12 thoughts on “Scalpelled and Sexy

  1. It’s weird that she’s scalpel to such a small size. I understand that some people simply won’t stretch (my wife can’t get past 1/2″ for anything), but it’s weird to think that someone would go through the trouble of scalpelling without getting drastic results.

    I’m not complainging, by any means… her ear looks great. It’s just strange.

  2. ^^ agreed. its kind of unnecessary. that looks like 1/2 too me. in the “family friendly” photo her expression is kindof frightening. but i would like to have her nice blonde,short hair.

  3. def see no need to scalpel at that size, but either way her ears look great, but on a seperate note… thank god that awful band broke up lol.

  4. lobes are cute. and blood brothers were a great band and lyrical geniuses. don’t judge bands by their fanbase.

  5. perhaps she wants a more permenant 1/2 so she did this as opposed to stretching; or didn’t want to go through the trouble of gauging them.

    they’re adorable though, for sure- and I love the snakebites.

  6. holy shit

    hahaha what the hell i randomly decide to check out bme’s modblog for the first time in my entire life and what do i see but a photo of myself. how fucking weird.

    anyway to answer some questions – jayme scalpelled my ears from absolutely NOTHING to 00g in march, and in june she scalpelled them to 15mm. going from having no holes in my ears to 15mm within a few months was a pretty big step for me, haha.

  7. Wow, glad other people are recognizing the beauty and full out sexiness that is the wonderful Sabrina! I feel she pulls off the looks very well, regardless of the size. In fact, the size she has maintains, atleast for me, a femininity while a rather larger size would not be as visually appetizing. So Sabrina, to you I say “RIGHT ON! Way to be edgy and sexy all in the same package.” Love you, doll.

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