem to mind. What are some of
your other favorite ways to attract infections?

Thomas: I’m very healthy.

BME: Some of your friends can be heard to remark that
you’re “fucking tough” after the first pin is jabbed through your lip. Are
they also really impressed when the people at Dunkin’ Donuts get their
orders right?

Thomas: I don’t know.

BME: You look vaguely disappointed when you ask for a
potato — presumably to act as a cork and to catch the sharp end of the pin
in your mouth — and your friends come up empty handed. Do you regret
getting fucked up on Mezcal earlier in the day and shooting all of your
potatoes at each other out of PVC tubes?

Thomas: That didn’t happen. And the sponge worked just as

BME: Clearly. And I see you used what looks like a band pin
for the second attempt. Let me guess: Nickelback.

Thomas: No.

BME: Creed.

Thomas: No.

BME: Puddle of Mudd.

Thomas: Yeah, actually.

BME: A-ha! See what I did there? I limited my guesswork to
a bunch of terrible bands that are associated with fan-bases that make
terrible decisions. You know, like getting pierced during a frat party with
a dirty tool by your meathead friends. Lastly, I see a Super Bowl XXVII
decal on the mirror in your house, a game in which the Buffalo Bills were
soundly defeated by the Dallas Cowboys; I imagine you’re a Buffalo fan. Does
this sort of haphazard infliction of unnecessary pain with potentially
lasting problems come along with rooting for the Bills?

Thomas: They’re a good team.

BME: Steve-O, thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

Thomas: Okay.

205 thoughts on “You Don’t Have A Potato?

  1. Wow. These videos…
    Thomas seems pretty angry about the fact that no one will just ram that ring through his lip.
    I also like the fact that at one point while he’s trying to push the ring through he’s also holding a cigarette! Talk about multi-talented!

  2. Granted some people are dicks, but seriously this interview is a waste of my time. I miss the old and less insulting modblog. Bring back interesting features about worthwhile people in the mod community and not the latest youtube ‘star’.

  3. Dont you guys have any proper mod photos/videos/interviews to post anymore?
    I can trawl youtube all by myself.

  4. Because we really want to come here, and see idiotic things we hear about all the time. Usually we come to see the brighter side… now for much darker days.

  5. This is a really sad interview.

    Why do you feel the need to attack someone based on their taste in music? What’s the next thing that will have authors taking needless jabs in interviews?

    The dangers of the method of piercing is of course something that the educated community is informed about. How does making a mockery of some uninformed people help anyone? Are you more likely to take advice from someone who is telling you you’re an idiot, or from someone who isn’t judging you based on the level of education you have on the matter?

    I really hope that BME being represented as some elitist club is some kind of mistake or misunderstanding. Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m missing something.

  6. I had to stop watching after he asked for the sponge. I cringed. I really feel sorry for the poor bastard who can’t realize when he’s being made an ass of to his own face.

  7. wow, what a terrible degrading sham of an interview. Sure, this guy was an idiot. He clearly realized that toward the end of the video. What was the point of being so rude and judgmental? In the old interviews, shannon might have sincerely asked this guy about his motives behind doing what he did, leaving himself open and receptive to any answer. That is, assuming he would even waste his time and ours with something like this. This blog used to be about support, understanding, and the free exchange of thought and opinion without judgment. Apparently now it’s about ridiculing people who make stupid decisions. Screw this, I’m sticking with bodytwo.

  8. Clarification:

    1. The “interview” is a parody. It’s not meant to be a true indictment of anybody in the video; the voice I affected as the “interviewer” was intended to be, well, kind of a dick.

    2. These guys aren’t some hapless dupes that I’m picking on at random — they’re pretty clearly putting on a show in the video. They realize they’re being more than a little ridiculous, and they seem to be doing it on purpose.

    3. Jokes that are only mildly funny to begin with get so much worse once they’re explained.

    4. Potential future ModBlog entries will not be limited to YouTube videos — but chances are, any “interviews” attached to a YouTube post will likely be fake and included for light comic relief. It’s okay to be a body modification enthusiast *and* be able to laugh at some of the sillier bits of the culture. Really.

  9. I couldn’t help but think about how MEAN that interview was. Yeah the guy is an idiot, but he must realize it. There was no need to shove it in his face like that. Honestly, do we need to get all high and mighty here because the guy doesn’t know as much as we do? Not everyone studies this stuff.

  10. *sigh* they are morons. And I was truly hoping for a real interview. I’ll come back in another 2 weeks and see if this place is back up to par yet.

  11. useless video and even more useless interview. You took over the site and now your just running it into ther ground.

  12. My question doesn’t have anything to do with this post in particular, really, it just makes me wonder what happened to those brief modblog posts on the histories and stories of olde when modification was finding it’s roots in polite society. Not only did I enjoy reading those, I would like to see more little excerpts of history on modification that the staff of BME find interesting..
    That’s just my two cents.

  13. I agree with Stormy #4.

    I miss the old modblog. new things in the modified community. good photography. good looking mods. ect ect.

    this entry is pointless and degrading…and I’m pretty sure it’s not the image that BMEzine is trying to spread about the modified community.

  14. wtf?

    I hate kids like this.


    too cheap to fork out the money to get a qualified piercer to do it, I almost wish he’d done it and gotten sepsis.

  15. this is a good one…like the fact that there is alcohol everywhere in the video but he is fuckin tough lol…the interview is great…it would have been quicker and less painful to have…whatever fuck it…hes to dumb ne one on here is at least 100 times smarter then anyone seen in that vid…but its great entertainment none the less!

  16. I agree with #4 Im really missing modblog, I really don’t care about the stupid fucks out there that try to pierce themselves with dirty objects. Can we look at some real work please?

  17. What the hell was the point of that… Someone seriously need’s to rethink what goes into this blog and what a total mess you’ve made of what was a really good read. RIP the old Modblog

  18. haha trying to pierce a lip and hold a cigarette? who says guys can’t mutli-task?!

    interview was funny as well (and yeah, i caught on it wasn’t real… or is it…??)

  19. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, people. This is just stupid.

    I don’t give a fuck who’s right or wrong just bring back some decent content to Modblog. It’s become a joke.

  20. What happened to this place being somewhere we can learn? When did it turn into somewhere where we ridicule people that haven’t had the chance to learn?

