Lucky number fifty seven.

It’s a day late and the quality isn’t too good (a friend has my DSLR and this wasn’t intended for ModBlog), but here we go..

Animated gif with a five second delay.

It’s also a lot bushier in person!

77 thoughts on “Lucky number fifty seven.

  1. Wow we can watch people’s facial hair grow on ModBlog now. AWESOME! Can’t wait until next weeks installment!

  2. i know it’s for charity and everything, but besides that, who cares? why so many posts about this guy and his hairs? when left unchecked, hair will grow about half an inch a month. this is not news. can you go back to posting cool stuff please and enough already with this steady rotation of a hairy dude and scars stuff?

  3. You look so unhappy (as was already stated) and fluffy. I would be scratching nonstop with something like that.

  4. Kelseyyy – Not at all really, well, no more uncomfortable than it is already :).

    dash – I wasn’t going to post an update this time around, but people asked, so..

  5. Keep the updates coming, please. I know this happens, hair growth, but its cool to see it with facial piercings, their hiding for the winter.

  6. Roozy Raaahzy was a bear
    Roozy Raaahzy had no hair
    Roozy Raaahzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

    😛 -ahem- Sorry, that just seemed appropriate in my head.

  7. i like seeing your hair get all bushy,
    but i wish it was time to shave it all off already.
    there’s a sweet face hiding under there!

  8. Aww, Shannon has congenerative emo’s disease! He can’t look at a camera =] poor kid! Quote happyrat, “noble cause and a very scruffy beard!”

  9. uhhh there must be sumthing more interesting going on in the body mod world then seeing sumones hair grow

  10. I’m sorry, but I have to agree with a few others here…

    I get that its for charity, and really, i’m all for that. And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if there were actual posts every day or every other day so that this didnt seem so ridiculously repetitive, but this just.. is unnecessary.

    I can’t personally see much of a difference from two weeks ago. Its grown a bit.. but so? Its sort of along the lines as you using this public forum as your own personal page. I’m pretty sure thats not what modblog was meant to be. There are hardly ever any updates anymore, and all the ones there ARE ae somehow related to you, or to your friends, things that YOU personally are into. This needs to be a huge variety of things, as before, otherwise the whole point of this place is lost.

    I don’t want to start a fight or anything, i’m just saying what this seems to be from an outsider’s perspective. It just doesn’t… work.


  11. Obviously nobody intended for there to be so few posts on ModBlog.. the posts regarding my hair growth were (and I hoped are) lighthearted interjections amongst the standard updates.

  12. i love you rooraaah…and your hair….i know how it is, hating to grow hair….i havent for quite a while…..lets just hope the donations keep coming in…and fuck the haters! they dont understand what its like doing something you hate for a great cause!

  13. hay u guyse, this hair growth thing has been going for a while now, before all the drama started happening. also who wouldn’t want to look at roo? he is like a fuzzy badger now.

    i personally would donate my life savings if you shaved that shit into a fu manchu.

  14. Erm I agree that this hair story is kinda boring, but you kno its probably(!) not Roo’s fault that the others(?) have stopped contributing. So I say power to the ModBlog if they won’t contribute then let us seize the comments. First Comment Blog Post Hurrah the crazed ravings of heavy evening drinking spawn this new system that allows us to bring back the enquiring minds and alternative content that make this such a hugely special community. Dont shy away from bringing back life into BMEzine.
    Damning insight into the ‘Business of Death’ Sorry to rant&preach

  15. I’d rather see updates of Roo’s hair than seeing more dumbasses getting drunk and piercing themselves with buttons.
    Grow Roo Grow!

  16. i gotta agree with #44. I like the sentiment, but Roo, you need your own personal blog for this many posts

  17. time flies when you’re having fun?

    funny… i thought you hated this hair thing…

  18. man grows beard :O
    opposed to: man impales his two 1/2 inch penis and has bees fester the pee pee


  19. You have really got to love people who’s lives have to little meaning or interest that they have to bitch about not getting what they want out of a blog on the internet. I mean seriously, it is not like anyone is paying to view modblog, so why do they think they should have any say in what is posted. More power to your follicle follies and to keep posting whatever you want.

  20. Awesome beard Roo man. Off topic just for a sec, what’s with the little if any posts on mod blog in like..the past month? and even though there’s been SOME posts, why hasnt BME been updated? just thoguht i’d ask?

  21. Personaly I think it’s nice to see Roo’s progress with this =p.

    Slightly OT: What’s with the narly looking scar on the right side of your jaw?

  22. Buddy – Shannon’s currently posting over at Bodytwo whilst a few things regarding BME are sorted out. I can’t say anymore than that I’m afraid.

    ROAR – Car crash, bad car, no supper.

    It turns bright red if I drink vodka 🙂

  23. Dont mean to be rude cause i dont know you, but you look like a tramp who chased me down the street once 🙂
    Keep doing it for the little animals! 🙂

  24. Wow. Lets attack Roo now that no one else is updating, but it was fine and dandy back pre-whatever is going on now? Its not like Roo is writing out what he had for dinner last night and what his plans are for the evening later on, so I don’t really get the whole “using this as a personal blog” comments. He’s turning into sasquach for a good cause and trying to keep at least some semi-relevant things on modblog (other than drunk frat boys with band pins…) while this whole thing gets sorted. Grow up, or hey start your own modblog if you don’t like this one.

    More power to you Roo. At least the end is in sight.

  25. good evening modblog world
    in whatever shape or form our community currently exists. the important thing is that it still exists and this is due to an awesome dedication from comment contributors and the various founders.
    thank you very much for introducing me to everything from microdermals to scarifications. x

  26. As a proud beard supporter (and the creator of Beardcon- the first BEARD only suspension event*) I love beards.

    Updates on GROWING beards however- when that is all thats getting posted (save updates about my own Scarwars) are a bit boring.

    So instead I’ll read a comic book.

    *Beardcon never ACTUALLY happened… but one day.. one day.

  27. roo, you;re cute with hair, keep up the good work. 🙂

    it might just be story about a beard, but modblog is a little scarce without it right now, dontcha think?

  28. i havent grown my hair more then 1/2 an inch since the 5 yrs of cutting my dreads off.. maybe i should grow it out so i can make modblog too..

  29. This may be a rather unpopular opinion but as much as I love roo, I don’t like the beard. I want hairless Roo back 🙁
    It’s for a good cause though, so I’ll grit my teeth for the next few months. You’re doing great Roo 🙂

  30. well have hairs is natural
    guess to get use to it not so hard
    so dont think its sooo bad…
    ussually it can get worse with self pitty thou…

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