33 thoughts on “Electro Distortion

  1. she’s hot AND not with the exaggerated porn star body.

    THAT is beautiful. thanks for posting this.

  2. Those are great pics! The sad part is, my boyfriend would probably more excited about the vintage phone she’s chewing on. No, really.

  3. this is not what “REAL” girls look like. this is what some REAL girls look like.
    pro-curvy or heave is just as stupid as pro skinny/thin.

  4. Supporting a healthy lifestyle isn’t the same as being “pro-curvy”, nor is a healthy lifestyle heroin chic. #16 was just debunking a stereotypical statement. I agree with what he is saying. Some people look like this, and people will call them “real”, but other people are naturally skinny, and they are just as “real” as curvy people.

    But I personally don’t find her that attractive.

  5. actually I agree with #16′s comment. real girls come in any size,and shape. some are fat,some are thin.

  6. so do i. i just thought that the way he/she phrased his/her pertinent point was quite amusing.

  7. I agree with post 16. I am a big girl, and I really dont like it when people say “yay, that is what REAL women look like!”.

    Women are real women, no matter what size or shape they are. Being very petite doesn’t make someone any less of a woman, nor does being big, or in the middle.

    I think this girl is sexy indeed. Not because she is a “fuller figured” woman, but because she has a sexy attitude and is cute.

    Does anyone else agree that when a curvier girl is posted on here, many people make a big point out of the fact that it is good to see a “bigger” girl here. Why make the point at all regarding size?

    Anyway, thats my opinion, coming from someone who would be classed as “fat” :)

  8. Cause I’m real
    (The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk)
    Cause I’m real
    (The way you stare, the way you look, your style, your hair)
    Cause I’m real
    (The way you smile, the way you smell, it drives me wild)
    Cause I’m real
    And I can’t go on without you

    so relevant.

  9. when a curvier girl is posted on here, many people make a big point out of the fact that it is good to see a “bigger” girl here. Why make the point at all regarding size?

    Because guys are just as inundated with images of stick-thin (to us) unattractive women, as women are. Seeing those thin women presented constantly as the ideal of beauty has an impact on us as well, and when we get a chance to see a woman with ‘womanly’ curves presented in a sexy, glamourous, pictorial it gets notice simply because it’s unusual. Further, us commenting on it is not a sign necessarily of dislike of those thin women or disrespect to them at all. It’s simply a mirror of the world around us.

    To turn it around, when you see someone heavily body-modded out on the street, is it disrespectful to non-modded people to complimentary remark on the modded person’s appearance?

  10. i agree that its not always good to call bigger girls “real” and not call a really skinny girl “real”, but it is refreshing to see a very lovely girl featured mostly nude in all her curvatious glory. its a deviation from the norm of what girls are usually featured on this site. dont get me wrong, i enjoy them too c: but it is a nice change.

  11. she’s not curvy, she’s overweight and that’s just as unhealthy as being anorexic. Put an anorexic girl on here and people will be saying “OMGZ YA, THATZ SO BAD- EWW GROSS”. But put a fat girl on here and somehow everyone feels compelled to gush how beautiful she is.
    It’s ridiculous that noone can ever express a negative opinion on here without being hounded.

  12. i don’t think she’s very pretty at all, and yeah she’s definitely overweight. i’m a ‘real’ girl too and i definitely weigh a lot less than her. her tattoos look faded too. i like her nostril piercings though…but you can barely see them or any of her mods in these photos.

  13. So what she’s overwheight? Does that impede her from being hot? I think the haters simply can’t handle the fact she’s not stereotypical as they might be and yet ,she gets some genuine compliments. Saying she looks/is unhealty is simply disrespectful and pompous ,I think you are just trying to hide your contempt behind some medical statements as to justify it..
    As for myself ,I do prefer girls on the leaner side but still curvy ,yet I dig her attitude ,it just “pows” out of the picture..Lovely hair and brows too.

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