    This has just made me regret the fact that I thought for a moment that maybe I should check in on Modblog. FTW!

  21. Do you think there’s an actual % in an AIDs statistic somewhere that accounts for contracting the disease through doing stupid shit like this? As for the fact that the guy getting pierced here is obviously quite the knob… well, stupidity attracts attention seekers. Or is it the other way around?

  22. Was that a bleedin’ badge? How can ANYONE be that dumb?? My god, stupid home-piercers never cease to amaze me.

  23. What a waste of time that was. Obviously this was done at a party with plenty of drinking and the dude was looking for attention. I just hope for his sake everything was sterilized. However i dont think thats the case.

  24. I’m pissed that the name of BME is attached to this pathetic interview. Also, “it’s a parody.” I love how anyone says that when they don’t get the reactions they wanted. “Oh, it’s a parody. Oh, it’s sarcasm.”

  25. I’m let down and ashamed. What a disgusting piece of Modblog history this is. Bring back the decent content and interviews please. I’m here to see mods, not retarded youtube vids.

  26. This is just embarrassing. I can’t believe that this is what it comes to. Even as a parody it just wasn’t funny.

  27. Lighten up people.

    @ Jessica: How could you think this was intended to be a serious interview? Is your sarcasm detector broken?

    Overall, I think there might be some misplaced aggression going on.

  28. If I wanted to see idiots making fun of idiots, i’d go look for a modified myspace group.

  29. Wow. Just wow.
    Who was the mastermind behind the decision to post an “interview” like that on modblog? This thing just completely pushes down the standard of the many REAL interviews which I read here.
    There are quite a lot of vids like that on youtube, are you planning on doing more interviews like that? If you do, you should check out that vid of someone doing a septum with a toothpick in the school yard, that should be fascinating…
    Really, what’s the point of something like this? If we wanted to see idiots selfpiercing, we can go on youtube ourselves.
    I also hope this comment gets through the new censorship procedures I heard about…

  30. Wooow.

    Glad to see modblog is as embarassing as ever, great job guys!

    @ #12: I highly doubt they were putting on a ‘show’ to please youtubers (and apparently the few people that still frequent this modblog). But hey, if that makes you feel better about your ‘interview’, more power to you.

  31. this is so pathetic im speechless…..give us some content that actually benefits the community or just stop posting. please.

  32. if it had been shannon that posted this, it may have worked. however, as you are virtually unknown faces to the majority of the community your first priority should be to establish some credibility with your members. people who we know are serious about the bodymod culture, ex. shannon, have all the liberty they want to poke fun at the occasional jackass who turns up. you however have done nothing to prove yourself to us and therefore should really be gearing your posts towards impressing us rather than trying for a cheap, pathetic laugh.

  33. this really sucks. making such insulting interviews isn’t funny or interesting at all, and certainly not what modblbog is about..

  34. I honestly want to know what happened to modblog.
    Being someone that frequents the site but has yet to sign up for the I am services I think I’ve missed some things.
    First of all what exactly happened to Shannon? Why is modblog getting less and less updates (And a few reposts that end up getting taken down)? Why do we all of a sudden have our comments checked over before being posted? And finally why is it silly things I can look up on youtube being put on modblog? I recommend this site first to people trying to get some decent information this just looks…. Well very unprofessional.
    And even if it is a “joke,” a “parody,” or “sarcasm” it doesn’t change the fact that it looks bad for the site.
    I miss frequent updates, I could post comments about right then, and decent posts/ interviews.

  35. meh. it wasnt intended as serious journalism, perhaps…but if he did indeed talk to these asshats, representing himself as being ‘from bme’, i imagine the (already swiftly degrading) reputation of bmezine has been tainted, at least slightly. i think bme is a valuable resource to uninformed folks that might have otherwise gone the ‘gimme a potato’ approach…but if the general concensus is that someone from bme is going to make fun of you, fairly mercilessly…i think the emo kids with the shitty hair might not want to play as nice with us anymore.

    on second thought, that might not be as much of a loss as i first surmised…

  36. video- made me twitch, made me happy i have a brain and friends who point me to the right people.
    mock interview- gave me a laugh.
    thanks for the morning amusement

  37. God, what a humourless bunch so many of these commenters are. Jordan, I got the joke STRAIGHT AWAY – no, I didn’t even have to have anyone explain it to me! – and it was funny. OMG! But then, I’m a pretty major fan of ripping into people who deserve it.

    And to people like #54 “Kid D’xo” – you’re saying that Jordan is an unknown face in the community? Wow, you’ve certainly not paid any attention to any of the staff members or contributors to the site over the years, then, love. You might try opening your eyes and looking around, since you’re such a dead-set fan an’ that.

  38. I like the Jaeger bottle sitting in the sink too. Maybe they used it for disinfectant and you’re being to harsh on them. BAhahahahah

  39. OMG Jordan how dare you post something fun or funny or funtacular who do you think you are?!?!?!?!????!!!!!!1!!! Body modification is SRS BZNS!

  40. I don’t like the promotion of this kind of idiocy in any way, even if it’s by showing people how douchetastic it is to engage in dirty and gross behavior for the sake of modification (and by ‘modification’ I mean ‘display of toughness’). So- gross, that’s not my understanding of what this community is about and I think it’s just making room for elitists and ignorance.

    Re-post it and do a follow up when the kid finds out that he has hepatitis so we can extract some kind of useful message.

  41. 12 – I get it

    63 – funny!

    video – funny!

    interview – funny!

    How most of you on here are willing to entertain images of people doing to themselfs what is closer to self harm than ‘modification’, yet unable to stand one instance of light humor!

    seriously, go hang out in a coffee shop and listen to moody poetry while you discuss te downfall of the blog!! and while your there, lighten the fuck up. more seriouse and focused topics im sure are on there way…..

  42. I am moderating (most) comments on ModBlog.

    Any comments that I deem offensive won’t go through..

    People spamming every single post on ModBlog with the same URL ( won’t go through.

    Anyone making offensive remarks against anyone, won’t go through.

    Any comment supprting this, that, or the other, no matter who it is, or trying to cause further arguments, won’t go through.

    Any comment made that is not related to the ModBlog post in question won’t go through.

    This is not a permanent thing, to read why visit my IAM page if you want.

    Please, just keep things civil.

