17 thoughts on “Boothill Corsetry

  1. oh my god. my heart literally jumped into my throat, i thought the piercer was my BITCH of an ex-boss. phewww.
    & as someone who got two 1 1/2″ long surface piercings on my back last week, i can safely say OWWW, what a brave chicka !

  2. even though i assume it’s play piercing (god, i hope no one actually tries to do that permanently with CBRs) i feel like some of the rings might be placed too deeply, like the one on the bottom right hand corner.

  3. It looks okay, though I can’t help but flinch at a corset done with CBRs, it’s just asking for issues.

  4. It looks very nice on her body, but the inconsistency in the depth of the piercings is too inaccurate for me to think of it as ‘well done’.

  5. errr….that looks harsh…looks like a bad tattoo being covered by a bad CBR corset….me no likey

  6. Aaagh….That Looks really sore,
    more so than any other corset piercing I’ve seen…


  7. Some of those look far too deep. I hate to criticize, and I know you can’t predict how your body will react sometimes, but as I said, they just look far too deep for me. I thought the main point of play piercing – especially corsets – was to make it look pretty for a couple of hours, take plenty of photos and then take it out. This, does not look very pretty :(

  8. thats corset piercing……i dunno what to say……….. ouch!!
    that looks pretty damn angry…. and not done correctly, also the tattoo is ugly

  9. To all saying that doing corsets with CBRs is wrong, fair enough, but this was done with D Rings, not BCR/CBRs. :)

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