Last Chance For Year End Awards!

Thanks again everyone for the support and see you in 2008!


PS. The logo in the picture — taken by his sister — of Tom-Tom (who works for one of Norway’s biggest corporations — anti-mod stigma is disappearing all over the world) isn’t the year end shirt, it’s a logo that I drew called “Ultracalm” which may or may not be run as a shirt in the future.

30 thoughts on “Last Chance For Year End Awards!

  1. Shannon – I think “Ultracalm” would make a superbly fitting shirt with which to mark your eventual full return to proper posting of updates to BME – whenever that may be!

  2. Supercalm… that name alone just makes it worth making a t-shirt! I know that part of the reason I love the calm logo so much is because of the name!

  3. Not sure what, but something isn’t working with that one for me. I click on it and get a 404 Not Found page so I right-click save as and it open in Illustrator but shows the text from the 404 Not Found page.

  4. seriously. Love the design. Make it into a shirt and I’m sure we would all grab one. Particularly if it was a return of Shannon to BME kinda thing 🙂

  5. I really love the Ultracalm design. And it would make a fantastic shirt. Perhaps to celebrate your return once you get posting access back?

  6. I would like to propose a resounding nomination for ME, YTTRX, as the only bitchass not directly involved with the situation that Shannon patently refuses to keep private with balls big enough to repeatedly and consistently stand up to him and tell him that hes a goddamn fool.

    Actually, the truth is I don’t deserve an award for just being myself. I do however deserve an award for not posting a list of IAMers who Shannon secretly thinks are completely fucked in the head, but in public always lies and says they’re “evolved” or some shit. You can’t imagine how difficult that is.

  7. Love the pic, love the logo.

    Have a good one yourself! I plan on having a cold, wet one here in the NL (which is not that much of a challenge with this stinky weather…) but Toronto would’ve been nice as well 🙂

  8. have a good new years eve to all the Toronto folk! Wish I could be there to party it up! But I’ll take the 25C-30C temp with a lil monsoonal rain then freezing cold wet snow! muwahaha! ;P

    ps: I’m really digging the Ultracalm. But lately with all the various names for some reason I’m picturing like Godzilla movies with Ultra-Gigan, Mecha-Godzilla,etc,etc,etc hahaha!

  9. I love the new logo, and am proud to say that my penis looks nothing like that. wait… how many of you guys have penises (penii?) that look like that?

  10. shannon or roo how could i go about making that into a belt buckle?! 😀

    ya know, if you dont make it into one, perhaps ill go for the electrolyte/salt water etching route….

  11. echo – If enough people are interested Ryan could add them I’m sure… As to the best one-off methods, I’m not sure… if you attempt an etching, I’d love to see it though.

  12. 🙂 i have a flask to etch and an altoids tin, so ill figure something out, and ill link whenever i get around to doing it, thanks for the image, glad your back, even if its just a smidgen

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