    I love ModBlog, and until things are resolved I don’t want it to degenerate into a thousand-billion comments that don’t help the situation.

  43. to anyone who finds this post humorous:

    don’t ever get upset if someone makes fun of you for being pierced, tattooed, etc. you’re just as bad.

  44. this place was actually tolerable for awhile there. this wont make it up, i know, so i might as well say this to you, roo…in attempting to silence the dissent, youre just making it clear that those currently running the show dont give a FUCK what the majority thinks on the matter. if you dont want other entries clogged with discussion about ‘other issues’ (or, as most would say, ‘the main issue’) then someone should post something here telling us WHY shannon has been removed from his duties. this is not nazi germany…or did i miss some kind of really stealthy time travel?

  45. I was curious as to why the fantastic Roo post was to ‘lighten the mood’.
    Now I see.

    When does Modblog start writing for

  46. Glow – Sorry, it should now. ***** is disabled at the moment and I forgot.

    Click here – Third post down, it’s not really necessary to read it as everything I said of importance is up there :)

  47. Alyssa – It’s not my place to ask anyone to do anything, even if it were my place it wouldn’t be appropriate.

    As I’ve said previously, leave it to the people directly involved. Hope you understand, that’s all I’m saying on the matter.

  48. sorry, ive given money, my photos, and my time to bme. so the functionality of the site does directly involve me, and everyone else who valued it and helped make it what it was.

    but to say it in terms that cannot be miscontstrued as nosiness: bme sucks now. fucking fix it. or take the criticism.

  49. I thinks Roos hair looks ridiculous.

    I actually dont, I just want to see if he thoguht that was offensive :)

    Im actually not a fan of this article. The way I see it all of us couldve been that kid, but circumstnace led us to knowledge and we did things different. Does that make him a bad person? Our job (or at least what I think) is to teach people like that. THey are going to do it anyway, so why not arm them with the knowledge to do it right?

    I liked the post, I think it wouldve been awesome as a diary entry, just not as a modblog one.

    Oh and just so this doesnt go thru,


  50. Alyssa – It is not my criticism to take, but I take it and still am, 24/7.

    I work for BME, I love BME. I am talking about the people directly involved in the process of getting everything sorted, both legal and personal.

    I can not and will not speak for them, I am just trying to keep things afloat.

    That really is it. I am not going to talk about it, I can’t.


  51. whose is it, then?

    whoever it is…is doing a SHIT job and should be called out on it. and no one can dispute that fact.

  52. Wow! All these oppinions floating around. Alot of people dont like this modblog entry! Im not sure if its just because its not a modification history / evolution article, or just because its some pissed guys being dicks.
    Im not a fan of the post in modblog, (yeah I prefer the “real” posts) BUT………. I do think there should be a seperate idiotblog (or a better name) for all these fools who want to risk there bodies and health. Who knows after a while we could even have a vote and send the most stupid one on a training course to help them pierce properly. Or we could just laugh at them till our socks fall off!

  53. roo – stonewall all you like. im sorry ‘they’ put you on the front lines for this, or, conversely, im sorry you chose to sit on the front lines and that youre incapable of handling the obvious unrest in ths community.

  54. Alyssa – For the last time, to everyone!

    I am perfectly capable, if you think you could a better job with so much at stake both personally and for the future of BME then go ahead.

    Seriously, stop it. Nobody put me in this position, my main role is BMEvideo. I wanted to do this to try and help things get back to normal.

    I have already posted the link to Bodytwo, why exactly did you feel the need to post it again. I am not being drawn into this anymore.

  55. I’ve pierced with safety pins & sewing needles… it was what worked at the time, and I didn’t know there were truly better options. It’s never caused me any harm.

    Sure, it wasn’t the smartest idea, but I bet enough of the readers here have done the same, and to lay into people this much for doing it is both extraordinarily elitist and offensive.

    Woohooh, so you pierce for a living and you know better. You didn’t always. Hey, didn’t this all start with people in forests shoving thorns through their septums? And that’s not only accepted, but revered and praised here – just look down a little to the hand-hit gloveless tattoo post being praised.

    Hey, maybe tribesmen oughtta get educated on cross-contamination, save up for a plane ticket, book an appointment and… nah.

    OK so these kids had a vague idea that you could go to some guy’s shop and pay, but they were drunk, they got carried away. Do you guys shit a brick and run to the hospital every time you cut yourself in the kitchen or workshop?

    And do you criticise the innumerable OTHER voluntary acts people undertake daily with a risk? Ever smoked a cigarette? At least these kids might get something they want, all smokers get is a cough… and I’m not criticizing smokers, before I’m picked up on that. Hell, I only quit because they banned it in pubs… it stopped being enjoyable. This is all about enjoyment, isn’t it? Be it a quest for enlightenment or just pissing around at a party, it’s all for FUN.

    So someone took your “thing” and did it “wrong”, and that makes you angry, and it hasn’t been treated with the reverance YOU think it should. To them, it’s *just* a damn piercing, and it’s *just* a lip, and it’s a *risk* of infection. So let it just be that.

    Stop criticising and educate. This wasn’t sent into you by someone boasting about great work, someone actually went looking on youTube for something to lay into. Good use of time, there.

  56. i dont mind that you mocked them, mr. roo. i can understand why some modbloggers would be upset and just want to see extreme cool stuff ..but ive met a few cats like the ones in this video in my life ..and if anyone deserves to be made fun of..its them. cheers and kudos; not everyone is angry. =]

    technically..this video DOES demonstrate body its not like you posted something totally off the topic.

  57. Bliiiimey everyone is touchy at the moment! Seriously, can we cheer up and play nice? And can we leave Roo alone?! He’s just doing his job! As has been said quintoquadagintillion times, none of us have the full story, none of us really know what is going on, maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t but at the end of the day there will be an outcome. Let’s just sit tight and wait for that, shall we? Now cheer up, chuckle at the rather amusing post and go about your business. Pretty please?

  58. You know, I was going to write out some long winded rant about how terrible this is on OUR PART. But, everyone did it for me. Thanks guys! Fight for our community. We have to stop being elitest assholes. Maybe fight to educate people instead of calling them idiots.

  59. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing these morons as much as the next guy, but I don’t think they belong on Modblog.

