Consolation Corset

Amber sent me a shot of her best friend’s upper arm corset piercing (“she was a trooper though it all — lots of squirming and ‘oh fucks’ were involved, but no tears”), which she got after losing her hip piercings the week before. They were done for the Pomona Convention, but she’s planning on babying them with the hope that she’ll be able to keep them as long as possible. Rick Anders at DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing in Vallejo, California did them for her.


17 thoughts on “Consolation Corset

  1. I’m completely in love with that “Freebooter Script” font.

    The thing I really like about the “corset piercing” phenomena is that it’s created this wave of relatively mainstream piercing fans getting significant surface work… And I think they leave neat scars.

  2. Oooh, pretty…but if those are CBRs, I wish her the best of luck with trying to keep them.

  3. I can’t quite tell if they’re CBR’s or if they’re D-rings from this photo…

    PS. Enthean, your entry will go up on Sunday 🙂

  4. yea they’re definitely looking like D rings, doubt they’ll last very long but good looking for now. least she’ll have some cute scars =)

  5. how long do they usually last?

    also, roo/shannon did you guys get the two attempts to send my work in? tattoo image sent from the email address i registered this account on.

    thx for any info, if need be, ill submit again :/

  6. Echo – I don’t have the access level required to see your email address here, but if you wanted to send it for potentially posting to ModBlog please send it to [email protected] (assuming you haven’t already)…

    Also — for anyone who wants to send in stuff for ModBlog, the more story and background info you can include the better — I’d like to continue doing that.

  7. wow, they look really awesome! I haven’t seen too many corset piercings on arms before

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