Knuckle Duster Skin Removal

Sorry I didn’t write sooner in the day. Ryan from BMEshop reminded me that Rock Band is out in Canada now so I picked it up this morning and quickly whipped through beating it on “hard” (the graphics are nicer than in Guitar Hero, but it’s a way easier game)… Sorry, it’s a compulsion! Beating “expert” is next although I don’t expect it to be particularly challenging either (I’m just playing on “Solo Tour” mode with my GH guitar).

Anyway, this super-clean and precise looking skin removal of a set of brass knuckles on a calf was done by my friend Anders at The Dragons Lair Tattoo in Marsden, Brisbane Australia.


17 thoughts on “Knuckle Duster Skin Removal

  1. Shannon- it’s Rock BAND, not Rock HERO! Get some people to play with (preferably 3 so you can have the full band), and the game becomes immensely more fun. I promise!

  2. The kids collectively got Rock Band with their shared ps3 and now await the bundle for full game play. Alone Lauren cant see what you are to do exactly so um, what ARE you doing by yourself, with no instruments on Rock Band? Any help would be appreciated since it’ll be a coupla weeks before we get the bundle.

  3. Just wanted to say that I’m SOOOOO happy taht u’r back Shannon 😀
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

  4. dang you beat it on hard? props! i sang for it on medium and it was a blast. i did the drums a couple times on easy and it was hard as hell.
    the graphics are way awesomer because the characters actually look like they’re playing along with the song and singing the words

  5. hey man me and a friend of mine are getting brass knuckle brands. and a local guy said he would do it but he would only do it if we provided the brand… any ideas i have no metal working experience. so if you could point me int he right direction it would be great.

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