    I have no interest in the politics or what is happening behind the scenes, because to be honest I don’t know enough details to make a decision on how I feel about it either way. I have no intention or want to ‘pick sides’ or get involved in any way other than a concerned user of IAM and BME.

    I simply miss the Modblog posts every day of interesting mods and information, and I find it sad that the few days of no Modblog posts is broken by a video like this. Sure it’s funny, but I’m here to see mods and other cool stuff, not idiots making morons of themselves.

    I second the idea that there should be an idiotblog where photos, videos and stories of… well… idiots can go and be giggled at or cause massive facepalming/headdesking.

    I just don’t feel that, on the Modblog, this is the right decision for the image of BME. It’s obviously not making the paying customers of the BME series of sites happy, and I hope that steps are being taken to come to a solution that will make most of the people involved happy, that includes both the staff and the customers and users of BME.

    I don’t think it’s a case of me, or anyone (well maybe a few someones), having to ‘lighten up’, but it is disappointing to be waiting for days for a Modblog entry and to find that… this is it. I, for one, would like to see the awesome content back again. Seeing what was new on the Modblog was one of the highlights of my day.

    Simply put, I’d like to be seeing an improvment in the quality of the Modblog posts, regardless of who the contributing staff member is.

    If this comment is rambly and incoherant, but I’ve been up since 5am and I’m a little *twitch*-y. :D

  60. in that interview—
    thomas was much more mature and well spoken than bme. bme looked like the ‘grody fratboy’ i think was the term used.
    way to go bme.

  61. This is a poor excuse for a post, and an insult to ModBlog. I’d really like to see intelligent posts on unique body modifications and information on the like, if you’d please.

  62. I wish people would use idiocy like this to educate instead of alienate. Things like this video should be an excellent opportunity to educate folks about what safety precautions and procedures can be used to make piercing at home less hazardous. Instead, people within this community mock the ignorance and recklessness of the people who try and fail at something admittedly difficult.

    advocating piercing only in shops = abstinence only sex ed

  63. Dear Jordan,

    I love you and your interviews.

    Dear Roo,

    Thank you for putting up with other people’s bullshit

    Everyone else,

    Harden the Fuck up…

  64. Guess my last post didn’t go through, so I’ll try a more subtle approach? Is this really what modblog has come to? You are mocking people, not educating them. You are no better than the people in the video.

  65. i have some rad new stuff to show everyone….but I think I’ll wait for modblog to get it’s feet back on the ground before I submit anything new….

  66. (Also, Roo, you’re precious and adorable and I love what you’re doing, but the new modblog is kind of sad.)

  67. does anyone else think that this and the recent posts are a deliberate attack on shannons blog? perhaps the people running iam now are afraid that shannon will get his site back and they are trying to sabotage it by putting up bullshit posts like this one?

    whats next iam administration and minions? i know, you can post an “interview” of a 15 year old getting her belly button pierced.

  68. Alright, enough already. Like I mentioned above, this was a parody interview. As in, it wasn’t real. It was a joke — not something to be taken seriously at *all*. You people can over-think a plate of beans.

    And not that I really feel I owe anyone an explanation, but to clarify: I worked full-time for BME for almost a year. During that time, I produced original content that received almost universally positive responses. As well, I helped conceive of the idea of ModBlog itself and made some of the very first posts on it. Of course, it has obviously operated very successfully for quite some time without my involvement whatsoever, and I wouldn’t dream of taking any credit for its subsequent success.

    To reiterate: It’s unfortunate that this post didn’t go over well. It was meant to be about a thousand times simpler than all of this craziness. Will I apologize? Absolutely not. I’d feel like a pretty piss-poor excuse for a writer if I censored myself and ran away with my tail between my legs every time I published something that people had a problem with. Here’s hoping you all like whatever comes next better.

    Now please just stop it. You’re giving Roo heartburn.

  69. My last comment didn’t pass. Let me try this again. Can we please see something other that this junk? Give us something with better content. Modblog can do so much better than this.

  70. I don’t seem to recall anyone complaining when Shannon posted videos of dumbasses doing dumbass things. Why is it suddenly such a great affront to people’s delicate sensibilities?

  71. First of all, comments on ModBlog have regularly been moderated, it’s not something new.

    Second of all, This isn’t the first time a video of something “stupid” has been posted. Shannon posted a similar video of uneducated people doing unprofessional piercing.( See entry here; ) The only difference here is the mock interview that was meant to lighten the mood. So, seriously. Just chill. Give Roo a break.

  72. I thought the video and interview were funny as hell. Idiots like that deserve to be laughed at. Honestly people, do you have no sense of humor what so ever?? Lighten up…

  73. Differences include, but are not limited to, the fact that in Shannon’s post the video was of poor PROFESSIONAL practice, not just dumb kids dicking around.

    The inevitable list of warnings there was actually useful to people who might be looking to get pierced “professionally” – what’s this? “It’s a bad idea to shove sharp stuff in while you’re drunk”? I don’t think even these kids thought it was smart…


  74. to 107, jordon. “You people can over-think a plate of beans.”

    WE people, are the blood that runs through the veins of BME. Without the servers and IT, BME would never exist. Without the contributors and community, well BME would be just another hapless shame of a website out there amassing stolen pics. Maybe have respect for the community?

    109- “I don’t seem to recall anyone complaining when Shannon posted videos of dumbasses doing dumbass things”

    I dont recall Shannon making mock interviews, containing abuse against particular bands (which im sure a great amount of IAMers, contributors, and fans of BME alike are fans of), make drug-use speculations of the people in the video, and further even make fun of/abuse a football team Jordon doesnt like. So lets see.. this video should be posted to inform, education, and attempt to show people what not to do. Instead its somewhat overshadowed by Jordons “funny” drug accusations, abuse of Nickelback, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, and the Buffalo team. Good show ol chap. But hey, you said it yourself, “If there’s one thing I love, it’s laughing at douchebags.” Yeah..

    My only final thought is wondering if this, or my last post, will actually ever make it through moderation. By George this website sure is about freedom.

  75. “I produced original content that received almost universally positive responses”

    Jordan, I didnt like any of your work. I always thought the girl who wrote about that wonderful suspension group named ROP shoulve won, I mean she did choose to write about a group that can claim one of the greatest men on earth as a member.

