23 thoughts on “Mile High Club?

  1. I mean, I’m not to partial to lover tattoos, buuuuut, I’m ready to make an exception on account of the Brand New lyrics :-D

  2. I like that you can’t really tell it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend tattoo … they work separately.

  3. I love the guys tattoo. Even though they’re not the typical boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos, its still got to be pretty painful to look at IF they break up?

  4. Oh well, it’s part of the learning process. Life has its up’s and down’s and you never know, they may stay together for a long time :). I think that if someone meant enough to me to get a tattoo on me then I would always remember the good shit and why I got that tattoo, not the breakup or the aftermath. :D

  5. Love the execution…
    similar, but not completely matching…
    that will be good for if/when they break up?

    also LOVE the song!!!

  6. it’s from your favorite weapon. the no seatbelt song.

    “i shot the pilot now begging you to fly this for me” is the sequence.

    god i love brand new.

  7. The shading around the girl’s tattoo kind of just looks like bruising to me.
    Good concept though, I love Brand New.

  8. He’d better wear long sleeves at the airport. That one would probably draw some unfortunate attention from the screeners at security checkpoints!

  9. I am 100% in love with Brand New and in love with these tattoos. So cute as a couple tattoo too

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