Stiff nipples in Toronto!

This is a little off-topic and you may have seen these videos before, but they always make me smile and we can’t wait to get going again.. I’m chattering about winter swimming of course!

Hopefully we’ll start up again in a few weeks, here’s hoping it’s colder this year*.

If you’d like to join us check for details (I’ll update it with times and dates in a week or so, keep your eyes peeled), send me a message, or preferably leave a comment below/on my IAM page and I’ll coordinate things.

This is absolutely open to non-IAM members too – [email protected].

* – That said, despite the commentary on the second video don’t be deceived by the talk of warm weather.. a lot of the swims we did before the Polar Bear Dip were icebergtastic!

16 thoughts on “Stiff nipples in Toronto!

  1. Hahaa! Totally looks like fun, and it’s definately been awhile since I’ve gone swimming in the winter! Never done it in Canada though!

  2. Er.. I hate to seem rude, but wasn’t there a beard update yesterday? Is it just not getting modblogged?

  3. Hahaha. I love swimming in the winter! I brought a couple of friends with me, they ended up backing out. It was so frigid; my speech was slurred and incoherent. Its pretty invigorating and I like how numb it makes my skin. That’s hilarious.

  4. B – I can post a beard update if you like/people want.. although it’s on my IAM page..

    mayhallowmarshhem – My voice raises about eight octaves when I first go in, it’s hilarious :)

  5. Bah, the day I decide to go to vacation mode. No worries, I’m sure I’ll check when I get back on. That said, I hope it’s going well, and with my next paycheck, I’ll be donating. :)

  6. Awwww! The best part of that is DEFINITELY Ari nee Nefarious!

    “How cold do you think the water’s going to be, Ari?”

    So cute. And awesome. Awesome on about eight hundred levels.

    I second the beard update, being a non-AIM person!

  7. Beard update posted!

    Melissa – Apart from the actual swim that was my favourite part too, looking back :)

    That and Blair exclaiming that he’s “not even dead”, bless him.

    B – Thank you so much!

  8. RooRaaah Crumbs, were your friends cracking up when you went to speak? My friends were laughing and shaking their heads. The fur on your face has got to be itchy:) My Dachshund passed away October 15th. She would have been 10 in November. My male Dachshund was 16 when he passed away in 2005. Anything that is done to improve the quality of life for animals is a good thing.

  9. Hi! I’m from bulgaria and this picture is not unusual for me. We have this selebration for over a 1000 years ago, but it’s connected with Christianize. And we done it in evem colder water,so 9 degrees is really HOT for us !!!! Nice to see such people,but we’ve done it a long long long looong time ago!So they don’t show nothing new!!!

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