Glenna the Glorious

In this particular order!

Hello, my name is Glenna Thomas, I thrive in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m 23 and here are some of my photos from the past two years or so. Enjoy!

Me (Glenna Thomas) and Puck Allen (piercer at Easy St. Tattoo in Atlanta) doing a chest pull with Psychotic suspension October the 20th of this year.

Labret, bridge and septum done originally by Gigi of Kolo Body Arts Inc., also in Atlanta.

Me attached to Spiral’s (of Psychotic Suspension) back.

Me doing my first chest pull one year ago with Psychotic Suspension.

Seventy play piercing needles in my back in the shape of wings, done by Max Brand of All Or Nothing Tattoo, Atlanta.

And finally, a fresh set of hooks for the October 20th show I mentioned above.

glenna-3-small.jpg glenna-2-small.jpg glenna-5-small.jpg
glenna-6-small.jpg glenna-4-small.jpg


13 thoughts on “Glenna the Glorious

  1. Oooh… you’re in Atlanta? Have you tried out Piercing Experience just east of Little 5 Points?

    Oh! And lovely photos.

  2. Y’know…in the fourth photo i think she kinda looks like that chick out of CSI.
    Those are some beautiful play piercings.

  3. haven’t been to piercing experience, all my piercings are either done at kolo, or by my friends in various shops, mostly being puck allen of easy st. tattoo. 🙂

    thanks for the comments!

  4. I’ve had some awesome work done by Padraic at Piercing Experience if you’re ever interested. 🙂

  5. i swear to god shes the spitting image of one of my favourite pornstars, allie sin. especially in that second pic.

  6. um….looks obvious that she knows some piercers already….haha….yay! another mod-blog, and I didn’t even have to submit anything this time….haha! What’s up Glenna?!?! Long time no see…..

  7. let’s see:
    first pic-puck’s pretty hardcore for pulling in spidey-pants
    second pic-pretty lady!
    third and fourth: is this the same time? what’s the first one like?
    fifth: that’s such a beautiful design!
    sixth: it’s kinda cute how the hooks fit right into the tattoo 🙂
    all in all a nice post!

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