Suspension in the Holy City


Before my ability to host it disappeared, you may remember that on another blog I mentioned that on the 20th of December the folks at

Bizzart Studio in Jerusalem were hosting the first suspension ever in the Holy City “since Jesus”. I promised I’d let everyone know how it went, and Bar Hofesh writes,

“It went great — lots of people, and lots of energy that went beyond what we thought there would be. It is amazing to see how many people come to these events… We had over 150 people”

Congratulations, and hopefully they can have many more events.

gula-suspension-1.jpg gula-suspension-2.jpg gula-suspension-3.jpg gula-suspension-4.jpg

7 thoughts on “Suspension in the Holy City

  1. i can’t stop but think that jezus was the first XD
    i wonder what the tattoo says

    ow congrads bizzart studio on the first suspencion

  2. Trying not to be too offensive, but that suspension event was horrible. No one maintained any kind of sterility, people kept smoking on the suspendees, it looked like they were flying by the seat of their pants most of the time, making up as they go along. And to top all that, not one suspension lasted more then 5 minutes, apparently they did a private suspension later without the audience or something… Talk about false advertising… To the ModBlog staff: I would be concerned with the legality of these photos, as the girl in those pictures is 17 years old.
    Those things would have been excusable had it been their first suspension, but I talked with someone who did a suspension with them some time ago and it was much better, and with proper sterility.
    I drove half way across the country to get to this event, and I’d call it a complete waste of time had I not gotten a chance to meet a friend there.

  3. Meng-Na – At least in Canada there’s no worries on the legality issue — BME’s documented many people between 15 and 17 suspending since the late 90s when suspension took off.

    Sorry to hear there were technical issues — hopefully more experienced teams from Tel Aviv and other cities can work with them to perfect things… It’s not easy controlling all of these issues in a busy performance environment (even if you have experience as a piercer and understand the issues) and I’m sure experienced advice would be appreciated.

  4. Good to hear there aren’t any legal problems!
    I don’t think there’s any real suspension team in Israel, the first suspension here was done by an Israeli who works in the UK and came back to do the event, which turned out very good.
    It would be nice if international teams would stop by here and do an event or two, and also maybe train a local team aswell.
    My problem with this suspension isn’t that they had had problems with maintaining proper sterility, it’s that they didn’t even seem to try very hard. Yes they put on disposable gloves, but between that and changing them they touched almost everything they could! I saw one of they guys placing the hooks actually scratch his balls with the gloves on! Not to mention that at first they told us to keep a 15 feet sterile zone, and about 20 seconds after that we stood right up in their face, inches away from them.
    I know I shouldn’t go off like this, but thas kind of BS infuriates me…
    BTW, is there a name for the hook configuration they used on that girl? It looks like some bizzare Resurrection placement or something.

  5. I’d like to apologize if some people feel like the event did not live up to their expectations. We tried very hard to make it a memorable and interesting occasion and by most of the reactions we received most people really enjoyed it, some even said it was “life changing”.
    As for legal issues, it seems that there is an inordinate amount of people who think that the law states you must be 18 to participate when in fact the law dictates a minimum of 16. This confusion arises because most suspension events have been hosted by sexual fetish clubs where indeed admission is after 18.
    I must assure you, moreover, that I did not scratch my balls while operating under cross contamination protocols and such allegation is purely malicious. The motives of which I am not interested in guessing.
    Crowd control was indeed difficult and it is one of the lessons we learned that people will not willingly comply to verbal instructions in this matter.
    As for false advertisement the so called private suspension was merely later in the evening and so those who left early can only blame themselves for lack of participation.
    I admit, this being the first public suspension we performed we have learned many lessons to employ in the future. Without wishing for magical international suspension mentors the only way to go about it is to try it yourself and learn as you go along. I am happy to report that all participants are well and have no complications or complaints.
    I guess some people will never be satisfied.

  6. From what I’ve been told by friends who attended the event it was fairly positive, and if nothing else it was another mile stone in making suspensions a more common event in our little country.

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