Snaking Rings

Gabriele of Maxart Body Piercing in Rome, Italy (ModBlog superstar) just did this wild play piercing scene using a just massive collection of captive bead rings, which appear to form a tube through which is drawn the soul of a flower — I particularly like the touch of the threading being pulled through a cheek piercing!

There are about 120 rings in all in this scene, and they took about three hours total to do, including some short breaks. The rings were taken out immediately afterwards at Gabriele’s insistence, I assume to keep scarring to a minimum (although it would make a cool scar to let these all reject!). I suspect that Gabriele must have been practically as sore as the client, after taking all those balls on and off.



Chain Corsetry

Mike Grant of Maple Ridge, BC’s XZOTIKMODZ did a leg play piercing corsetry photoshoot, but instead of using de facto ribbon (for example like this beautifully realized example by Shorty) he uses gold chain, which works quite nicely as an “alternative” lacing material (I was not sold on the police tape corset for example). Very nice photo as well. By the way, if you like corsetry piercing pictures, BME has a gallery of them with well over 15,000 photos.

Click to see the photo uncropped


Yes, it’s a tongue corset

I know, I know, you’re probably looking at this saying “this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen”, but let me give it a little context. Piercer Daniel (of Los 13 Tattoo in Sao Paulo) did this on his friend Fernanda Tsukada at the 2º Encontro Internacional de Tatuadores e Body Piercings do Brasil in July, hoping to win first place in the exotic piercing category… a desire which he achieved, taking home the gold medal or whatever it is they gave as recognition — the most important part being the motivation to continue creating unusual and gorgeous body play. Now, for those that think this is silly, I want to point out one very, very important thing: 99% of the corsets that are done are not done using jewelry that is suitable for long term wear. They are temporary projects. So why is it any worse to do it on a tongue, where at least there won’t be any long term scars left by the game, plus you can bet you’re giving the wearer and the public something they’ve rarely seen before? So what do you think… Is this over the line? Did we cross the line a long time ago? Or are you like me, and you deny the existence of the line entirely?


A touch of purple

Kim “Skin Seamstress” Hutchinson (IAM: zombieprincess) has a long history of appearances on ModBlog, and with good reason.  She’s a skilled piercer that often assists photographers and models through play piercings, corsets, etc.  This shoot in particular was of Laura’s first corset, with photography by Sally Anderson.  What I like about it is that it’s reminiscent of wedding photos, specifically the bride getting ready.  While I don’t know the specific reasons behind the shoot, I do know that the end result was some great photos of a beautiful woman.

Digging in

We see a lot of play piercings here on ModBlog, but we don’t often see flesh stapling being used for play (or in this case a photoshoot).  The result of using the staples give these photos an amazing aesthetic, one that I don’t think could be easily achieved with play piercing needles.  You can’t see them in the first photo, but if you read on after the break you’ll see that the shoot did incorporate some play piercings with temporary CBRs to create the corset.

Keep on reading to see the other photo.

Chained Heat

Sure most corset piercings use ribbon, but when you’re working with someone like Kayla Ann a bit of extra metal goes a long way.

Now when it was time to take out the piercings, things got a little bloody.

Piercings by Mike Grant from Wicked Tattoo and Piercing in Maple Ridge, BC.  Photos by High End Photography.