48 thoughts on “For the love of tongue!

  1. Great!
    We get to see tongue piercings on 16-year-olds now!
    Because, you know, there aren’t already about eight million photots exactly like this one in the galleries….

  2. forget the tongue ring – i want to know about that scar. it looks way too delicate to be from open heart surgery… and the placement doesn’t look quite right either. my current theory is she was attacked by a swordfish whilst minding her own business at the local pool and had to fight him off with only a bendy straw and a cocktail umbrella (which she clearly carries with her at all times). obviously she won. good for you, unknown girl.

  3. #5… I have that same scar which I got from having a thymectomy to remove my thymus gland. Had to do that because I have an auto-immune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. I’m willing to bet she has it too.

  4. “A very unattractive photo” barely scratches the surface. but I’ll be nice and leave it at that.

  5. i miss BME. why is this pic on modblog? oooooooooooooooohhhh a tongue ring. yay!haven’t seen one of those before.:(

  6. hahaah whoa – i dont think this photo is such a huge deal people.
    im with roo – why doesnt she belong here?

    personally, i hate photos with that weird lip thing goin on, but whatever.

  7. coughchavcough
    i dont mind non-omgnewdifferentprocedure pictures, but this is just bland.
    more forks on bums and the like please!

  8. hey, a mod is a mod, isn’t it (even if it something we all see more than 20 times a day)? But honestly, kudos to Roo for all the posts! More!

  9. that is the most unattractive facial expression ever haha

  10. haha sorry about that! didn’t realize there was another Dani on here…I’ll comment from now on under my whole name (or Dani #1 if you wanna make it interesting) 🙂

  11. UUUrgh…

    WHAT on earth is this here for?
    Isn’t modblog supposed to be something interesting and unique/artistic/attractive etc? This is none of the above. I think modblog needs QUALITY, not necessarily QUANTITY.

    While it is awesome to see a big update, it’s disappointing to find bland pics of young girls pulling faces showing off their one rebellious act (in an extremely un-flattering manner).

  12. Freya – This was two posts that contained tongue piercings in a batch of posts.

    Weren’t you young once? Weren’t you excited about your first piercing once? Whether it be tongue, labret, et cetera..

    I know I was.

  13. Yeh, Roo, I was, but I sure didn’t make it onto modblog!

    My other comments were relevant too I believe. I am not the only one to ask the question of what makes this or the other regular old tongue piercing pics any different to the thousands of photos in the piercing gallery?

    I, and I assume many others, come to modblog to see something special. Something unusual…. It just seems to be lately that there are some pretty dull photos making modblog. It’s sen as an honor to be featured here. I simply don’t think that pulling a freaky face and flicking your colorful tongue bar at the camera is worthy of a modblog entry.

    Thats just my opinion, and if it is moderated out because my iam membership has expired and I am broke, well that isn’t fair.

  14. It made the same point, but people make the same point over and over in here all the time.
    It wasn’t a duplicate, it was only a 3rd the size. I wanted to comment on both posts. You dont have to let this through, im just letting you know.

  15. i see both sides. but to be honest, why the fuck are people complaining about two out of HOW MANY viable modblog posts? someone else mentioned that no one is commenting on entries that are actually GOOD, just trying to stir up drama in the weaker posts’ threads. i agree completely.

    im no stranger to stirring trouble, people. but at LEAST make it worth it. otherwise you come off as whiny cocksmokers.

    i, for one, appreciate roo’s efforts. thank you, roo.

  16. Well Alyssa, I have actually commented on a few other posts tonight, and I certainly didn’t have anything bad to say about them.

    Maybe before you call people “cocksmokers” you should make sure your point is actually valid.

    I am not a trouble maker. I just gave an opinion, and I sure as hell wasn’t having a go at Roo…. of course I appreciate his efforts, I come here everyday to read modblog, how could I not?

    Seriously,there is no need to call people “whiny cocksmokers” because they have an opinion.

  17. no, see…you misunderstand me. (by the way, if you dont want to come off as a whiny cocksmoker…perhaps shutting up and taking the GENERAL criticism was a better route than specifically addressing me. because now it will never end.)

    congratulations on your prolific modblog postings. really. im glad to see this place is not as stagnant as it was, even a week ago. but whoever it was (caroline june, maybe) was RIGHT. we have been complaining non-stop about the poor quality and frequency of posts. finally, someone decides to do something about it, and yet it is ABUNDANTLY clear that people are intent on continuing the criticism. note the double digit threads on the weak posts, and the few comments on the interesting/quirky ones.

    your comments about ‘something interesting’ being the main reason people visit modblog is warranted, yes. but dear freya, there ARE interesting posts here. you just chose to post near-identical complaints in the weaker threads. why is that? perhaps…attention-getting? does it make you feel all warm and squishy knowing that youre STILL harping on an issue that someone is trying very hard to get rid of? try support instead of criticism. you could say the same of me, but im better at being a critic than ive ever been at being supportive. selah.

    and i will call anyone i want a cocksmoker. for whatever reason. besides…ALL my points are valid. didnt you get the memo?

