Forearm Balls


Most of Seth’s mods are self-done, but he got his forearm balls done last Sunday by Brian. They’re a series of five 1″ silicone domes (photos above by Ashlee Parry).

There’s still a bit of swelling around them, so they’ll likely “pop out” more as they heal.


You may have noticed we now have implant and microdermal categories you can browse through.

I tried to be thorough but it was quite a tedious task so if you notice any discrepancies, omissions or errors let me know, thanks.

- Roo

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9 thoughts on “Forearm Balls

  1. I would love to get those done……to bad that in the netherlands its hard or nearly impossible to find someone that does them and knows what he/she is doing.

  2. is it me or is the second one from the bottom a little of-center

    i just love this mod and will be one i’ll do in the future

  3. There was some slight shifting with one of the domes, Shannon, you’re right. I told him if any of the pieces was uncomfortable or didn’t want to stay in a specific spot not to force it. Even though he says he was able to move the piece over, it was not comfortable in the line. Rather than forcing tension on underlaying tissue, better to let it sit slightly over, i’d say. This should be the case with any subdermal implant.

  4. Fucking awesome, I have to admet implants are one of my favorite mods. even more so after getting one myself..

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