13 thoughts on “Tonguetrick Specs

  1. if your going to do a update please make it count if i want to see a tong piercing i just ask the first random girl i can find in the street.

  2. dákó – I chose these photos and the one below it because they’re nice photos. And they’re funny.

    There have been a few photos of tongue piercings on ModBlog in the past.

  3. A tongue piercing is a mod yes?
    So what does it matter how prevalent they are, this is a blog for all mods.

  4. Woah, never thought these pics were actually gonna end up on modblog… well well, that’s pretty nice, I guess.. XD

    And to all of you;
    I AM NOT A GIRL! >_

  5. jeeze, really? you have a really feminine face. and the long hair, predominately female piercing and well kept eyebrows do not make the distinction easy.

  6. I know, people make that mistake all the time, but that’s what I get for being a feminine faggot… 😉

    Anyway, I think it is nothing to bug RooRaaah about posting “boring” things… ordinary mods are mods, and there are MANY photos of ordinary mods that are somewhat really interesting from the photo-point-of-view… as I think that my pics might be… or?
    Why aren’t people happy that things are being posted anyhow, with the thought that modblod and bmezine has been pretty low for a while…?

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