He’s Forked!

According to RoSPA this is how many fork related accidents occured between 2000 and 2002..


The following self-done branding by Connor though, was far from an accident!


11 thoughts on “He’s Forked!

  1. Kudos to everyone that has a branding. I’m to much of a wuss to do one. It kills me when I accidently burn my arms on baking sheets at work.

  2. I remember seeing an article about a poor little kid that slipped and had a fork go straight through the tip of his nose. He was such a trooper. hardly cried at all. That is such a cool branding. Does branding hurt for a while after or is it like a quick (really painful) pinch?

  3. if that is his upper thigh, then that is either a hugh fork or he is very small. or maybe it is a weird camera angle and that is his calf – in which case i’m an idiot. it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like it didn’t burn his hair. for some reason this amuses me….

  4. on the plus side, fork-related injuries on the decline. either we are exercising increased fork safety or those who take unnecessary risks with utensils have been eliminated.

  5. haha thanks for the fork injury stats!

    it will be interesting to see how this heals. i wonder what he used to heat it up? i watched some crazy punks do something similar with a bike cog, a vice grip, and a stove burner, but the scarring wasn’t too much because i don’t think it got hot enough. the guy screamed like a bitch, though!

  6. ahhhhh I accidentley cut my leg with a fork yesterday while making some salad
    Nasty creatures!

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