  76. I come to BME for interesting and/or amusing articles and photos that I can’t find elsewhere. Any moron can skim through youtube on their own. Please make an effort to actually contribute to BME content, or don’t bother to “update” at all. This comes across as a Pity-Post to satiate the slavering masses demanding additional ModBlog posts to demonstrate that the site is still functioning.

  77. Hmm, seems my first comment didn’t get through :|

    Well, I’m just going to agree with everyone else.

    Except Alyssa.

    Simply because she takes shots at Roo

  78. Yes, we all know humans do irrational things from time to time.

    So is the next interview going to be about degrading people on why they got a hand poked tattoo? or possibly about how idiotic it is to stretch your ears?

    ha ha …. funny

  79. Not a fan of that interview. The old modblog was a lot more open-minded, blatent stupidity was pointed out, but left up to the people to make up their own minds. I want the humbleness I’m used to, to return.

  80. i’m all for DIY.. but c’mon… GLOVES ATLEAST PEOPLE!!! they only cost.. what… 50 cents for a pack… GLOVES!!!

  81. This is one of the shittiest Modblog entries I’ve seen. Shannon wouldn’t have posted bull like this.
    No personal attacks on the person who posted. But this sucks.

  82. I cant believe that you tube allow muppets to post this kind of thing but yet removed an image i posted there which contained a cock ( not even a real one at that)

    anyhow, this was far less exiting than i hoped it would be :( , bring back the awesome entries which leave me feeling satisfied and tingly inside

  83. I, personally, found this extremely educational. Today I learned that I’m glad I’m not that guy.

    If that isn’t edumacation….I don’t know what is.

    I also learned why pins go on clothes. Although, we all could bind together and start the new fashion trend of pins on skins.

  84. For the people defending the video based on content: People are not complaining about the content (As shown earlier Shannon did post a video with bad practices before) it’s mostly the interview that has people upset.
    As I said before I just think it looks unprofessional, and I’m sure it will run off some of the people I sent here to find some information for themselves.

  85. One other thing I forgot in my last post, I never recall having to await moderation before my posts were shown before.
    Maybe some of the worse things were deleted later, but I never recall moderation like this.

  86. @ 100:

    That’s possibly the best way to alienate a readership. Being condescending and derisive doesn’t bring people together (as the comments obviously show).

    Roo – I’m sorry for all the crap comments you’re putting up with, I guess it just goes to show how fractured and disaffected the community has become.

  87. ho ho ho.

    thanks jordan. you’re the king of all media, for serious. keep up the good work and your dedication to bme!

  88. …abuse of Nickelback, Creed, Puddle of Mudd…

    You make that sound like a bad thing.

  89. Well, I think making up a fake interview is taking the tongue-in-cheek, kinda snobby humor about crappy piercing practices common on BME and IAM a bit far.
    And no, I’m not a super big fan of a lot of the modblog posts lately, and that’s me expressing my personal preference.

    But I have to stand up and say, I don’t approve of people taking shots at Roo-he’s a super nice guy and the fact that he’s stepping out of his comfort zone to moderate comments here, to keep spam and crazy nonsensical crap out of here (which is a GOOD THING) goes to show you that there are still people here who give a shit and are trying to make this thing WORK until whatever it is, is over.

  90. If Shannon had posted this exact same interview, about 98% of you would be raving at how hilarious it was.
    I like the old modblog/new bodytwo just as much as anyone..but lighten up for fuck’s sake.

  91. Man Jordan you are an EXCELLENT writer! This is so gosh darn hilarious! You could replace shannon in a minute! Exclamation Points!

  92. I do think that the interview was funny, and that the video was mildly educational – in that I realize that is not the way to go about a piercing. Your sense of humor is not lost upon me.


    I find it sad that one of the first “new” ModBlog posts isn’t an interesting, unique modification.

  93. Oh, and yes, comments have always been moderated.

    Just not deleted due to slander in their content.

  94. everyone on this website is turning into a humorless bore.

    That shit, is funny. You watched it. You know it is.

    I could watch drunk people get stabbed with a safety pin all day, as well as make fun of every band, every sports team, every person on the planet, till the cows come home.

    I mean, we can certainly use the internet to anonymously slander the person who posted it, why can’t they anonymously slander the meat heads in the video?

    “my insults are okay, but his… not so much.”


  95. good christ, people. i wasnt taking shots at roo. and im sure he understands that.

    and despite my obvious ire, here…i still dont think anyone should be taking unsolicited shots at anyone else. if you dont think the entry is worth a shit, say so. but personal attacks are a little low, even for a ‘mouthy brat’ such as myself. ;)

    besides, this comment thread is OBVIOUSLY for taking shots at jordan, not roo. dur.

  96. to
    -130- “You make that sound like a bad thing.”
    -139- “as well as make fun of every band, every sports team, every person on the planet, till the cows come home.”

    Explain to me how the personal choice of, at a guess, the 4 or 5 members of each band, in how they want to make music, and the personal choise of, again at a guess, the millions of fans they have, for what music they like to listen to, is a thing that is acceptable to be abused. I dont like nickelback.. or creed, or puddle of mudd. Does that give me the divine right to abuse said bands and others because my tastes are different to that of others? I would guess that you just as easily accept all the abuse that we, the modified, take from all the other ignorant self-riteous out there.

    Im looking at the shirt i just took off now to get the quote right.. and i see the words, “We recognise everyone’s right to lead their life in any way they see fit as long as it does not encroach on our freedom to do the same.” So i ask, what are members of the forementioned bands, their fans, even the uneducated piercee in the posted video doing to warrant such abuse? What makes you so justified? This video has very much a right to be here. To educate and show how things shouldnt be done. A vast amount of people will arrive at BME with little knowledge and what is wrong, and leave with a greater knowing. That being said, many cultures perform quite high scale procedures without the things we take for granted as the bare minimum. BME should be about trying to help people into undertaking modification in the safest and most effective ways that we can teach them, showcasing what people are doing and sharing the experience. Not about making cheap jokes at the bands and such the author of the post doesnt like. Am i taking this too seriously? Maybe. Am i just one of the retards “over-thinking a plate of beans? Quite possibly. Im not just defending the said bands. As stated im not a fan of any of them, and as far as the buffalo vs dallas thing, well.. i dont even like football. Or the majority of sport for that matter. Im defending the right of all people to live how they feel just. As long as that way doesnt lead them to abusing blacks/jews etc in the street whatever. Im defending freedom of choice. Not the abuse of it.

