31 thoughts on “Classy Tattooed Ladies

  1. She has pretty eyes.. but with them open that wide she’s looking totally shocked! The other girls expression is so much softer it just looks strange.

  2. Love the pic on the right. I think her eyes look lovely opened wide…. Whats up with all the negitive comments lately?

  3. It’s cool to be negative about EVERYTHING dontcha know? This has always been my issue with ModBlog comments.

    But why I’m really posting is to say that I really like seeing photos where just the tattoos (or other aspects) are coloured and the rest is black and white. I wish I knew how to do that well.

  4. Krowsbane; because everyone has some sort of bug up their ass this week. I don’t know what it is. Although over at bodytwo people are rather pleasant, and usually here as well– this week something just seems to be up.

    These shots are cool, i like the colour selection on tattoos. I wanna do that with some of my photographs sometime, it really helps to exaggerate the tattoo, i love it.

  5. Has someone hijacked modblog just to post half arsed stuff to get a negative reaction?!

    Brunette needs to work on her modelling skills
    i love the blonde’s octopus tattoo though

  6. people are just being negative because of the current situation. understandably. everything is hard on everyone i’m sure.

  7. um. why hasn’t anyone made a negative comment about the boots? I think that’s the big issue we need to focus on– whew! hideous! the poses are a bit awkward.

    I also like the octopus tattoo. But, I dig tentacles in general.

  8. Ann – current situation? please someone enlighten me? I have missed many a thing, apparently.

  9. Actually, my eyes are just naturally big 😉 not much I can do about that one. Kristen is VERY adorable, in fact if you visit Hot Topic’s website you will notice that she is their current main model. She is also one of the most down to earth people that I have had the pleasure of modeling with.

    I’m not here to make anyone happy, I’m just enjoying meeting new people, learning new ideas and well, honestly, it does set me all a twitter to be paid to model at age 30. After college and my day career, it isn’t exactly something I saw myself doing at this age.

    In regards to the sets, the first one was shot by Timothy Burns from San Diego – his main project is Tattoos. The final one was shot by Scarred Heart – we were both rather infatuated with that abandoned sign and all of the possible meanings it could convey.

    I wish you all a wonderful night 🙂

  10. I’m not “trying to be negative”. The “current situation” has nothing to do with it. These photos are really cliche and amateurish and overall, fairly cringeworthy.

  11. If anyone is interested, the whole black and white image with coloured accents is pretty easy if you have photoshop. create a second layer, desaturate the top layer and erase through the parts you want in colour 🙂
    I should submit some of the tattooed ladies I take photos of sometime, you’ll like them 😀

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