18 thoughts on “Made in Japan

  1. HAHAHA @ Michael’s comment!

    I love the colors in this photo, so much!

    And woo! Roo, did you get permission to start posting regular additions to modblog? If so, good choices, and hoorah-rooraaah for being glorious! 🙂

  2. she looks just like Shrinkle, who is an awesome seamstress and DIY fashion designer 😉 maybe that’s her, who knows. she’s just lovely.

  3. how does she be so beautfiul? that’s just ridiculous…

    it’s hard to pull off such bizarre makeup with such delicate features- she does it beautifully.

  4. Is it just me, or does she look like Hillary Duff would, if she was beautiful and modified?

  5. she does sort of resemble a modified Hillary Duff.

    i love the mods though…she’s beautiful 😀

  6. Marriage could never keep me away from something like this. Some dude is going to be out of luck real soon… Damn!

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