    Would be different if it was an animal rights or anti-bush pin.. would be abusing vegetarians then? Hippies? Commies?.. Maybe, it was a BME badge! YAY now we can abuse all those stupid modified idiots who destroy their bodies because its trendy. sigh..

  97. Stephy Wolf, this is no longer moderation. I don’t think i’m alone in thinking it’s progressed to censorship.

  98. #146: I completely agreed. I replied to #134 about how regardless of who posted it, because I dont care about the politics, I would be disappointed.

    Now why on earth wouldn’t that be let through? Because I’m not picking sides? waaaah!

  99. I think it’s sad that BME has come down to this. I pretty much call this home. People use myspace everyday, I use Bme, and all of it’s sister sister sites everyday.

    People attacking Roo and Jordan, need to be ashamed. yes, BME is no longer as wonderful as it was when Shannon was posting and moderating, but the fact is, it’s still here.

    I’m Personally honored that Roo and Jordan are still here trying to salvage what is left. I’m glad that modblog is even back.

    It’s out of everyones hands besides those directly involved, and should be kept that way.

    If you support Shannon, You know where to find his blog and his site, don’t sit on here and bash this because he isn’t here anymore.

    We are all unhappy that this is what it has come down to, but don’t get pissy with any of the remaining employees, thats just foolish.



  100. I’m curious … is BME going to be updated with new pictures / experiences in the near future?

  101. This kind of crap really reflects poorly on BME and the community. Would it still be considered a parody had an “interview” of this caliber been conducted with an iconic bodmod enthusiast such as The Lizardman, or would it just be insulting and unprofessional. I am leaning towards the later.

  102. This piece of ‘journalism’ is really an insult to this whole community.

    Funny? No it’s not.

    I end up empathising with the person being interviewed, rather then the other way around…

    I used to visit bme/modblog daily… now… not so much. Job well done!

  103. I have nothing against mocking people, as I happen to do it all the time, but this is so pathetically unfunny in a trying-too-hard way. Even if it was brilliant, I don’t feel that sort of thing belongs on Modblog.

  104. How is it funny that no one knows who Jordan is? Seems to me that no one CARES who he is. People care about content, and quite frankly, this entry stunk, an opinion shared by most people. Yes, Shannon may indeed also have posted this video and yes, the response would have been different, but he would never have done it in such an ugly, sarcastic way.

    This is why I am so deeply bothered by all of this. Roo, Jordan, everyone that is now posting to modblog (although, Roo, I know you were involved before and I like what you post) it’s an insult. This is Shannon’s blog. The end. Writing here is in effect using his name. And writing garbage, like this post, is even more hurtful. It’s like buying a book at Chapter’s and crossing off the author’s name and slapping yours on. Please don’t call yourselves friends of Shannon’s or his site. Please don’t imagine yourselves to be helpful or altruistic. If this page is to remain in the wrong person’s hands then just let it die the quiet death it deserves. Traitors.

  105. I hope whoever made this interview didnt say that they were from BME. Thats a good way to make us look like a bunch of pretentious assholes….. nice.

  106. Wow…that was fun to read.
    By the way, there *is* a place to go and make fun of stupid people doing stupid things. It’s called LiveJournal.
    Cheers for such a super spectacular post and mock interview. I laughed so hard I found myself in a much better place.
    By the way, I really appreciate the removal of the post before this one…which I’m sure not many people got to see. Can’t wait to see what else “ModBlog” churns out.

  107. You know…

    At least this place is RUNNING. That’s more than we had there for awhile. Regardless of whether or not it’s running WELL isn’t my point…

    I’m thankful there’s people trying to keep it alive with their own time and effort, regardless of what I personally find funny and “proper” for this site.

  108. i think thats halarious… the friend who pierces his lip with a button is later telling him it cant be done and how hes stoopid for trying to just force a ring threw… oh man. thats awesome

  109. You guys need to all learn how to take a joke, man.

    Calm down, Jordan was just fucking around…
    it’s a shame that people put funny things up here and then get ATTACKED for it.
    Take a jooooke.

  110. #134, no, if Shannon posted this same interview I would say the same thing:: it’s not funny and is frankly, quite crappy.

    Personally, I don’t know who runs the new Modblog and I don’t care. I still think it sucks, but I’m not going to rant and rave at the people who update. It’s like running in the special olympics. You know the rest. Cliche, but true. And funnier than this interview ;)

  111. Alice White – no matter who wrote it, this is a totaly “holier than thou” interview.

  112. I remember reading an article about how years of building a career can be broken with one shit comment. Remember the guy who owned a massive jewellers chain store in the UK, he was asked how he managed to make so much money then infront of a load of camera’s said it was because all the stock was shite…
    They called it “a moment”. Practically overnight his company was bankrupt…

    Jordan, this blog post was your moment. Whats it like knowing you blew a years work just by thinking you were funny?

  113. For the record, posts on B2 are moderated. I’ve had 3 comments moderated out of existence by Shannon just yesterday.

  114. This is like taking offense to Stephen Colbert and his conservative views. Not to mention that horrible man Jonathan Swift and his modest proposal!

  115. Oh, Joanne. You know me too well, you anonymous vixen, you. I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t occurred to me that this one poorly-received blog entry would not only tarnish everything I’ve accomplished up to this point, but essentially ruin me from here on out. You’re right — I’m finished. The successful career entirely unrelated to BME, the university program in which I’m excelling, the many lovely people in my life with whom I’m close, the fantastic hair cut, the pleasing scent … it’s all over. I should have known, right? One wrong move, and a hundred people or so that I’ve never met have, with their stinging barbs, caused my stock to plummet to depths unknown. Indeed, the Internet is a cruel mistress.

    But … I still have you, right? As long as I’m still welcome at your hovel — to curl up under the horsehair with you while we hold our noses and force down jug after jug of pure grain alcohol until the sun rises and begets another unbearable, godless day — well, I think I’ll make it.

    With this one blog post, I’m through — just don’t tell me I’ve lost you, too.

  116. Are we (and I mean us all) still talking about what is happening? Are we still talking about this smart guy with the pin?
    I don’t know. I just feel we’re missing something, just being here blaming on each other and making our choices in front of the events. Don’t you feel we miss somthing? I’m saying this without malice, I really don’t know what’s missing.

