Ultracalm: Ask and ye shall receive!

What with the wonderful new hoody that’s just hit the presses, I don’t know why Ryan is looking so glum!


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13 thoughts on “Ultracalm: Ask and ye shall receive!

  1. Woops – meant to say it’s a shame UK people can’t order from the shop unless they have a proper credit card.

    I use a VISA Debit which I can use it most shops in the states but it won’t let me on the BMEshop.

  2. Archetype – When I lived in England I used a Barclays (Visa) Switch and Electron on BMEshop with no problems at all.

    As they’re both debit (not credit) cards there aren’t many age/financial restrictions on them. You could always ask your branch to replace your existing card with either one of those.

  3. Im fairly sure I tried with a Visa Electron last year sometime and it didnt work.. ending up getting a friend with a grown up card to help me out.

    Damn paypal. Damn them to hell.. I would really quite like that hoodie.

  4. Hmm, maybe they (the card companies) changed their policy recently. I know the introduction of chip and pin affected online payments, maybe that’s it.

    You can always pay by international money order, as long as it’s valid in Canada (check at the post office before you buy).

    “In addition, we also accept payment by mailed-in money order. All prices listed are in US funds.”

  5. Roo, the same thing happened when I was trying to use my card to pay for an IAM account (which I got through submissions in the end) and it told me my card was ‘problematic’.

  6. Sweet! I’ve been considering getting a new hoodie. And Chaq is right: there’s nothing like the first time you put on your new hoodie.

  7. Darn it, its summer time here in New Zealand. Way too hot to wear a hoody. It’s way too hot to wear much of anything except underwear lol!

  8. i love the sand colour. i’d order online but whenever i get hoodies they are never the right size. almost always smaller or larger than i think they are, and i usually get a medium for that reason….

  9. @ Archetype – I’ve been there my friend. Fortunately I now have credit cards galore! If you want the hoodie bad and need a helping hand, contact me and we can arrange some kind of deal. That wasn’t meant to sound like I was implying something sleazy, simply like a fund-transfer type thing.. :)

    Meanwhile, I might just have to get one of these very cool hoodies myself, loving this new logo!

    ..And original_sly – damn, is that right? I might have to take a trip out there to look at all the underwear sporting chicks.. ;)

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