  18. Alyssa,

    You make me feel warm and squishy.

    harp harp harp

    Thank you Roo for your efforts.

  19. poor girl is probably afraid to explain it and be crucified by the drycunts in here.

    yeah. ‘drycunts’ is now a word.

  20. alyssa, The points you made are all relevant but you make them in such an annoying way that I just wish your head would fall off.

  21. Haha…Roo, I feel bad you’re stuck in the middle of all of this.
    If you all are going to contribute to the mindless banter (which, unfortunately, has become increasingly common) please use proper grammar. Half of the people complaining have no visible mods to speak of, themselves, so I don’t see where they have room to be high and mighty. If you don’t like it, don’t comment.

  22. Roo,

    Why was Alyssa’s post allowed through, calling people cunts and cocksmokers, but my reply, which wasn’t NEARLY as offensive, AT ALL, was moderated and deleted? You know, the one where I replied to her rants?

    OBVIOUSLY you are biased toward her because she was having a go at people who commented on the entries you had put up (ie: defending you)and so you take her side in a non-event argument where she gets to call people cunts and their right-of-reply is denied. NICE!

    I seriously doubt that would happen if Shannon was moderating the posts. Maybe you shouldn’t become emotionally involved in the posts. Shouldn’t my post have been allowed through? Shouldn’t I get to say that I think it is lame of Alyssa to just label everyone who disagrees with her a cunt?

    THAT just blows, really!

  23. Shannon would not moderate the posts, to my understanding.

    And, I am a trollkiller I’ll have you know 😉

  24. dear freya. i apologize for offending you with my language, though to be honest, those delightful words were only decoration, and did not touch the MEAT of my comment, which you seem to have ignored. next time, i’ll refrain from using such deplorable means of communication. you know…. for the kids.

    oh wait…. that’s right. no i won’t.

    i think the point of this comment thread was lost somewhere.

    but does it matter? to anyone? i sincerely doubt it.

  25. Oh look, I couldn’t give a fat rats ass if you call me a dumb cunt or whatever. I was just annoyed that I spent time addressing your post and it sat there as “yet to be approved” or whatever it says, then it disappeared.

    Anyway, your opinion is that any old crap should be on modblog, mine is that it should showcase the “best” of BME.

    So we disagree. My point about your language was not that I was offended, but that you need to resort to name-calling to make a point.

  26. i made my point quite clearly WHILE name-calling. there’s a difference.

    and i don’t recall stating that ‘any old crap should be on modblog’. i acknowledged that this was a weak post. i just know that bitching about it is not going to magically change what roo deems worthy of posting. whether you like it or not, dear freya, modblog is being run by someone who is not shannon larratt. and however unjust that may be, it doesn’t change the fact that the content is bound to be different.

    also, i invite you to look in the archives and see how many single/tongue/’not good enough for freya’ piercing posts shannon has provided for our viewing enjoyment since modblog’s inception.

    no matter which way you spin it, your ‘point’ is irrelevant.

  27. Does anyone know who this is? She looks like an old friend of mine, Alicia…. I don’t really want to call her up just to know if she got her tongue pierced though…

  28. well this is a silly little brawl going on here. the girl is clearly having fun, give her a break. Roo and everyone else who contributes to modblog is doing all of us a favor, if you’re going to be an ingrate you might as well not waste time bitching about it.

  29. Alyssa, I may not post much on here, but I’ve been reading modblog for years, and have simply noticed that it has declined in quality in recent times.
    It isn’t this one picture that prompted me to make a comment, it was a general trend. There were two plain old tongue piercings in the one update, THAT is what made me actually comment.

    My point is NOT irrelevant, as you say. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some loud mouthed bitches just think that theirs is the only one that counts.

    Your tone is so fucking condescending and arrogant that it makes me laugh. Where do YOU get off calling other people drycunts? Look in the mirror wench.

  30. lmfao. is ‘wench’ the best you can do? if you’re going to dabble in the world of name-calling, at least give me something better than that.

    i can’t disagree with you on the ‘condescending’ part, nor the ‘arrogant’ part. but the ‘i’ve been reading modblog for years’ part boggles my mind. because if you HAVE in fact been doing so, you’d have seen the numerous similar posts by mr. larratt himself. you’d ALSO know that roo is doing this as a favour to shannon, to bme, to me, to you, to all the other lovely readers of this blog that may have wandered off to greener pastures if this place wasn’t at least updated a LITTLE.

    and AGAIN (i can’t believe i have to keep repeating this, it is TEXT, after all, and available in black and white just up yonder) i only singled you out here because you responded directly to me. so you made your bed. lie in it. if you can’t take it, don’t ask for it explicitly. jesus. and at this point i can say with almost 100% certainty that you are the ONLY person reading this who doesn’t know that i am laughing all the way as i type these responses.

    my cunt is slick with mirth, bitch.

  31. Alyssa,

    Have I told you how much I love you lately.

    my cunt is slick with mirth, bitch.

    The best fucking line EVER.

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