    Jordan – Don’t worry, she won’t tell you, but she’s still with you ;)

  117. I didn’t mention anything of your life, just that you really fucked up a years (quite good till now,) work with this one misguided blog… Your very touchy though, feel better after your little sarcastic rant there?

    On a litte bit of a seperate note I have to ask what the “university programme” comment all about? Just because your apparently intelligent doesn’t mean this wasn’t a shockingly crappy idea. And just to throw it into the mix I go to uni too, yey high five for us…

    Anyway, back to my hovel :-)

  118. I am frankly more in shock to see the attitude took by the BME staff on this interview rather than the actual piercing it self…

  119. Response to post #161: “…. People care about content…”

    HA! That’s some bullshit!

    [I didn't actually watch the clip. I'm assuming it's crap. But the clip with a bunch of 13 year old girls was really funny.]

  120. I liked this post. I did my first couple of piercings almost exactly like this. And the interview was funny.

  121. I’m glad that Jordon and RooRaaah are sticking it out and trying to keep Modblog afloat until this whole sorry situation is sorted and Shannon gets his website back, but honestly? I think everyone would be better served by just putting a placerholder ‘this website is unavilable until further notice’ message up on this URL would be better than whats happening now.

    Its like trying to keep a corpse alive by blowing air in and out of its lungs. The heart isn’t beating, you’re just prolonging the inevitable.

    And by heart I dont just mean Shannon, I mean the full membership of the Modblog community. Posts just arent the same without Giles telling us why something is wrong, or Cere trawling for nekkid pics of girls. ;)

  122. If that had been a real interview, I would have been a little upset because it does cast bme in a poor light, but it’s not, so whatever.
    Admit it, we all love in that sick way to see people do things the complete wrong way. I know I’ve pierced myself with a safety pin when I was younger, and I’m sure many of you have too, sometimes it’s all you have when you really want to poke holes in yourself.
    I’m not saying it’s okay, I just saying give some people (not these people, they’re idiots) a break. Hopefully all those people find their ways here and learn proper methods and care.
    I miss updates. There used to be more than one a day, now they’re more like once a week.

  123. this makes me really sad that this is interesting to people. I feel bad for the piercing industry that this is broadcast for everyone to see :(

  124. Do you people not remember a few months ago when Shannon would post things and everyone would attack everyone pretty much for breathing? Naked girls; “Oh they’re too skinny, someone get this chick a sammich quick!” or “Oh my, she’s fat” or even better “Umm aren’t there already too many naked chicks being posted?”
    Yah, comments were moderated then too for a little while because you ruined it for yourselves. Way to have selective memory people!

    This post was dumb but ya know, it’s now moderated because people don’t know the “If you can’t say anything nice” rule.
    Poor RooRaaah’s head will be nipping!

  125. I agree with Alice White. Had it been Shannon you would all be raving about how he is a comedic genius ontop of everything else. But Shannon didn’t and here we all are.
    While I KNOW everyone here is an absolute expert in body piercing and could’nt have ever possibally done anything stupid before. Nobodies perfect, people make mistakes. The only people who are entitled to critize what is posted, I fell, are those who do the posting. Everyone else should stop critising becuase less face it, you have no say. The clip was funny, in that these guys are dumb. Lol.

  126. this is a public blog, luke…everyone who stumbles across it is entitled to say whatever they want when they see it. and if it sucks, well, the readers should be allowed to express their opinions on the matter, as you have.

  127. sure people are making comments that aren’t the friendliest but frankly we have an opinion and we are entitled to expressing it and deleting our posts is certainly not helping the matter.

  128. Wow, I don’t know if I’m cool enough for modblog anymore. I would hate to see my pictures up here being picked apart for my taste in music or sports.

    Angiebabynz, you’re on to something with the placeholder. This new and “improved” BME is leaving a taste in my mouth that reminds me of morning up at that party where those Puddle of Mudd and Bills fans were at.

    :D Cue Jordan saying how superior he is to me and how my house stinks and I drink cheap liquor in 3, 2…….1


  129. well, I guess its a good thing so many seem happy to tear this place down now-even though manymanymany others have helped make it what it is-Perhaps you should ask yourself why you are here, still, reading this if you think this place sucks? Crying over the carcass only makes you seem the poor loser. Some of the comments in here have been…just…unimaginable.

    And the comment about Jordan wrecking a whole year of writing for making/committing the grievous sin of, at worst, an off post is just laughable. Whoever the hell you are-please don’t ever listen to my bands, my writing or view my artwork. I would cringe at the thought of having to be creative like a machine-with every single thing coming out of my creative drive having to please someone like the “the last thing I did”. Ugh! What a creative yoke THAT would be! Sure, you are totally entitled to your opinion but look at the cost. People fuck up. Not every pop record is a hit. Not every piece of writing will move you. Should every ball player retire when they don’t hit it out of the park? Yeesh!

    The people making comments equal to breathy/hyperventilating 12 year old girls and boys need to grow up and take off if they have so much bile for the place. No matter who you think started the place it has a momentum all its own, completely separate from Shannon. There are however other people that still work to make this place enjoyable as they can, despite the current situation-as much as that seems to make some people’s blood boil. The price of living in a free society? Stop asking a bunch of obviously talented people to sit around and do nothing because you’ve got a BME-shaped chip on your shoulder.

  130. “no matter who you think started the place”? not even going to bother addressing that any further. im certain everyone knows who started this place. dont you?

    and if these talented people are so talented…whats with the lack of updates to bmezine? the sporadic (at best) modblog posts? no one has been asking them explicitly to sit down and do nothing…but goddamnit, the difference is PALPABLE. if youre going to update, dont be half-assed about it.

    i think what really pissed a lot of people off here is that it seemed like jordan is taking his responsibility(/favour…whatever) a little too lightly: grab a clip off of youtube, slap together a mock interview…no educational/shock/aesthetic value whatsoever? check. not to say that shannon always posted something with all or any of the above, but at least he seemed to take this photoblog, with its thousands of readers (im sure) fairly seriously.

    and anyone that complains when their work is criticized, whether it be by someone who can make or break you, or a random passer-by…is a bitch. a whiny bitch. and if youre proud of your work, you shouldnt feel the need to come back and defend it by taking personal shots at the critics. toughen the fuck up.

    furthermore, there are people that have been coming here every single day since it went up. i somehow doubt theyre all just going to shrug and wander off because its under new management. you said this place had a momentum all its own. it does. and its talking, albeit through a filter. i think its saying ‘shape the fuck up’. no reason to complain about the dissent, just make it better. try harder.

    let’s see if this makes it up. maybe i typed too many bad words.

  131. An off post… Thats a bloody understatement. He posts an ‘interview’ totally ripping into a lot of people (go brash and uncalled for generalisations) then you rush round defending him, then claim I’m the one with the problem… If thats the case then why not just drop the TOS and lets all have a free for all on the social groups/band fans we hate?

    And i mentioned nothing about them stopping working, just don’t post bollock’s like this

  132. “anyone that complains when their work is criticized, whether it be by someone who can make or break you, or a random passer-by…is a bitch. a whiny bitch. and if youre proud of your work, you shouldnt feel the need to come back and defend it by taking personal shots at the critics. toughen the fuck up.”

    Are you kidding me? what are you talking about? I never said a thing about not being able to take criticism. Just about people that always expect things to be the same regarding the perceived ‘quality’ or a creative person’s work-At this point I’ve been through 6 years of art school, too many juried exhibitions and decades of criticism. I’m a whiny bitch? toughen the fuck up? Please….

    You are free to criticize whatever/whoever you want. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with your point or like it either. And when were the critics beyond criticism? I think Jordan is WELL aware, with as many posts pointing out to him, that his post is not the best. but that alone is hardly enough to say he somehow tarnished a year’s worth of writing. I just don’t understand your argument.

  133. i was specifically referring to jordan’s tantrum when he responded to that ‘ruin a years worth of work’ comment. whatever, the critic in this case was wrong, misinformed, has an opinion that differs from yours…doesnt matter. he starts taking (heres the key to the ‘argument’) personal shots at this random who has every right to express whatever the fuck she wanted to express.

    and why does everyone feel the need to mention how many years of schooling theyve gone through? if you submitted to these criticisms and then turned around and called your critic fat because she gave you a bad review…thats whiny bitchiness, i dont care how you look at it.

  134. And generally I would agree with you. Calling someone fat because they didn’t like your writing is lame-because it doesn’t have any relevance to the writing. You can however call her/him/them whatever you want to if you think they’re full of shit or you don’t agree with them(or especially if they make factual errors in their critique). And that has nothing to do with being whiny or off base-it has to do with standing by your words.

    And everyone doesn’t mention their years of schooling. I don’t think school gives you a damn thing-its what you take out of it. I mentioned it to illustrate why-following my original post and your rather huffy response-that I don’t personally have a problem with accepting criticism. not everyone takes criticism the same way. that should be obvious from this thread.

    Your posts do seem to come off as rather black and white though-and angry. You’ve posted quite a bit here and over at bodytwo, so I’m wondering what kind of outcome you are looking for regarding this blog, BME, etc? When no one was posting, people complained about the lack of posts. When posts started happening again, people complained that it wasn’t Shannon doing it, that the posts weren’t as good, how dare anyone else do them, that people should go to bodytwo instead, etc. If you were only here for Shannon’s words its pretty clear that he is still actively blogging elsewhere. Otherwise, what else are you adding here? Are you contributing anything positive? If your king comes back from exile what kind of shape are you leaving his castle in? Will you only be happy when things ‘get back to normal’? Exactly when/what do you think that will be?

    remember the evil that men and women do lives on after them. comments on the internet are no different.

  135. i didnt say many of the things youre describing in your last paragraph. i did say that the posts here are sub par, that bodytwo has vastly superior content, and that jordan was a whiny bitch. havent said that posting to modblog was off limits, have actually requested that those who are supposed to be writing it devote some kind of serious effort to it, if nothing else is going to be done to bme as a whole.

    the reason i continue to add to this monstrous thread (which i believe i started off in fairly positively, if youll read aaall the way up there) is this: you keep talking to me. specifically. you tempt me to respond. and quite frankly, at this moment in time, i have nothing better to do than oblige. as far as why im still here, i cant give you much..: force of habit? an inability to watch something that was so interesting reduced to bad jokes and reposts? i have fun talking shit to idiots? my comments are making it past the filter?

    ill just ignore that strange bit there at the end, considering that the ‘worst’ or most controversial (or even *gasp* evil) thing ive said since this whole thing started was that i wanted to kick some bitch down the stairs. and i wouldnt really mind going down in the grande olde history of the internets as the cunt who said what at least some of the people reading this shit are thinking.

    and i didnt even say that here…so meh. accept my inherent bitchiness or ignore it. you must realize, of course, that these long and eloquent posts are only encouraging me…

  136. I personally find this awesome. The comment-ers.. not so much.. but I think it is a great little random change. yes. Humor is good.

  137. I get the joke, I just don’t think it belonged in modblog, which is sort of like a “public face” for the community…showcasing good and informative things.

    Funny but posted in the wrong place. People take modblog content seriously as an intro to the community, and some even give it out to newbs as a link.

    Funny enough in its own right but, once again, should have been posted on an iam page or personal blog as a humour piece, not as a valid modblog entry.

  138. I quite enjoyed that, what’s even more amusing is watching posts get larger and larger as you scroll down. Most people, unfortunately don’t know how to ‘LOL’ or Not ‘LOL’ and walk away from teh intraweb.
    I feel sorry for them, but then i laugh, and walk towards the toilet.

    The video in itself makes me want to slam my head against the wall, there is a difference with someone being educated on a subject and then common sense, you don’t put dirty fingers in your mouth or on a wound. The boogieman will get you and stick two fingers in your ass while you sleep.

  139. I don’t think the interview was funny. I think a real interview with that guy would have been better. Sure, we might all think he’s a jackass…but I was hoping to read something substantial. A real interview asking real questions.

    I liked it when the jokes were primarily limited to April Fools Day.

    It just made the interviewer seem like a jerk.

    Just my opinion.

  140. You can defiantly tell by the slurred speech and blood shot eyes they are wasted. I once had a guy at my house pierce his nipple with one of my insulin needles. (He was rolling on E and said it felt good) Then stuck about 30 of them straight into his arm…at least those are extremely sharp and sterile. :|

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